10 Best Gifts you can give your Parents

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How many times have you crawled to your dad and mum to crib about stuffs you want and wishes they couldn’t fulfil? Well, plenty ! We find it as their responsibility to give up on every demand of ours and complete their responsibilities as a parent. Then why when the time to do the same holds a wand at us, do we fly away? You cannot literally repay them in words, kind, cash or anything virtually available, therefore never claim to do so either. But you do have an extravagant chance of making them feel special by critically evaluating their choice and need. From materialistic to emotional let’s find the Top 10 Gifts you can give your parents ;




However filmy this might sound, the satisfaction, contentment to you and proudiness in the eyes of your parents is irreplaceable. Don’t worry it will come back to you, they will never spend a penny but your mother deserves it for the nights you’ve kept her awake.



The generation our parents belong to, video cassettes were the talk of the town. In fact in our city my parents wedding was the first one in which a cassette player was used, definitely gathering crowds from nearby villages as well ! This makes you lucky enough to surprise them affordably by converting their wedding cassettes into CD or in further advancements playing them on a Sunday. I am sure it has been very long they relived the most beautiful day of their life !



Has your dad, mum ever come to you asking you to show a relatives picture on some social networking site, asking for help with facebook or asking you to download an app on their phone. We are not the only ones who are growing up, they too are growing old and more than us they’ve come to an age when friendship, relations are a necessity for them to share their feelings than us with our fast faced lives. I am sure they’ve got cell phones by now, lets find the time and help them learn whatsapp, skype, emailing more than they do, so that they can connect better with us. You might be having a 1000 friends on facebook, they have only you in their heart list. Do not shove them off by cribbing about anything, don’t let them regret they have you. Treasure them as much as they treasure you.

 7. DAY-OFF :


Get your gloves on, it’s cooking time! Do not fret about lack of time and piles of work, your mother left her job to bring you up. She deserves it and a chess game with dad will only help your ego shrug a bit and know there is someone always better than you. Learn from them, cherish their advises and even if you don’t like their views, respect their emotions.




I stress this more because your mother never seen the independence as you have, below responsibilities the opportunities hid for years. Teach your mother how to drive, get a driver or buy her a fully automated car, Reva for example. Whichever is feasible and affordable to you but make sure she gets to live the life she wants, finally !



Perfect for both genders its been the talk of the town for a while now. Gift them a golden rose to showcase your love and appreciation, do not panic it isn’t as expensive as you might predict (It’s 100% gold plated ). For mothers it would be perfect because well its GOLD ! For dad’s, well its GOLD ! On a serious note it will never die, showcase your feelings in the most unique style with an , ‘ I LOVE YOU MOM,DAD ! ’ message and be a great bragging talk at the party !



A spa voucher can never go wrong for a break from the tedious jobs your mother does at work and home every day, it will calm her nerves moreover make her feel extremely special because like most mum’s she won’t go there on her own panicking about money, busy schedule and your wants !

Find your dad his favourite game to play all over again ! Ask them you’ll know they were a huge fan of swimming, basketball, cricket at one time. Get a membership, they might not score as high as before but your consideration would make that every penny a worthy bet.



While keeping their taste in mind, buy them the top notch advanced gadgets. We live in a show biz world on and off camera so a new iPhone in their hand will never make them feel bad. Do not do that for the money do it for their esteem. It is not that they cannot buy it on their own, but when it’s their child it’s a whole different thing. But there is a strict rule in this gift : Never make them feel you are taking decisions for them, for their choice, for their wishes ! If they are old fashioned and like it the customary way, respect their choice. You do not want the gift to become a running topic for hurt egos and fallen reputation. Whereas it is true that a gift should be given without telling, the person’s choice should be the only criteria for selection. Remember, they are your parents, do not try and switch positions. YOU CAN’T!



Did it ever happen that your uniform was pressed before you shouted off for it in the morning from the bathroom? Did it ever happen that your mobile bill was paid before you had to beg your mother to? Did it ever happen that you got your dinner before you screamed your lungs out with an empty stomach? Did it ever happen that you shouted at them because you had a bad day and they calmed you down for no mistake of theirs? Yes! So next time you see them having difficulty with a slow computer, jammed doors or poky relatives make sure to go out to them at let them know you are there for them come what may! It will surely make their day!

 1.TIME :


This ones the most difficult, expensive and useless gift in recent times! It’s so expensive that you might have to leave your office an hour before to go to them, how fruitful can that be? When you pace on in a hurry with your bag, car keys and mobile if you would lend your 30 seconds to let them know how beautiful your mom is looking today to how inspired you are by your dad trust me the day will suddenly turn auspicious and divine.


Remember : It isn’t a necessity, rule or commandment, you owe it to them!

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