10 Cheap Honeymoon Ideas Couples Will Surely Love

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10 Cheap Honeymoon Ideas Couples Will Surely Love

After all the stressful wedding preparations, one of the things that every couple looks forward to is their honeymoon. As we all know, wedding preparations can cost a lot, given all the things that are needed to be paid for – from pre-wedding requirements, to the wedding day itself. In order to help you save money without compromising your enjoyment, here are some ideas for a cheap but amazing and memorable honeymoon that you will surely love.

1. Camping


If the weather is good for heading outdoors, camping out in the mountains is a great and inexpensive way to enjoy time with your partner where it’s just the two of you and nature.  A week long camping trip is a great idea to test how you fit as a couple. By going on a camping trip, you will also get the chance to see how your partner handles himself or herself when left only with the basic necessities in life.

2. Staycation


Going on a honeymoon does not necessarily mean that you have to travel far just to enjoy each other’s company. You may also opt to just stay at home for an extended period of time, disconnect yourselves from the outside world, and just enjoy each other’s company. Moreover, this is also a good way to recover from the stressful pre-wedding preparations that you faced as a couple.

3. Honeymoon close to home


Instead of going somewhere outside your state or out of the country for your honeymoon, why not look into going somewhere close to home? Majority of couples who are looking for honeymoon destinations tend to overlook what their state has to offer. By going somewhere close to home, you may eliminate transportation expenses like airfare.

4. Fancy resort


Instead of going somewhere far to your hometown for your honeymoon, you may book in a fancy resort or spa in the city that you live in. Most people tend to shy away from staying in fancy resorts, assuming that it will be too expensive. Most resorts have all-inclusive packages which already includes activities that you and your partner will truly enjoy.

5. Road Trip


They say that the journey is more important than the destination. Instead of flying to faraway places, you may just rent a car, pick places that you want to visit, and go on a random adventure with your partner. The trip is inexpensive, since you do not need to pay for flights, and you may find cheap hotels along the way.

6. Go for a quick cruise somewhere nearby


Taking a short cruise for a couple of days can be invigorating and is one of the best cheap honeymoon ideas. Cruise packages are all-inclusive, already providing you with food and various enjoyable activities that you may do as a couple onboard, while sailing to numerous sites.

7. Bed and Breakfast Honeymoon


Honeymoon is all about relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Spending your honeymoon in a remote bed and breakfast is a very relaxing way to spend time with your partner. This is also an inexpensive honeymoon idea, since bookings already include meals throughout your stay.

8. Themed Retreats


By going on a themed retreat, you can fully immerse yourselves as a couple in a craft or hobby that you are interested in, or very passionate about. Some of the themed retreats that you should consider are yoga retreats, backpacking adventures, treasure hunts, or vineyard/farm retreats.

9. Working Honeymoon


Going on a honeymoon does not necessarily mean that you have to go on vacation as a couple. Instead of going on a getaway, you may opt to dedicate a week to helping a charity or volunteer organization. By doing this, you will be able to do something fulfilling and help further a cause that you are passionate about.

10. Festivals, Fairs & Special Events


Each city, state, or country holds a special festival, fair, or special event at a specific time every year. You may search for these events, and find the one that you are both interested in. If you plan your honeymoon at the right time, your choices are endless. You may attend events like Burning Man, SXSW, Mardi Gras, Renaissance Fair, or whatever event you are both into.

Your honeymoon is the most exciting time for you as a couple after the wedding day. This is a much needed escape for you to get away with your partner, but it does not necessarily have to break the bank for it to be wonderful. The most important thing is that you are together, and fully enjoying each other’s company.

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