10 Awesome Things to Do in Macau

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Macau- the flamboyant and vivacious city known for its casinos is dead drop gorgeous to its core. The city is an amalgamation of traditional Chinese culture and exotic Portuguese buildings. It provides you the best of worlds, tranquility and glitz captured in the same firmament. Picturesque hilly landscapes, beautiful gardens and streets will dazzle you completely. There is more to this city than what meets the eye. You can explore the world- beyond the obvious right here. So, drop your hats and get ready for the exhilarating, heart pumping, ecstatic ride!

10. Local Cuisine

local cuisine

The city is a foodie’s paradise with a wide range of delicious cuisines, foodstuff and cooking ideas brought from all over the world including Africa, South America and India by the Portuguese. Everybody can drool over their personal favorites as there is something to tickle every person’s taste buds in this historic land. A large variety of food is offered creating the magic of a truly international cuisine. African Chicken should not be missed along with Goat cheese with bread and honey. Clams cooked in wine, Charcoal grilled fish and cod fish balls are savory delicacies meant to be enjoyed. For desserts, nothing can match egg tarts and Serradura.


9. Guia Fortress and Lighthouse

Guia Fortress and Lighthouse

As the highest point on the Macau Peninsula, the 17th century Guia Fortress provides panoramic views of the city, China and nearby islands. This complex stands high in its glory as it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The lighthouse stands at 91 meters tall and serves as a glorious site for tourists. The complex has a legacy of retaining some stunning paintings and frescoes. Elaborate frescoes depict Western and Chinese cultures.  It still acts as a beacon for ships. It is a symbol of Macau’s maritime and military past.


8. Coloane Island

coloane island

The beautiful and tranquil Coloane Island attracts visitors who need a break from the bustling, stifling and monotonous city life. Amid green hills and valleys, traditional villages and beach lined bays, one can find his or her moment of peace. Sports facilities include tennis courts, swimming pools, windsurfing, golf and go-carting. The island is a famous tourist destination and is home to several restaurants. The Portuguese restaurant “Fernando” is the most famous among locals.


7. Taipa Village

taipa village

Chinese shop houses, Portuguese style offices, a museum, a stadium, small temples and churches and a former fire cracker factory occupy the narrow streets and alleys of this busy and colorful village. The village’s authenticity and old fashioned street lamps make it an ideal place to stroll around, and the numerous restaurants along the Food Street are popular destinations. The village also houses residential complexes and huge apartments. Famous for its array of traditional desserts and snacks, nothing can beat the Taipa village in its cake and pastry shops. Exotic, savory and delicious the mere aroma of food that wafts in the air can make you go hungry even if your tummy is full.


6. Macau Tower

macau tower

Nothing surpasses the Macau Tower which is a member of The World Federation of Great Towers. The tower gives you a short glimpse of the whole city in one go. The city looks magnificent from the tower’s observation deck. Bungee Jump, Sky Jump, Sky walk and Tower Climb are on offer. The World’s highest Bungee Jump at Macau tower is an enthralling and enriching experience at the same time. Plunging from a platform 233 m high can definitely make your heart throb faster with each passing second. You can either enjoy this safe bungee jump with a few rebounds or just go up the elevator and look down or watch someone prepare for bungee jumping. An unforgettable vista is ready to embrace you.


5. Macau Giant Panda Pavilion

macau giant panda pavilion

The Seac Pai Van Park or The Macau Giant Panda Pavilion houses gifts from mainland China to Macau, two five year old rare giant Pandas- Kai Kai and Xin Xin. These real treasures of Macau have the potential to transport you to different world miles away from the clutter and dreariness of the cities. These furry, cute creatures are fun to watch. They eat, play and roam about in their individual enclosures dotted with streams, cascades, shrubs, rocks and toys. All proceeds from the ticket sales are used to fund grants for projects supporting Giant Panda Conservation Work. Animal lovers, this one is for you!


4. Mount Fortress and Macau Museum

mount fortress and macau museum

The Macau Museum is carved out of the Mount Fortress which served as an effective defense against attack by the Dutch. The Museum is a storehouse of historically and culturally valuable objects. The museum stands tall as an edifice that showcases the various communities that have inhabited Macau and their way of life over the past four centuries. The bi cultural character of the city is highlighted in the “Time Corridor” which is an essential feature.


3. Ruins of St. Paul’s

ruins of st. paul's

Arguably, Macau’s most famous landmark with UNESCO World Heritage Status, this imposing carved stone facade of St. Paul’s, with a grand staircase, stands in the heart of the old city. It was the first church and college of Jesuits in China. It even houses a 17th century painting of Michael Archangel- the only surviving work from the original college. Silver art pieces, gilded statues and paintings are other magnificent attractions. You can climb up to the windows to get a closer look at the stone carvings and to enjoy a panoramic view of the city below.


2. Senado Square

senado square

Deemed as Macau’s urban center for centuries, Senado square is the most popular and busiest venue in Macau till date. Its old world charm flabbergasts the eye. An elegant fountain, trees, benches, cafes and space for public events add to its decor and value. Pastel colored neo-classical buildings surrounding the square spell a harmonious and tranquil Mediterranean environment. Senado square also reflects the multicultural dimension of the people of this wonderful city.


1. A-Ma Cultural Village

A-Ma cultural village

The city derived its name from the name of the A-Ma temple. The world’s tallest statue of the goddess A-Ma, which stands on a 170 meter high peak on a mountaintop commands unparalleled reverence as the goddess is believed to be the protector of the people who make their living on the sea. Close to this pious statue, a 7,000 square meter cultural complex is built which radiates vibrancy and celebrates religion with the utmost pomp and show. The village attracts many tourists as it comprises of numerous dressing halls, Museums and shops. Moreover, a Bell Tower, Drum tower and a carved altar can also be seen. Stairs carved with auspicious Chinese patterns lead to the Tin Hau palace. This village has always nurtured a special significance in Macau and will continue to do so. Lion Dances are performed during weekends. The visitors are surely going to have a ball!

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