10 Most Common Reasons why Children take School Leave

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I’m sure as kids all of us have made up reasons to skip school. One out of ten times being a genuine reason and majority of the times it being a fake one. The reason of absence may depend from child to child. A few children refuse going to school in order to attract attention from people at school or at home and then there are kids who try escaping school because they do not feel secure in school. The latter is a serious cause of concern for parents. It is extremely important for parents to keep a tab on their wards and make sure that they’re doing well in school. This not just creates a sense of security among children, but also helps them perform better in school.  Here are 10 Most Common Reasons why Children take School Leave.

10. Social gatherings & Get-togethers.

Social gatherings & get-togethers

There is every possibility on a child missing out on school because of a social gathering or a get-together.  Sometimes a gathering may be held out of town or a state. It is obvious that a little bit of time may be lost in traveling. At times it is impossible to turn down an invitation and everybody is expected at the get-together, so the child has no other go other than taking leave from school for a day or two. This also helps the child to take some time off and gives him an opportunity to unwind.


9. School is boring.

School is boring

Many a times children refuse to go to school because they do not enjoy doing so. Children sometimes struggle to make friends and hence find it difficult to be all by themselves at school. Being kids, they usually crave for attention and love, so when neglected, kids tend to feel low and thus do not enjoy going to school.  Also, when there is nothing challenging at school, children despise going to school. When it’s all work and no play, children are bound to turn into dull boys.

8. Exams.


Exams! This one word is enough to scare the daylights out of kids. While a few children suffer from exam related anxieties, there are a few naughty ones who do not study for exams and then prefer the easy way out by giving exams a miss.  Cases stating 100% attendance during exams are very rare.

7. Cousins are home.

Cousins are home

When children study abroad, there obviously is a variation in the way schools function. It may so happen that when one has school, the other may have vacations. So when cousins meet up, the one who has school would naturally want to miss school. Kids usually have a lot to catch up with their cousins and make up all kinds of reasons to stay back at home.

6. Incomplete notes.

Incomplete notes

Children fear their teachers. This fear in turn stops them from attending school. When their notes are incomplete, kids dread being scolded or punished by their teachers. In order to get away from this, children avoid going to school. If this is done often, it will reflect on the child’s performance in class and during exams. Children must be encouraged to finish their class-works on time and must also be excused if their reasons are genuine.

5. Sickness


Undoubtedly one of the MOST common reasons for children to skip going to school is falling sick. This again can be genuine or fake. Sometimes anxieties have a direct effect on the child’s health. Children may suffer from stomach related problems or may have sudden fever. If this happens for a constant number of times, then the child needs urgent medical help. Sometimes a few children act impish by faking an illness. The reason could be anything from missing exams to simply wanting to stay at home.

4. Anxiety


Children due to their ignorance and innocence may get anxious when they come across something new or unusual. Sometimes children get anxious during exams, the fear of not scoring well or the fear of forgetting whatever they’ve have memorized makes it difficult for them enjoy schooling. At times a stage event makes them anxious, the fear of forgetting their lines, the fear of being mocked or just stage fright creates turbulent thoughts inside their little heads which sometimes result in sickness which in turn forces them to skip school.

3. Is being bullied.

Bully trouble

No matter how young or old a person is, nobody likes being bullied. Now how this is dealt depends from person to person. While some may shove it aside as a joke, there are others who are affected to a great extent because of this. A few extreme cases exist where kids who have been bullied, grew up to be under confident adults or people with an inferiority complex. Kids who fear getting bullied come up with all sorts of reason to avoid school. It is in the best interest of the kids that the parents make it their prime priority to keep a check on the day to day affairs of the child.

2. I hate my teacher!

I hate my teacher

Children spend a lot of time with the teachers when in school. So when the teacher is a person who they dislike, there is no question of kids liking school. The teacher has to play her role to the best of her ability in order prevent a downfall in the children’s attendance. Making the classroom sessions interesting by following play way methods of teaching, having moral based story telling sessions and by being friendly towards kids are a few tips for the teacher to get her students to like her. Once this happens, there is nothing that can stop children from coming to school.

1. My dog ate my homework

My dog ate my homework

Teacher!!!!!! My pet has eaten up my homework!
God alone knows how far this reason is true. And if it is true I fail to understand why dogs have a special interest in swallowing down kids’ home-works.
99% of kids said that the reason they gave to miss school is because they did not do their home-works. For the fear of being scolded and punished or being asked to write impositions and for the fear of losing marks in the ‘conduct in class’ section, children escape from going to school when their home-works aren’t complete.

All said and done, it is alright for kids to come up with reasons to skip school once in a while, but it is extremely important to make sure that it does not turn into a habit.  It is the responsibility of parents to find out if there is anything that bothers the child. It is essential to find out why the child is trying to escape school. The sooner the parents detect the cause the better.

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