10 Innovative Ideas for a Perfect Date

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Getting into a relationship for the first time or just wanting to spice things up a little with your current flame, a good date might open up avenues for a second date and help build a stronger relationship with your steady partner. So, the question remains, “Where to go on a date”?  The most clichéd  answer would be a coffee shop, restaurant, or a movie! These obvious choices are “safe” and also a tad “boring”. Your partner forms an impression of you by the way you conduct a date and when it comes to the matters of the heart, a first impression is mostly the last one. So if a first date is boring, chances of you getting a second date are less likely. For couples in a smooth relationship, thinking innovative and surprising your love with things you have never done before will make your partner happy and happiness establishes the foundation of a good and a strong relationship.

So now the question is “how to date in an innovative way”? I bet you would have never thought dating someone would require so much effort, thinking and ideas. As they say, good things don’t come easy. But don’t worry, we are at your rescue!

Here is a list of 10 innovative ideas for a perfect date. These are easy to perform and yet are innovative. So read on and make your date special!




A walk in the park with your loved one can be romantic and would give you ample time to talk, as girls like to blabber and a peaceful environment around would bring out the best conversation between the both of you. Serene Location, birds chirruping, cool breeze is just what you need to bring out the best conversation between you two “love birds”. Take a stroll, sit around, go for an ice cream, make your girl laugh, surprise her with a flower ( plucked from the park only , if allowed!) .  Yes, you can keep it this simple and yet make your girl happy. The sole idea of a first date is to talk and get to know each other or even couples who are dating looking for “a breath of fresh air” can try this, it would never go wrong. Safe yet different, that’s how I describe it.



Most of the people go to the malls to hang out or shop but visiting a bowling alley together can be great fun and an enjoyable activity for both of you. Compete with each other in the game even if you know how to play or not Or guys can teach a thing or two to their girls which would help two of you get close and have a great time with the whole gaming ambiance around. Laugh a lot, have some junk food, try other games in the gaming zone though it might sound childish and your girl might feel a bit surprised seeing your choice of having a date but I assure she is going to love it as you proceed further with various fun games. She would be “bowled” over by this definitely! It would leave you with a lot of things to talk about afterwards on the phone and even get you a second date.

8.)  PICNIC:


Have a picnic at the beach or in a park. Take a mat, your favorite  food (take home cooked food for a good impression), something fresh to drink, take a pack of cards or any other game which you both can enjoy while sitting and talking. Put your phones on the silent mode and enjoy each other’s company, feed each other, listen to your favorite  songs, talk about likes and dislikes, compliment each other, guys can take a gift also for their date,  but yeah check the weather forecast beforehand! You don’t want your date to get drenched with sudden rains or get sun-burnt  with too hot climate. A pleasant weather would be perfect for such an outing.



If the above mentioned outdoor picnic idea doesn’t suit you, you can arrange a picnic at your own house – in the living room, in your backyard or on the terrace!

Light up your terrace with candles or some fancy lights and set up the same environment with delicious food, some wine can be substituted as drinks, let the starry night be a romantic backdrop. Set up some good slow romantic songs to highlight the whole ambiance.  Your date will surely be impressed by your efforts involved in doing all the arrangements. Both of you can even break in a dance at the end if everything goes well.

A second date is guaranteed after that!

Or your girlfriend would surely be impressed with this and you never know,kissing under the stars, dream for many, can actually become true for you. !



Check the newspaper or internet for some good events happening around your area. If any festival is nearby or a good band is playing, or a stand up comedy show, then arrange for passes and take your date there. It would be much better than just watching a movie, you could talk and sit for an hour or so and have a meal after that. It would be a good way to know each and share your likes and dislikes. But don’t go for very loud places as than you won’t be able to talk at all, and a date would go wasted.



It’s cute and a simple way to spend time together. Call your date at your place, and cook the food together.  Find some recepies beforehand and choose the one which you both would like to make and have. It could be making a pizza, chocolate, any cuisine depending solely on your taste. This would make you both comfortable and help you open up and have fun as two people cooking who presumably don’t know how to cook can get messy , but cleaning the mess can also be enjoyable depending on you , how you can make the most out of such situations!

After cooking watch your favorite cartoons, yes cartoons, or your favorite shows which you both watched when you were small and see how great the whole date will go. Sit on the couch, relax, have your meal, laugh and go on and on talking while revisiting your childhood memories.



Amusement parks can be a lot of fun, as compared to other outdoor activities. If you both are adventure lovers and are not scared of heights or don’t have any other phobias than going for some adrenaline rush would be amazing.

Go for that roller coaster, swing on the Columbus, enjoy the giant wheel, take a dip in the splash pool, and swim together. I bet nothing would be more exhilarating than this. Meanwhile have lunch together.  It would require your whole day so pre- plan it, spending an entire day with your date would obviously make her feel special. This would leave you both exhausted with all the activities but certainly these rides can be quite a good place to get close, so, scream out loud, hold each other and yeah  click lots of photographs together. Ultimately the whole point is to have fun and i bet this would make your date quite amused, more than what you expected.

3.)   KARAOKE:


Go to a restaurant that has a karaoke or set up a karaoke night at your own place!

Pick up a collection of all time hits or the most favourite songs of both of you, place a disco ball or other shiny lights in your living room, arrange for a mike and just go on singing.

Singing along with the lines and singing songs that you don’t know would be fun. Sing a song for your partner with full feelings and emotions, and see her blush!

And ultimately end the date with a duet song, which you feel describes your feelings for your partner, and probably your partner’s feelings for you! Something like High School Musical or any romantic movie that you both like. Everyone likes a bit of filmy romance and songs can be a good medium to express your feelings.  It would be a different experience and would help you let go off you’re inhibitions! An amazing idea for a good-enjoyable-fun-romantic date.



Yes, instead of shelling out bucks from your pocket to go to a theater and watch one, Create One instead!  Starring you and your partner- the real life hero and heroine!

Catch your partner in various moods, sing, dance, dress to the nines, set up your house differently, act like your favorite actors from your favorite scenes in the movies, give each other situations, enact them ,and record it, give film credits in the end! Do this craziness till the time you feel you have exhausted the camera and finally, get some popcorn and watch your movie. You would be amazed to see what all fun you did while filming it.!  It would be a great way to spend time in a different yet a truly enjoyable way. Make a copy of it and keep it with the both of you. This memory will be with you forever.  See it again and again, laugh, talk about it , try to improvise and improve the next time you make one. Obviously who wouldn’t want to star in a movie, and here is a homemade movie directed by who else but the “both of you”!



Looking for some fun in your relationship, drive your partner in the middle of the night to the beach or any other place where you have never been before, don’t tell your date where you are going and what you will do,  arrive at the place just when the sun is rising. You would never come across a more beautiful, alluring and a pleasing scene than that of a – sunrise and  the  expression on your partner’s face when she sees it would be even more pleasing for you!

Whisper those 3 words in your partner’s ears, and see the magic. Your partner will really remember you for this. Have a breakfast date, take some packed food, some coffee in a thermos and enjoy the whole morning effect with the sun waking up in front of your eyes, different than most days when you wake up to the sun.!

Explore the area and finally sleep or take a nap together as you would be tired after the whole night of driving. This is worth giving a shot as it would really be something you and your partner would have never experienced and done before, and definitely your girl will be  madly in love with you after this as girls crave something magical , like a fairytale romance, and this will turn out quite romantic if you plan it well.

So go get your car ready….

These are the 10 ways in which you can make your dating experience different and innovative. Setting up a date depends entirely on you and your partner’s tastes, but some fun, adventure and thinking out of the box can really get you an edge above the others and make you more desirable. Cause at one point or the other old ideas of dating would turn out to be boring and trying something new would help you greatly in bringing the spark back in your relationship. So go on and try these or mix them with some of your ideas and make your date the best – much better than the rest!

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