10 Very Interesting Things to do During a Power Cut

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The very mention of “Power Cut” (read as curse of darkness !) chokes out all the life from the bustling cities. It is almost impossible to to visualize a day without electricity… it is the part and parcel of our daily routines and almost as essential as the air we breathe and the water we drink! One cannot imagine a gadget or a device working without electricity… it keeps running through the matrix of our existence just as blood rushes through our veins and gives the sensation of being alive. But nothing on this earth is infinite and so is the case with electricity. It seems to go away in the blink of an eye and leaves behind darkness curling up on itself. Endless attempts to call up the power generation and distribution authorities commence. World around you may seem to come to a standstill during an unanticipated and uninvited power cut but believe me, there s lots to do and make the best use of your time even in such a dire circumstance. So, here are the 10 Amazingly Interesting Things To Do During A Power Cut!


10. Candle Light Night

candle light night

Who cares about oil lamps or candles when surrounded by incandescent lights which can be turned on at the flick of a switch… but these things are very handy during a power cut. Lighting up a torch does not give the same excitement as lighting oil lamps and candles. One could adorn the room with beautiful aroma candles and enjoy the picturesque view of the fragrant decorated room.


9. Bathe in the Moonlight

bathe in moonlight

The dazzling city life has snatched away from us those silent yet beautiful moments from us when the whole night would pass counting stars and recognizing patterns in the sky! During a power cut, the whole sky seems to come alive and if the power cut is the sudden event at night, bathing in the soothing moonlight, counting the twinkling starts and teaching a young one about constellations can be a memorable experience. Let us not forget, knowledge lies beyond the books too and Nature is the best preacher!


8. Romantic Moments

romantic moments

Cozy corners and dark, hidden spaces are the paradise spots for love birds in the house but a power cut can actually give a lot of space and time for those who wish to spend time with their loved ones! Power Cut may actually give you lots of romantic moments and leave you wishing for the power not to comeback and drive the moments away!


7. In the Nature’s Arms

in the arms of nature

Staying back in the house and figuring out the pitch back emptiness is certainly not a compulsion. Power Cut gives the opportunity to step out of the house and stroll in the green spaces. You could enjoy the gentle breeze and sweet fragrance of flowers in the garden. It will not only refresh your mind but also relax your body.


6. Enjoy the Primitive Experience

enjoy the primitive experience
As they say, there is always a bright side to every thing, a power cut is can actually be viewed as an experience to live a few moments of a life sans electricity! You need not go to a secluded destination to gain this experience of doing your chores without electricity but may get this sort of opportunity absolutely free of cost! You may try to complete some of your pending tasks without using any gadget, all by hand and get a first hand experience of how our predecessors must have lived in a technology-free life.



5. Hobbies in the Dark Room

hobbies in dark room


There is always lots to do if you want to… you may bring out that old guitar shoved in the bag and forgotten long ago by you in the business of the modern life- yes, this is the time for hobbies! Whether you like to sing, or dance or compose music or even cook, a power cut is just the awaited opportunity to take a break from the mundane schedule to embark on the journey of discovering your hidden talents! And what could be better than the fact that whether you dance like a thumping elephant or you croon out of tune, the darkness will only help you in protecting your identity from neighbors!


4. Count the Sheep, Drift into Sleep

count the sheep and go to sleep

The modern lifestyle has almost stolen away the long coveted peaceful sleep from us. Sometimes as night draws on us we even feel guilty about falling asleep while work was pending! So, when in the midst of darkness and too tired to think of anything creative, it can be a nice idea to count the sheep and drift off into deep sleep! Nothing works wonders for the next day as a good night’s sleep.


3. Gluttony Ain’t a Sin

gluttony no sin

You cooked great stuff and stored it in your refrigerator… but suddenly the lights went out and left you hanging in wonder what to do. Well, the first thing to realize that the poor refrigerator wont be able to work anymore… so you could start by consuming some stuff from your fridge that is easily perishable. It is a good idea to save edibles from being wasted. It is also a very good idea to replace those consumed items from the fridge with freshly cooked new cuisines. It is a bright idea to surprise your family with something new waiting for them in the fridge the next time hunger pangs strike them!


2. Chatting and Gossiping


Power Cut also brings for you the golden opportunity to talk, chat and gossip! If you feel there is nothing better to do… you may resort to the best thing humans do….talk, talk and talk! You don’t need to get up and embark on any task… you just need to speak your mind and utilize your time talking and discussing things you have always wished to speak about. You may also resort to chit-chatting with friends or gossiping about the envious or scheming colleagues or funny and nosy neighbors, with a close family member without having to worry much about privacy or time constraints!
1. Game of Shadows

game of shadows

This is at the top of the list because at some point of time in our lives, we have all been bedazzled by this activity… we have all adored those dark shadows on the room walls and animating them with the movement of our hands. Be it the shadow of a dog or the figure of a bird that we create out by varying positions of our fingers and putting life into them with our hands’ motion… the game of shadows is the best pass-time activity to indulge in during a power cut, its entertaining as well as engaging! This activity has never bored us and it fascinates the children and elders alike!

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