10 Awesome Jobs that Involve a lot of Travelling

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Everybody is talking about taking up things that they are passionate about. Nobody wants to be stuck up in a ‘routine-ish’ life. Ditching monotony and embracing change seems to be a fad these days. Earlier many people wished to go globetrotting after retirement, but today’s ‘fast-food’ generation does not seem to be in a mood to wait till retirement. This generation is smart enough because they’ve made sure that passion transforms itself into a source of livelihood. The travel bug seems to have bitten many, thanks to which there is a proportionate boom in travel based jobs. Ever wondered how it would feel to see new places all round the year? If you are an avid traveler here are 10 Awesome Jobs that involve a lot of Travelling, have your pick:



10. Archaeologist



Attracted to things of the past? Ever dreamt of excavating historical ruins? Then the job of an archaeologist seems to be the perfect match for your interest(s) and love for traveling. Archaeologists are the lucky ones who experience the thrill of unearthing things that date back to thousands or probably millions of years. An archaeologist need not necessarily dig for pieces of history that lie underneath the earth’s surface; they could also be involved in the research work and relocation procedure of the objects that have been discovered. Archaeologists are usually found in places that are known for their cultural heritage and rich history.  Lastly, a prerequisite to be an archaeologist is to be a graduate with an intense study of archaeology.


9. ESL Teacher

ESL Teacher

English is undoubtedly the most widely spoken language in the world. There’s been a rapid demand for ESL (English for Second Language) teachers in China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Central & South American countries. So if you think you have the art of teaching the language and simultaneously wish to see the world, then being an ESL teacher would be the best bet for you. Usually these jobs are contract based, ranging from 6 months to maybe a year, so you always have the luxury of living in a place for a year and then packing your bags to head to a new destination. Depending on the requirements existing, you should be equipped with qualifications ranging from a high school diploma (from an English speaking country); a bachelor’s degree;  and either of these certificates (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA to name a few)  to take up the job of an ESL teacher.


8. Actor


People belonging to this profession have been envied worldwide. Apart from the advantage of being in the limelight forever; owning luxurious wardrobes; minting money and having millions swooning over them;  another perk that an actor gets, is that of shuttling between countries. Whether it is work related or to get away from the paparazzi, actors are always on the move. Said to be one of the most stressful jobs, the job of an actor is just not everybody’s cup of tea. So if you fancy being in front of the camera and have that wanderlust within you, this job is definitely meant for you.


7. Sailor


Ever wondered what it’s like to get paid for traveling and also having your expenses when you’re working? Although there are many reasons to avoid sea travel, on the flip side there a bevy of advantages too. You always have the choice of either being a Navy sailor or a commercial sailor. If not a sailor, you could always think of being part of the yacht crew like lifeguards, diving instructors, hosts/hostesses, cruise engineers, chefs, to name a few. The sailing business is thriving rapidly and the best part is that you get paid extremely well alongside seeing the world.


6. Airline crew

Airline crew

One of the most obvious choices one makes when they want to pursue their dream of traveling. Although getting into the airline industry is tough because of the stiff competition but it is absolutely worth it. The obvious options would be the job of a pilot or that of being a part of the cabin crew. Being aware of etiquettes and hospitality is extremely important apart from a degree. The pay here is good but that comes along with erratic work hours. If you feel even sky is not the limit (literally!) then a job in the airline is industry is tailor made for you.


5. Photographer


Photography seems to be in vogue these days, big time! Every second person who owns a DSLR calls him a photographer today, but being a photographer is much more than just owning a high end camera. Although a degree isn’t required to certify you as a photographer, but excellent knowledge about photography and its software is a must. There’s cut throat competition in the field of photography, a few schools are mushrooming these days to teach professional photography. Initially one might have to struggle a lot, but once you’ve build up a reputation with qualitative work, there’s nothing that can hold you back. Whether it is a portfolio shoot or a wedding occasion, your passion for photography will take you places (literally). So if you enjoy traveling and wish to capture the world in your lens, then photography is definitely for you.


4. Tour guide

Tour guide

A job that requires extensive traveling is that of a tour guide. Your communication skills play a key role in this job. You could either play a tour guide to museum or a heritage site; or if you know the city inside out you could always show the travelers around the city. Being multi lingual is always an advantage and being able to establish a rapport with the ones who are on a tour is always appreciated. A prerequisite of being a tour guide is to be well versed with the history, culture and language of the place, a few unknown facts about the place would be great.


3. Travel writer/blogger

Travel writer blogger

If you enjoy sharing and narrating your travel experiences, then being a travel writer could be a job that you’d enjoy the most. If you have a unique ability of writing and enjoy it, then you could be on your way to be a good writer. It’s not a monotonous job, your workplace isn’t fixed and you could work at anytime. Although it takes a whole lot of struggle to make a name for yourself but then again, the struggle is definitely worth it. If travel writing is your hobby then you can always manage between your mainstream job and as a part timer.


2. Journalist/Reporter

Journalist Reporter

Being a journalist or a reporter is an adventurous job. If you’re somebody who likes to be on your toes, then the field of journalism is for you. Your vocabulary and communication skills are extremely important to become a successful journalist. You’re discrimination power is also plays an important role because to judge between what is true and false is a necessity in the journalism field. Work hours are crazy for journalists, but fun too. If you are the kind of person who’s always on the move, then journalism could be your thing. Lastly, journalists are never run out of work, after all the world is a sensational place.


1. Travel show host

Travel show host

A dream job for all those who wish to see the world! What better than getting paid for seeing the world and presenting a television show alongside?  An adventurous job that would satiate an adrenaline junkie. The job of a travel show host will not only let you see places but also throws opportunities of experimenting with outdoor sports like trekking, mountaineering, horse riding, scuba diving, deep sea diving, camping among others. Communication is an important factor and a degree in media studies is preferred.


So the next time you want to travel and work simultaneously, don’t forget to go through this list too see the options available.

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