10 Most Common Reasons Why Parent’s Scold Their Children

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Most of us can never forget the grueling days spent on convincing parents to see our view points or on sitting quiet as we are lectured on the perils of venturing past the curfew time on a weekend. We might remember it with nostalgia at later points in life but there in that moment it’s the worst form of torture known to our teenage brains especially because we can’t figure out at that time why parents think we can’t look out for ourselves at that age.  If we have to be true to the memories, in our heart we do know that at most of the instances we were at the wrong side of the logical spectrum but too young to understand it. Reasons for being scolded can be many and diverse. Parents can find the most ridiculous reasons to scold their children sometimes. Some parents are just in the scold mode so many times that their reflex responses towards their children for long durations are scolding them (Well, what can we do, some people are just not sketched out to be parents.) Here’s a mix of the sense and nonsense logic and reasons that parents across the world have come up with for scolding their children.

10. Passing your time curfew


There’s something peculiarly fishy about parents and their ways of incorporating discipline into their children. Even if there are contradictions between what they do themselves and what they preach- discipline in life is their one life time agenda for their kids. The first step into this world of discipline is managing your time. All of us have reasonable or unreasonable time curfews set for us by our parents depending upon their assessment of activities we decide to do. Cross the curfew and the Hell breaks loose on the house. One moment you could be skipping stones with your friends and next you will be grounded in your room for the same.

9. Breaking/Spilling/Littering things (Voluntarily or by mistake)


It really doesn’t matter why or how or who did it. If you are the only one in the vicinity of the broken piece or spilled ink or littered waste be prepared for the incoming of classic mother dialogues! From accusations of how you do it all the time to how it’s the only thing you are good at, behold! The world of vague reason! And the most ironic part is when some older member of the family does it, it’s not apocalypse!

8. Refusing to eat with the family


There are times when we all need our space and to do those long assignments and homework skipping family meals seems pretty logical. Not to the world of parents! Family dinners and meals in some families are like sacred rituals, not being a part of which can be considered almost blasphemous. The result of repeatedly refusing to “come down” can range from no television to no food!

7. Dressing up in ways they can’t understand


People grow up and develop their own person. But before that happens all of us have to go through the painful phase of experimentation and being judged by our peers. Parents on the other hand don’t really understand the purpose of experimentation with the way you dress altogether. They would pretty much want you to be carbon copies of themselves though if you decide to take your experiments up a notch and walk into the living room dressed in leafs and fur, what follows is completely justified!

6. “Getting closer” to opposite sex


In some cultures the Gender divide has become so great that inter mingling or forming of constructive relationships is not even discussed in the elders of these societies and even in the ones that do allow free unsupervised interaction, how far can you go with them is often set by parents. Trespass this rule and be prepared to be yelled at for good. P.S- A repetition of “The talk” might follow the scolding.

5. Passing your geographic curfew


As if the time curfew wasn’t enough, there’s geographic curfew as well. 10 blocks to the left when you were eight can remain the territory you can explore on your own till you move out! Initially it’s a little unsettling but the point is valid. You are a kid, you can get lost, you can be kidnapped! But as you grow up and slip into your own person these geographical boundaries might seem annoying. Especially when you are already rebelling against everything else. If you are spotted at a place you aren’t supposed to be, be prepared for some serious grilling by parents.

4. Being friends with people they don’t like


A man can be judged by the company of friends he keeps. Parents are often concerned who their kid is hanging out with for obviously there would be influences and consequences of all relations that the kid forms. You will be told to befriend certain kinds of people and stay away from certain kinds of people. Some parents might even go to great lengths to ensure that you are part of a very specific circle and do not venture out with other people. In some circumstances you might get two weeks of no Television on the other hand even if your parents aren’t pushovers when it comes to friends, drastic circumstances of stepping out of your usual circle might lead to scolding.

3. Called to the School


No parent likes to be called to the school for the ill done by their kids. Flunking classes on a regular basis might land you in grave trouble, for example. Or if you get into a brawl with an older kid and even if it wasn’t your fault that he’s such a bully, there isn’t much you can do about parents scolding you for not going to the teachers or authorities first. Trouble reported by the school can lead to some major consequences in your life for you and can embarrass yourself and your entire family by doing something so grave and barbaric.

2. Reading books you aren’t supposed to


Believe it or not, this has often happened with a lot of people. There are certain books which your parents will always think you are too young to read, whether it’s a book on blood and gore or something like Satanic Verses is a different story altogether. If you are found reading something you are not supposed to be at that age be prepared to be yelled at for being insensitive to their demands and not accepting their experience as the guiding key to your life!

1. Video gaming or Working on the computer for long


The evergreen excuses for scolding children in the 21st century- Computers and Video games. Video games translate to bad eye sight and time lost on homework while the concept of working on computers is something beyond most parents since anything with keys and screen and Facebook has to be a waste of time. Although they are justified in supporting their arguments of “Shut it off, now!” with jargons of names for diseases caused by over exposure to these devices- weakening of eyesight, backache etc.

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