10 Awesome Things to do in Thailand

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Are you planning a visit overseas? Is Thailand on your mind because of its warm tropical weather, beautiful beaches and delectable food? Then you won’t be surprised to know that more than 11 million people visit Thailand every year. The country is quite popular for its beautiful white beaches with clear turquoise water, dramatic cliffs, a rich culture with colorful temples and happening markets, bars and food joints and not to forget its verdant rain forests and hills. All these are the obvious tourist attractions that everybody goes to Thailand for but I have got for you 10 things that you surely wouldn’t want to miss doing while being in this very amazing Asian country.

10. Get familiar with local language

get familiar with the local language

This is a basic thing that you should do while visiting any new place. Interacting with the locals and absorbing the culture is a very important part of travelling. Siamese or Thai is the national as well as official language of Thailand. You may start with a few basic words like “Sawa dee” which is used for “hello” and “Khun sabai di mai?” which means “How are you?” Your tone has a very important role to play as one single word pronounced with different tones can have different meanings. You may want to buy a Thai dictionary before visiting this land so that it becomes easy for you to get mixed up with country as well as with its people.

9. Get a message

thai massage

As much as China is famous for the Great Wall of China, Thailand is famous for its Thai massage. Thai massage is a type of massage developed from Indian and Chinese traditional medicinal systems which is popularly practiced in Thailand. It involves stretching and deep massage which is practiced by laying the person on floor wearing loose clothes. You can get a wonderful Thai massage at various places all over the country but you should definitely try it in Pattaya where your each and every nerve will be soothed alongside a beach.

8. Retreat

Woman practicing yoga at sunrise

Visiting Thailand can be a great excuse to retreat and explore your spiritual side. You can sign up for a seven-to-ten day meditation retreat which are held all across the country. These help a great deal in learning about Buddhism and philosophy in general. Or if you are not really a meditation kind of person then just check in a luxury resort, relax by the water side, order a drink and enjoy!

7. Dive!


What do you think about a deep sea dive? While in Thailand you definitely got to do this. Ko Tao is an island in Thailand located near the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand where you can go for a deep sea diving session. You do not need to worry about sharks eating you up or you getting lost while you are many feet below the sea level as safety is a serious business over here. You will just have to take a few diving lessons until you get completely ready to explore the magnificent marine life with crisp neon colored creatures that you didn’t imagine could exist in nature. They say you live only once. So make sure this makes it to your bucket list.

6. Muay Thai


No, I do not have any kind of hatred with you but getting your butt kicked by a Thai guy who is in a better shape than you can actually be quite a fun thing to do. Muay Thai is a combat sport and a type of Thai martial art that includes various techniques of combating like punching, hitting with elbow, kicking, using knees, foot thrust, clinching and neck wrestling. Also known as “art of eight limbs” Muay Thai became widespread internationally in twentieth century. But if you are least interested in getting your limbs broken while on a vacation, then you should still watch a match of Muay Thai as many people would recommend you.

5. Visit Ko Samui

ko samui

Ko Samui is the second largest island after Phuket and is located near the mainland town of Surat Thani. Ko Samui is a popular tourist attraction where you can roam around its white sandy beaches, go for events and festivals and shop. Buffalo fighting festival is one very popular festival of this island where buffaloes are decorated beautifully with ribbons and gold painted leaves. Unlike Spain’s bull fighting event, this festival is fairly harmless and very enjoyable. Shopping is another unavoidable activity you should do in Ko Samui. They have got basically everything at very cheap rates.

4. Cabaret


They say in Thailand, you must not believe all that you see. While you catch up sexy ladies dressed up in revealing outfits, don’t forget that they can be not the real ladies but lady boys! While your stay in Thailand you just cannot miss going for a cabaret night. They have beautiful (or maybe handsome!) dancers, wonderful music and breathtaking performances that will leave you craving for more.

3. Khao Yai

khao yai

Utilize your vacation to Thailand in order to getting closer to the nature and its creations. The Khao Yai is the second largest wildlife park of Thailand which was established in 1962. On visiting this wildlife park which has protected wildlife for many centuries, you will find dry evergreen forests and dry deciduous forest covering the lower slopes, tropical moist green forests covering the central area which is about 70% of the total area and hill evergreen forests that cover the upper areas. Whole of the park is rich in flora and fauna and will leave you astonished looking at the nature’s beauty.

2. Time for Adventure

adventure time

If you didn’t get dirty, you didn’t have fun. Yes, that is the mantra over here. Zorbing is just one the many sports available in Thailand. This place has got some extreme sports that you wouldn’t want to skip doing. You can go for mini trucking, dirt biking, mountain biking, adventure camps and even sky diving. Bungee jumping and indoor drifter karts are a couple of others. All these exciting adrenaline fueled activities make sure you laugh and scream at the same time and are never able to forget this trip to Thailand.

1. Foodie Affair

foddie affair

Thailand is a foodie’s delight. Oh yes! Just everything over here is so delectable and mouth watering. The Thai cuisine is originally made by blending many elements from Southeast Asian traditions. The Thai food is famous for its various rice dishes, noodle dishes and many curry dishes. Other than these, you can anytime savor the wine, watch native Thai people cooking with chunky veggies and coconut milk and taste their huge variety of dipping sauces and pastas. No matter what you eat in Thailand, you will certainly be going back with a phenomenal taste in your mouth.

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