10 Crazy Ways To Celebrate Halloween

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All Hollow’s Eve evolved into Halloween and became the most fun holiday to celebrate the dead. This is the only holiday that people associate with all things dark and crazy and hence most anticipated holiday of all. If you are wondering what you can do different this time around to make your Halloween more memorable than everyone else’s, then keep reading on for ways to make this day special. Here are 10 tips to have a great Halloween.

10) Trick-or-treat


This is one of the most traditional and fun things to do on Halloween. If you are a child, you have the opportunity to live your dream and dress up as your favourite fantasy character be it Cinderella or Batman, you can be anything you want and then go door to door asking for a trick or treat. Traditionally, this means that if you are not given a treat of candies, then the homeowners would have to deal with your wrath (trick) which could be anything from messing up their lawn or throwing eggs at them. It’s a kids’ dream come true and nightmare for adults.

9) Bloody treats-

bloddy treats

Well adults need not worry; it’s not just kids who have all the fun. This Halloween you can a pull the plug on the little devils by giving them bloody treats. Bloody treats are candies and cakes in the shape or different body organs and though it’s disgusting to look at, the taste is just as sweet and tempting as the ones sold at the candy store. This will be an amazing way to trick the trick-or-treaters at the door, not to mention the fact that you would have won this one round with the kids as well as stretched your creativity to a new level.

8) Jack-o’-lanterns-

jack o lanterns

Where there is Halloween, there are Jack-o’-lanterns, the carved pumpkins that have become synonymous with this festival. What would you do with all the remaining pumpkin after carving the jacks? This Halloween, have a menu that has pumpkin dishes for all courses from a pumpkin soup as a starter, pumpkin and pecorino gratin for mains and for deserts your options are several from pumpkin cakes or brownies etc. Pumpkins can even be used to make smoothies and dips. So it’s just another case of Cinderella’s carriage helping others on their important days too.

7) Bonfire-


One of the things associated with Halloween is Bonfire and the reasons for this are many. One of them is that ancient Christians celebrated New Years on 1st November and New Years Eve on 31st of October. This was because it was the end of sun, meaning the end of summer and start of winter which was dark and cold and hence a bonfire was lighted to keep the nights warm. Well they didn’t have heaters in those days so what else could they have done? Anyways in today’s times, this could be quite a fun and might as well a romantic way to celebrate Halloween and also because everybody loves Bonfires.

6) House of Horrors-

house of horrors

If you’re not one of those who like to leave their house on Halloween or one of  those who are not quite enthusiastic about the crowds and crazy costume people give you the creeps; this shouldn’t stop you from having a great time this Halloween. You can still have a memorable Halloween at home and that too all by yourself which can be achieved by having a scary movie marathon. Invite your close friends and family over and have a cosy night in with flicks like Scary Movie series or the Grudge one. This is one of the most fun ways to celebrate this festival. You can even decorate your house as darkly and wickedly as possible to get the macabre feel.

5) Scare them away-

scare them away

If movie is not your thing as some outdoorsy fun, then need not worry, you still have an extremely scary Halloween by telling each other ghost stories and talking about each other’s paranormal experiences. This is probably the scariest thing and you can be assured that all of your guests would definitely be having a sleepover and probably in the same room. So be careful as to whom you send out the invitation. Do not call someone who has a weak heart and is very gullible.

4) Call upon your inner witch-

call upon inner witches

Halloween is the night of the witches. So why not call upon your inner witch and carry out some voodoo to celebrate. So go all the way and rent that harry Potter outfit that you have been wanting to wear since you were 12 and chant your way to glory from ‘Avada Kadavra’ to ‘Expecto etronum’. This is your chance to showcase what a big fan of HP you are. Let’s face it, this is probably the only day when you can confess that you are still not over ‘the boy who lived’.

3) Host with a twist-

host witha twist

If you are hosting a Halloween party, well the ball is in your court and all the odds in your favour. You can put up a scary act with ghosts coming out of your closet to scare your guest and have a laugh at them. Isn’t it also fun to conjure up a nice little (or big) prank which you can tell and retell your descendants and embarrass friends and family with tales of their cowardice? But do remember to stop the prank at the right time otherwise it might cross the boundaries and cause eternal damage.

2) Zombielike-


What do people enjoy the most about festivals? Well it’s definitely dressing up and what better day other than Halloween to dress up as that zombie who is tearing down the village. Oh c’mon! You have a reason to do all the mischief that you have dreamed up but were restricted from by the moral conduct of being a grown up. So dress as the most feared dead and go to as many costume parties and create a ruckus, because you have the right to.

1) Go Macabre-


This is the darkest and wickedest holiday and the most fun way to celebrate it would be by doing the darkest things. So if you want to try calling the spirits by the black board method or going to the graveyard to chanting the curses, do it. But even you are feeling even more devilish, then dress up like Miley Cyrus at the VMA and get your partner to dress up like Robin Thick. This will ensure that people will run in the opposite direction from you and if this doesn’t work either, dress up as Miley’s tongue. That’ll do the trick.

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