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The common facts about the United State of America are well known. They include the 50 states of USA, President Obama being the first colored President and that the Statue of Liberty is situated in middle of water. How ever we do like to have some fun and there is nothing funnier than few creepy facts. So lets take a look at the superpower with a different point of view and enjoy a few facts which may not make any difference to your idea of the power but may show you a different side of the country. The small facts make for a fun read. Read along.


10. Population and area is a mismatch

Population and area is mismatch .

The states of the mighty USA are not that equally divided as we might feel. The largest state is Alaska and the smallest one is Rhode Island. The catch here is though the area of Alaska is 1,545 square miles and Alaska is 663,267 square miles. Alaska is 429 times as large as Rhode island but the population of Rhode Island is 1,053,209 and Alaska has 698,473. The  year long snow and the low temperature keeps people away from the slice of paradise. 

9. Grizzly bear

Grizzly bear

State animal is the pride of the people. It is presumably chosen because it may be a native to the state and spotted often in the vicinity. But the USA misses the point maybe. The State of California has the Grizzly bear as its state animal. The joke here is that the animal hasn’t been sighted in California since 1922. So in the last 93 years the grizzly bear is celebrated as the state animal, in the loving memory of it maybe. Or maybe the state animal needs to be changed. Whatever be the solution, action needs to be taken before the 100th year of last sighting of the Grizzly’s. That gives California and America as a whole has seven years to adopt a new animal.


8. Alaska the Great coastline

Alaska the Great coastline.

The great state of Alaska is the largest one in size and smallest on in population. But the one key feature of Alaska is that it has 34,000 miles ie 54,720 km of a coastline. This is more than all the states put together. The coastline of Alaska is larger than the 49 states put together, including Hawaii which is practically made from islands.This is one reason why fishing is practiced here along with all the the water sports. Boating is a hobby and is practiced by majority of the population.

7. Obesity


The USA has the second largest count in terms of obese people. That is one behind Mexico. From 13% in 1962 to 35.7% in 2010. These figures put some perspective on the fact that the fatty food are cheap and and 48% of population is in the ‘low income’group. So low income people eat the food which piles on the calories. In 1998, 58 gallons of soda was consumed per head and now the count has gone down to 44 gallons per year in 15 year time. This may be comforting but the actual tale is different. The obesity rate is related to soda consumption. Maybe the rate will fall down with the lesser level of consumption of soda.

6. The country has no official language

The country has no official language.

 The largest spoken language of the United States of America is English. The official work is conducted in English, the government operates in English and this is where is gets weird. This is where it gets weird. English is not their official language, They do not have an official language. This is one thing that gets an Englishman wound up for America stole heir language twisted it and created a new version. Rap music also originated in USA and that was one more way to twist the newly founded language and turn it into a whole different language.

5. Cereals


The world in america runs on cereals and Michigan has has tag of having a city which produces more cereal than any other in the world. And this proud city is Battle Creek. The rate at which USA consumes cereals shows that it is a good thing they produce it all themselves for otherwise they maybe in a soup. So USA has one more reason to be proud of and the reason is that they have the highest producer of Cereals. If you happen to have some friends/relatives  in or around Michigan, tell them the fact and get a kick out of it for chances are they may not know .


4. Play their own games

 play their own game

The world enjoys sports and so does America but do they enjoy the same sport? NO! World has created a platform and America plays in a different league. Where as the world is obsessed with Cricket, Football, America has created its own sports like Baseball and American Football The joke around is that as the obesity increased, USA wanted to win and hence found a way to win by creating games no one else played. Jokes apart, USA plays their own games and that keeps the world away from them.

3. Credit Cards

Credit cards

Among every 7 Americans 1 of them have 10 credit cards. With the 48% of population in the low income group, one may ask, how is this possible? The answer is that the economic liberty and prowess of America made sure that the citizens keep getting the cards and keep swiping it away. Maybe someone should have told them that they have to pay for it all. The idea of having 10 credit card with every 7th person looks like beckoning a disaster. 

2. Love for Santa Claus

         Love for santa Clause

The innovative and technologically advanced country of USA seems to have few troubles giving grand names to their towns and cities and states. However maybe they fell in love with a name or it was a happy co-incident. The  places in USA which have a same name town is Indiana, Arizona and Georgia. And the town is named Santa Clause. A place in Mohave is called Santa Clause but is uninhabited. Maybe this is the love of Santa Clause or maybe the name is attractive but USA have 3 Santa Clauses all to themselves.

1. Abe Lincoln bartender

Abe Lincon bartender.

The leader the guide and the one who saw the dream and made the world see it as well. The very own Abraham Lincoln was a bartender. He had a place of his own which he ran with his friend Barry and the place was called as ‘Barry and Lincoln’. Though Abe Lincoln preferred not to drink, his partner shared a drink with is customers way to often. The place closed in 1840 when Lincoln got busy with his politics and Barry passed away in 1835. This is an interesting anecdote about the Great Man, don’t you think so.


The read may not be a knowledgeable one but sure adds in more color to the hard facts of the country.

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    This list should have been called passive-aggressive insults about Americans disguised as “fun facts”