10 Fast Food Chains that America Loves

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Everyone knows about Americans and their craze for fast foods. The nation is soon becoming the world’s most obese nation holding the second place rank as of now. Americans consider fast food as a part of their culture. Due to the fast life and stress, people hardly get any time to cook a nice healthy meal for themselves and their family every day. This results in eating out on a daily basis and eating out is more often than not, only at these fast-food chains. Other reason for the growing dependence of the Americans on fast-food is due to the fact that it is extremely cheap when compared to other healthier options or proper meals at a restaurant. Although, many Americans are opting for a healthier and a better lifestyle these days, a lot of them still depend of fast food. Some fast-food chains incur the highest amount of profits. These are the food-chains that Americans love. Here is the list of top 10 fast food chains that USA loves –

10. Subway


Among all the fast-food chains, Subway is the most healthy option for a dine-in. It is the largest sandwich chain in the word and has outlets in many countries all around the globe. Even though it is the healthiest option on the list, the Americans get the bigger and better out of it with their foot-long sandwich which, as the name suggests, is one foot-long and is filled with meat, dry coleslaw, sauces, and mayonnaise. They use a variety of breads which gives every sandwich a different taste.  The wide variety of mixing and matching the bread with the fillings has made Subway a poplar go-to place all across USA.

9. Pizza Hut


Everyone loves good pizzas and Pizza Hut has got that just right. This fast food chain is Italian in origin but has now become essentially American and it has hit all the right spots all across the world and is now a multi-million dollar company. Pizza Hut offers Italian food like pizzas, pastas, lasagna, and a lot more. Their menus are decently prized and they have a wide variety of crusts, toppings and side-orders to offer their customers. One of the many reasons why Pizza Hut has been such a huge hit in the US is because of it’s schemes and meals which make it very pocket-friendly for students, who are the main target for these fast food chains.

8. Chick-fil-A


The owner of Chick-fil-A is said to be the inventor of the chicken sandwich in a time when hamburgers were the only thing that people ate. Chick-fil-A started out as shopping mall restaurants only to a free-standing store. Their legendary chicken sandwich is still the sole winner for the food-chain. The biggest thing about this food-chain is that right from the time it started out, Chick-fil-A remains closed on Sundays. The owner is a staunch Christian and believes in Sabbath. Even after being shut for a day of the week, they have had incredible sales. Their menu offers sandwiches, salads, wraps, etc.

7. Kentucky Fried Chicken


Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known as KFC is a staple food all around the world today. It was started in the southern state of Kentucky in the US where friend chicken is the daily bread of people but with its expansion, we can see how much fried chicken is loved throughout the world. Their Zinger burger and the iconic chicken bucket are loved everywhere. It also serves various other options like meal boxes, shakes, fries, spicy chicken wings etc. It’s low cost is one of the reasons it gained so much audience, apart from its finger lickin’ good chicken!

6. Wendy’s


Wendy’s is a burger serving fast food chain which has its outlets all across America. They serve the good ol’ fashioned hamburgers to those who refuse to have their burgers commercialized by the likes of McDonalds and Burger king. ‘Quality is our recipe’ is the tag-line of Wendy’s and its sales are going up by the minute. Each of their hamburger is made-to-order and their best classic burger is its biggest seller. Apart from the legendary burger, the Frosty is their version of chocolate milkshake and is very famous.

5. Dunkin’ Donuts


America runs on Dunkin’ as simple as that. Dunkin’ Donuts started out as donuts serving bakery but soon spiraled out to become a world-wide name for great donuts and cheap coffee. They have many many varieties of donuts, each to tease your taste-buds differently. They also have an elaborate breakfast menu with eggs, bagels, muffins, Danishes, etc. Their Munchkins are a popular food-item. They also serve some very great and yet, cheap coffee. They have started expanding now and are opening up their outlets in many new countries.

4. Starbucks


Many people say that Starbucks is just over-hyped and over-priced but their Frappuchinos are heaven trapped in coffee cups! You can go down any street in New York in the mornings and you will see people rushing to their offices with a Starbucks coffee in one hand and their croissants in the other. Starbucks serves some of the world’s finest coffees and also has a big food menu which includes pastries, bagels, sandwiches, rolls and muffins.

3. Taco Bell


What is American fast food scene without its dose of Tex-Mex food? Taco Bell was started in California and the owner, Glen Bell, ran a hot-dog truck but later expanded his business into a Tex-Mex food chain. Taco Bell is one of the world’s leading Tex-Mex chain serving Mexican food. It serves its customers tacos, nachos, quesadillas, burritos etc. It’s ‘Value Menu’ consists of these food items priced at very cheap rates. Taco Bell has now expanded its business in many different countries across the globe. It’s main advertising and marketing is done with the use of the slogan ‘Think outside the bun’, taking a dig at its competitors Burger King and McDonald’s.

2. Burger King


A giant burger you say? You will get it at Burger King. Burger King, often known as BK, is an American fast food chain which mainly serves burgers. Its main player is the hamburger and it has a variety of burgers to offer its customers. But what makes Burger King a win is the Whooper burger. The Whooper, its signature production, is a giant hamburger with lots of fillings in it like the beef patty, tomatoes, cheese etc. Apart from burgers, it also serves wraps, nuggets, coffees, desserts.

1. McDonald’s


No one has to even guess which is the number one food-chain on our list. McDonald’s is almost a household name in most of the countries of the world. It serves burgers, fries, wraps, desserts etc. The McCafe also serves a breakfast menu with eggs and muffins. What makes McDonald’s so famous is their value-for-money outlook on food. They have introduced many meal packs like Happy Meals, Lunch Meals which are very affordable and filling. McDonald’s have their outlets after every few kilometers and their popularity just seems to be increasing by days.



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