10 Cocktails that are Easiest to make

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I don’t think there would be anyone around who doesn’t know what a cocktail is. But still, if in case there is then going by the technicalities, cocktail is an alcohol based mixed drink which must have at least 3 ingredients, one of which obviously is a spirit. Though typically the word was used to denote a mixture of spirits, sugar, water and bitters; but with the change of time the word has become generic to any mixed drink including the mixed shots primarily because today we can find different mixes at every bar. Wherever you go, you can find a bar’s signature drink as a mix of 2-3 spirits along with other ingredients. This change in culture has even simplified things a lot. Earlier only very limited drinks were available and you undoubtedly had to be out to try those, but now you can just experiment all those cocktails by yourself and enjoy them at your own private space. So here I bring you a list of 10 easiest cocktail recipes, which are not only good for parties and get together, but also for your separate time too.


10. Orange Blossom

orange blossom

A cocktail as easy and refreshing as this one is tough to find. With ingredients as minimal as 50 ml Bombay Sapphire, 100ml Fever-Tree lemon tonic water, 10ml orange blossom honey and quite a few cubes of ice, you will have a big glass to relish. To proceed just add the orange blossom honey in a long glass and top it with Bombay Sapphire. After giving it a good stir so that the ingredients are fully mixed, add a handful of ice cubes to the glass. Top the mix with Fever-Tree lemon tonic water and again stir it well. To give the cocktail the perfect aroma and flavor of orange, add a big orange peel in the glass with a spiral effect. Not only it adds beauty to the drink but also adds on to the flavor.

9. Pomegranate and White Wine Sangria

Pomegranate and White Wine Sangria

This one is a mix of as evident, pomegranate juice, white wine and white rum. This one is such a classy drink which you must prepare when you have some special visitors. To prepare you just need to mix together 50ml lemon juice, 200ml pomegranate juice, 250ml medium bodied white wine, 60ml white rum, 50ml sugar syrup along with 10-15 mint leaves. Shake it well in a carafe, pour it in a wine glass and top with ice just at the time of serving.

Note: The quantity of ingredients is for 6 glasses and can be altered as per the need.

8. Strawberry Martinis

Strawberry Martinis

This is sheer twist to the classic cocktail but indeed a perfect one. The fruity indulgence is bliss. A very simple recipe made with the puree of 150gms hulled strawberry, 1tbsp caster sugar and 3-4 ice cubes. Just pour the blended puree in a jug and add ice, a bit of dry vermouth and 250ml of Gin or Vodka to it. After a soft stir, your drink is ready. Just strain the contents in four glasses.

7. Spring Fling

spring fling

Yet another cool and refreshing cocktail made with cucumber, gin and apple juice as main ingredients. To proceed, just crush few mint leaves, a cucumber slice and 1tsp of caster sugar with a muddler. Add 45ml of Tanqueray gin, 60ml of Apple juice, and 15ml of lemon juice. Fill the shaker half with ice and shake it well. Your drink is ready, just strain it into a tall glass full of ice and serve with cucumber slices on top.

6. Aperol Spritz

aperol spritz

This is a beautiful Italian cocktail and a perfect drink for the summer afternoons. The main ingredient Aperol is basically an Italian aperitif which is very much similar to Campari but the main difference is that it is a bit sweeter than the later. To proceed, just combine 3 parts prosecco, 2 parts aperol and 1 part of soda water with a slice of orange. Pour in glass and top with ice for a chilly, refreshing drink.

5. Ginger Mojito

ginger mojito

A mojito recipe as simple as this is best when you have a crowd at hand, to serve. Just put 30-40 slightly crush mint leaves in a jug. Add one shot of stem ginger syrup and juice and pulp of 8 limes to the mint leaves. Add 1L ginger ale and 750ml of light rum, mix well and your ginger Mojito pitcher is ready to set the party.

4. Pisco Punch

pisco punch

A very unique blended cocktail sure to suit everyone’s taste buds. Before you get on the mixing part, you first need to prepare pineapple syrup. For the syrup you need to combine 100ml of sugar syrup, 200ml of pineapple juice and ¼ pineapple which has been peeled, de-eyed and cubed; all in a saucepan. Bring the contents to a boil and remove immediately from heat, giving it time to cool down and infuse. Once done, strain it into a jar and keep it in fridge. Take 20ml of this syrup in cocktail shaker, combine 50ml pisco, 1tbsp lime juice and 2 drops of grapefruit bitters. Fill the shaker with ice and give it a good shake. Strain the contents in a margarita glass.

3. Last Rasp

Last Rasp

A fruity fresh infusion of flavors in every sip is what defines this cocktail. Start by adding 3 raspberries in a tall glass and muddle it slightly. Add 50ml of Bombay Sapphire to the glass and stir well so that all flavors are mixed properly. After adding plenty of ice cubes to the glass, put 2-3 basil leaves and pour 100ml Fever- Tree Tonic Water over it. A slight stir is required again to combine the ingredients. You can serve it as it is or can top it up with 1-2 full raspberries along with a beautiful twiglet of basil.

2. Classic Margarita

classic Margarita

Margarita is everyone’s love and when served in such a manner there is no other beauty like it. Just add 70ml blanco tequila, 50ml fresh lime juice and 30ml agave syrup in a bar shaker and shake all the ingredients over ice. The secret behind a perfect cocktail is how good it is shaken, and for a margarita like this you need plenty of ice and a vigorous shake to combine all the ingredients and make it ice-cold. After shaking the cocktail well, pour it in 2 tumblers with salt rims. For those with a sweet tooth you can even put up a sugar rim or a sugar and chili rim.

1. Red Fire


Just for the Halloween time, this is perfectly spooky yet sexy. Try it to impress your guests with your speed and talent because this is just ready in minutes. All you need to do is add 400ml of pomegranate juice, 3tbsp brandy, 3tbsp lime juice and 1 ½ tsp. tobassco sauce in a shaker. Shake vigorously with a lot of ice and strain into 4 martini glasses. Top it with a slice of lime and there you go.

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