10 Beautiful Life Lessons we can Learn from Nature

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Basically, we all are a part of nature but we hardly realize it. We differentiate ourselves from nature and call ourselves the highest and most civilized living beings on earth. We forget that nature provides so much abundantly and generously and in return we heartlessly destroy and deplete all the wealth that she bestows us. Nature also teaches us the morals and values that we must possess so as to lead a peaceful life and we do not perceive them nor do we understand them.

So, here are some of life lessons from nature that we must learn which she gives us free of cost!


10. Be Generous and Never Expect Anything in Return

Life Lessons From Nature :  10. Be Generous and Never Expect Anything in Return

Have you wondered about the generosity of a tree? Trees gives shade under the hot sun, cool breeze, purify the air and gives fresh oxygen to breathe. They give you flowers, fill your stomach with those delicious fruits and vegetables and help you get rid of hunger and starvation. They hold the soil firmly with those strong roots, prevent soil erosion and maintain good ground water level. In some trees even the bark and leaves are of great medicinal value. They share all they have got with every living being with no expectations.
We receive all these happily and what do we give in return? We give back nothing but deforestation, dry lands, global warming etc. Don’t you think it is time to rethink and act with gratitude?


9. Be Active, Orderly, Hardworking

Life Lessons From Nature :  9. Be Active, Orderly, Hardworking

Ever noticed an ant taking rest?  They are always busy, walking, running, marching in a particular order. If they find sugar somewhere, you can see a very long train of ants marching tirelessly, carrying those crystals above their head!  They never go astray from that particular track. However huge their food particle is, they never lose their confidence, they even join hands with two or three other ants and carry them to their destination! Well, that’s called “Team Work.” 

And when they meet the other ants coming from the opposite direction, it looks like they talk to each other and walk even though they have a very busy schedule!!
Not only are they so brisk, energetic and hard-working, they always remain intact and follow an order and spend time with their fellow members! Isn’t this something we all should follow in our life too??


8. No Matter How Hard Your Path Is, Just Keep Going

Life Lessons From Nature :  8. No Matter How Hard Your Path Is, Just Keep Going

When we face so much of pain and obstacles in our life, we lose our confidence in ourselves, feel hurt and disheartened and sometimes leave the path that we always wanted to take, in our life. But most of the time, you are not that far from reaching your goal, but you had to simply quit because of the fear of some impending doom or just because you are way too tired.

Never lose hope, look at the River! She starts from the highest mountain tops, run through all those thorns, wild stones and rocks. She goes through all the dirt on the way and still endures it all in order to finally reach her ultimate home – The Sea. But in the process she become clean, crystal clear, serving all the other living creatures, quenching their thirst, creating fertile lands, irrigating fields without taking rest anywhere in the middle!


7. Share your Joy, It Gets doubled!

Life Lessons From Nature :  7. Share your Joy, It Gets doubled!

Joy when shared gets doubled, while sorrow when shared gets halved. The best example is a crow! Even if they find a small piece of food, they call all their friends, share it with them and only then they eat it. They even carry their food in their beaks to feed their young ones. They are never too greedy nor are they too jealous. They share happily with all the other fellow beings and eat and feed even more happily.


6. Live as if there is no tomorrow

Life Lessons From Nature :  6. Live as if there is no tomorrow

There are many flies and bugs that live just for 24 hours and not more! That is their total life span! But if you see them, they will be so happy and merrily dance around with the other beings of their species, play, enjoy, eat joyously, love and literally live for the day till the moment they die!

You may think 24 hours is too less. But it is never too less to live if really wish to “live.” Live your life as if there is no tomorrow. Love with all your heart, work with all your passion, smile without any worries. Live and let live!


5. Be Independent

Life Lessons From Nature :  5. Be Independent 

Have you ever wondered how those birds are so free? It is because they are independent. They do their own task with all their might. Even though they are tiny little beings with no sixth sense, they know how to live without depending on anybody. They migrate from one continent to another without the help of any external device but by just believing in their instincts. They knit and build their own beautiful nests using small twigs and sticks by carrying them with their tiny beaks over long distances, one by one and take care of their young ones all at once. They fly high in the sky with all pride and happiness of being independent and living a free life full of self confidence and dignity.


4. Wait and Endure the Pressure, You Will Shine

Life Lessons From Nature :  4. Wait and Endure the Pressure, You Will Shine

As soon as we hear the term ‘pressure’, we all are reminded of the precious diamond. Can anyone believe that such an shiny, transparent, precious thing comes from pure trash? Just the very high pressures that those leaves and other forest trash endure for many thousands of years, turn them into such amazing things! Even trash can be converted into invaluable gems just with the help of time and by undergoing some rigorous treatment. The same applies to us. Never break down, face whatever life gives you, be bold enough and you will shine like a diamond, sooner perhaps than later!


3. Know your Depths but Don’t Show Off

Life Lessons From Nature :  3. Know your Depths but Don't Show Off

The oceans and seas are always calm and serene. You never know how deep they are unless you step into them. You never know how far they go, they are just vast and wide. They never show off nor do they brag about their vastness and their huge depths. They are quite simple and poised. They help huge ships to traverse through them and connect different countries as well as protect different continents as well. They never show their fiery nature unless they are disturbed, unnecessarily, through storms, hurricanes, tsunamis etc.
The same goes to mankind, one who has great knowledge, a scholar never shows off nor do they brag about it. If you are knowledgeable or talented, stay quiet, you need not advertise. You can help people with your knowledge and talent instead. Do not show what you actually are, unless you are being disturbed out of your wit. Stay calm and enjoy the serenity.


2. Wherever You Are, Just Be “You”

Life Lessons From Nature :  2. Wherever You Are, Just Be “You”

Do you know, water lilies bloom in the midst of mud in dirty water? But they always seem fresh and fragrant despite all the dirt around them. Nothing can contaminate the vibrant beauty and the fragrance of a water lily. You can also shine and be good wherever you go and whatever be the environment you are in. Nothing can spoil your charm or your talents and wit if you are strong and stable with your own qualities and character. So, wherever you are, do not get perturbed by those unnecessary distractions and dirt. Just Be “You.”


1. Be Punctual, Do Your Duty without Fail

Life Lessons From Nature :  1. Be Punctual, Do Your Duty without Fail

Can you imagine a day without sun? Will you call it a ‘day’ anymore? What if the sun feels too lazy and takes rest for sometime instead of rising early in the morning and comes to the east at 8.00 pm?

If the sun doesn’t rise at the right time, we will not be able to survive without the warmth provided by it. The plants will die due to lack of sunlight for photosynthesis, as a result we will not get food. Flowers won’t bloom either and the animals will suffer, water will not evaporate, and there won’t be rain. There will not be any climatic or weather changes. The earth will become dormant and life will not exist anymore on the planet!

Hope you have learnt your most important lesson from nature now. Be punctual and do your duty. If you expect others to be perfect, you too should try to do your part perfectly!

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