10 Most Amazing Villages in the World

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We live in age where everything is done fast; friendship, love, enemies, food and what not. We want things fast and then we also get bored of the same things very quickly. That is why people get bored of their daily lives too soon. The monotony and routine work bored us beyond measure. There was a time when people were attracted to large cities and the lifestyle it brings. But now, people take time to get out of the city to a place more quiet and peaceful- the villages. Village tourism has also become one of the foremost types of and also the greatly in demand kind of tourism. Villages have rustic feel. Where people are given more importance than machines and where there is time to do the things you love with ease. Another reason why villages attract so many people is because of the untouched, unhampered virgin nature. Beauty of nature so great, that it leaves you speechless is one feature of the villages which is seldom seen in the cities. Although every village in the world has something beautiful and different to offer, there are some villages which will just sweep you off your feet. Here are the top 10 most beautiful villages in the world –

10. Rothenburg ob der Tauber


Situated in the beautiful and scenic region of Bavaria, Germany is this little town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This town is a typical medieval town which used to be a free imperial city till the late 17th century. What sets this town apart from the others is that the habitants of this town have preserved the town as it was in the olden times. It is the quintessential European town with cobbled roads and small houses and where people know everyone in the town. It is only in the recent years that the town has become a tourist destination to people who want a break from the overly modern Germany. It is the quiet town that you would want to take a walk in on a cold winter morning.

9. Castle Combre


This little village of Castle Combre is situated within a few miles from the city of Bath in England. Castle Combre has been named as the most beautiful village in England and one cannot argue against it. It’s simplicity and tranquility is unmatched. The little stone houses lined along the perfect little roads make for a divine sight. Many English writers and poets went to this village to look for some inspiration and have found it there. They have also mentioned this village in their works. Due to fame now, the village is a place where a lot of films have been shot.

8. Vernazza


Any coastal area which has a virgin beach is ought to be beautiful. But the way this Italian village of Vernazza has maintained the beauty is really credible. Located in northwestern province of La Spezia is Vernazza. It is a small fishing village and even today, most of the people living there depend on fishing for their daily bread. A quiet peaceful life is what these people live. It is one of the foremost fishing villages on the Italian Riviera. One has to walk to the top of the mountain to get a great view of the blue sea to truly understand the beauty of nature in Vernazza.

7. Gasadalur


The place in which this extremely small village of Gasadalur is located isn’t much known. Gasaladur is a village in the constituency of Faroe Islands in the state of Denmark. The village is located on a high cliff. It has a breathtaking view of the sea from the cliff. Until recently, there was almost no way to reach this village except for climbing up the mountain and that’s why, the population of the town is very low. In 2012, only 18 people lived in Gasadalur. Now, due to road connectivity, people are expected to inhabit the village and also some tourism activity is expected.

6. Nagarkot


Imagine a village where you can wake up to the sight of the splendid Himalayas or even better, Mt. Everest. Nagarkot is a small village situated in the Bhaktpur region of Nepal. It is situated some 2195 meters above sea level and on a cloudy day, you wake up to clouds beneath your feet, not over you. Nagarkot is now a tourist destination as you can see sunrise and sunset on the Himalayas in the luxury of your hotel rooms. To go with the icy cold Himalayas, you also have some lush green valleys in Nagarkot, making it a place of enthralling natural beauty.

5. Grožnjan


Grožnjan is a small settlement town in the Istria county of Croatia. It is some odd 700 inhabitants and it is a major tourist destination in Croatia. It is often called the art county. It has a great cultural significance as musicians from all around the world come here for courses and concerts as it is the seat for International Culture Center for Young Musicians. The village has the kind of old world charm which we often see in movies with small alleys and pathways. The beauty of such small towns cannot be expressed in words and one must visit the place to do justice to its beauty.

4. Hallstatt


Located in the Upper region of Austria is the pretty village of Hallstatt. It is a village overlooking the Lake Hallstatt and it is very famous for its salt production. The area of The Hallstatt-Dachstein Salzkammergut in the village has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are some magnificent ice caves in the village and also a Cultural Heritage Museum but one can easily while away time walking in the small pathways of the village and exploring human activities in every corner.

3. Reine


Reine is situated in the Nordland County of Norway. It is a small Norwegian fishing community village. It is located on an archipelago. Yet, many people make their way to this village for its natural beauty. The red and white houses of the fishermen which line the coast make for a beautiful scene. People usually hike in and around the village to explore natural beauty. Just behind the village lie mountains which give the place a completely natural protection. It really is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

2.  Bourtagne


Located in the province of Groningen, Netherlands is the breathtakingly beautiful village of Bourtagne. The village is built in shape of a star on the outside of the star shaped Fort Bourtagne. The fort was built in the 14th century but later, it was decided that the fortification would be brought down and Bourtagne started functioning as a normal village. It has the typical Dutch use of canals and you can also see some great medieval architecture and dykes in the village.

1. Alcala de Jucar

alcala de jucar

In the heart of Castilla de Macha, Spain is this marvelous and wondrous village of Alcala de Jucar. Carved into the horse shaped cliff, it overlooks the deep blue waters of the Jucar River below. With its quaint houses, and cottages, quiet taverns and immense cultural beauty, it stands as one of the most beautiful villages not only in Europe, but in the world. A walk around the bridges and then a quick break for tapas is what can be experienced in this village. The church of San Andres is also a major attraction of the village.

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