10 Dance types that Help you Burn Calories

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‘We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once’ the lines of Friedrich Nietzsche, 19th century author, means a lot more in these days than ever before. The fitness cloud had descended on us long back. We can call it a fad or a necessity, lets all agree its here to stay. So how do we achieve the perfection of body mind and soul? Apart from hitting the gym, the options range from old-schools, ancients, commons to strange, weird and downright insane. The curd diets or cheese diets or the protein shakes are options and it works for some. Others unfortunately struggle while climbing the fitness mountain. So forget the painful crunches or the deadly step-master and put on the dancing shoes. It is the way to go to get the trifecta of healthy mind+body+soul. If you happen to be struggling with weight or just want to stay fit or are looking for plain happiness, dance your way to the top. Here are few options.

10. Freestyle


This dance has been around since the beginning of mankind. One of the oldest and simplest and fun-est form of dance, the person gets the freedom to express himself and get fit at the same time. So the procedure to shed those extra calories and learn the dance is twofold, step 1 is put on the music, step 2 dance. Dance to your hearts content. This dance can be done without a partner, without the dance studios and without the hardwood floors and ceiling high mirrors. So without shelling the extra dough you can have the perfect dance experience. So free yourself !

9. Hip-Hop

hip hop

Born in 1970’s in New York city, a mixture of rap-music, tuntablism and graffiti art this dance is a fusion of passion and enthusiasm. The calorie burning procedure can take your mood from low to high to a new high. the flips and jumps and curls can give you the fab abs and tiny waist with amazing reputation. Boost your day with a bout of hip-hop. The flips and turns will have you all energized and make you a health nut for when you fall in love with dance you live to dance and not dance to live. So if you want to be hooked to something, this is the best option.

8. Belly Dancing


The origin of the dance is traced back to middle-east. This dance form had erupted in the whole world albeit in a different forms and different costumes. It is one of the finest forms to tone the torso and the lower body. The belly movement is the most prominent and gets the most exercise. It gives flexibility and strengthens the spine. it is seen as a positive approach towards keeping fit as fiddle.

7. Salsa


This dance form originated in Cuba and the beauty of the dance is the only jaw-dropping quality of the form. The intense exercise and the physical exertion is another hidden bonus. The music is based on 8 step music and is a rigorous exercise. Usually performed with a partner, the roles of lead and follower are distributed and the fun and crackling chemistry are part of the package with reducing risk of heart attack and strengthening the bones of legs and hips and builds endurance/stamina as the added benefits.

6. Zumba


Baby of Alberto Perez, a Colombian dancer, developed in 1990’s and taking the world by storm since then. Mixture of aerobics, samba, salsa and also the martial arts this is practiced by over 14 million people all over the world. One of the best ways to beat the flab and enjoy the process is to take up Zumba. Shakira, Jennifer Lopez are the crusaders of this art form, so girls are you convinced yet? And for the guys, wont you like to follow into Jackie Chan’s footsteps ? Yes, he is a Zumba fan. Sold yet ?


5. Ballet Dancing

ballet dancing

A dance form originated in Italian Renaissance in 15th century, it moved to French and Russian courts and finally developed into a full fledged concert dance. It is a sign of grace and flexibility over the century. Kids are introduced to this dance form at tender age and it becomes a way of fitness. It is one of the fastest and toughest way to burn the calories for it requires a tough regime and discipline. So if you can keep up the routine it will give you the perfect posture and excellent  physique.

4. Samba


The Brazilian dance form has the attributes of being lively and graceful. Developed in the 19th century, the art is the jewel of Brazil festival. Few of the best reasons to samba your way to health is the concurrent movement of the hips and steps with movements of the hands and shoulders. This gives you the extended oxygen input and regular pumping of blood into the body. The simple thing is that when the blood supply shortens due to the pace the body works faster and harder than requires and this is the reason why you come out of it looking totally awesome.

3. Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing

Flexibility, strength, endurance and mental health are the four pluses of the ballroom dancing. It is a partnered dance done socially and competitively as well. Earlier the list included ever partnered dance but its the modern advent the list is more sophisticated then ever. So waltz, tango, fox-tort, jive are all part of the ballroom scene along with many other. The ballroom dances are great way to burn calories and the beautiful gowns and the tuxes will fit you much better.

2. African Dancing

African Dance

The African gift to the health world is the up-beat, full of life way to fitness. African proverb says that “If you can talk, you can sing. And if you can walk, you can DANCE.” The jumps and steps are enough to burn the calories. So how is it different than the grueling gym regimes ? This dance creates a strong relation between the drummer and the dancer which keeps them from tiring out. The dialogue and story developed during the song will take you to different highs and you will come out of it as fitter and better person.

1. Pole-dance

pole dancing

Do not grin at the image it brings to your mind for pole dancing is an art form and a great way to keep a perfect health.  It gives you general strength and fitness along with toning the muscles  to give you an excellent figure. The pulls and the mounts require the upper body strength and stamina, the wraps require the flexibility. An additional hidden gem is the beautiful self-confidence.

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