Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

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What do you all comprehend and refer from the term corruption? First image that flickers in front of your eyes when you hear this term? I guess it is the politicians and degrading economy of that particular country in the context.Corruption is something which dismantles the whole system be it judiciary, education, health etc.It creates a crevice for unfair means, resources, revenues and tactics. Corruption provides an alternative method of earning success no matter it is monetary or fame related. It slashes our faith from those on whom we rely and look forward for assistance and commitment. Who is to be blamed? Is it the ruling government or the public who vote for that party? This is an epidemic which is afflicting many nations be it West,African,Asian and more, it only differs in the parameter of that suffering in that nation. After all the studies and analysis, I have observed that this epidemic is more prevalent in African nations and even worsening year by year.

10. Zambia:-

A southern African country which got freedom from United Kingdom in 1964.Satire is ,that this is the least corrupted African nation .A country with a population of 14,309,466 and corruption rampant at governmental and civic level both. Through various sting operations conducted by anti- corruption agencies, it has been proved that around 40-50% of public is bribed for availing various public services. It affects the economy of Zambia in many sectors like-police, judiciary, a returns collection, passport office and other public governed offices.


9. Nigeria:-

Another country under the dark shadow of corruption is Nigeria. This country lies in West Africa and the dirty political corruption is ubiquitous here. Two basic amenities that lead to corruption in Nigeria are oil and natural gas. Foreign countries have stated that, doing a business in Nigeria or planting a factory here demands bribe at different hierarchal levels. One of the prime reasons of Nigeria being so corrupt is lack of lucidity at its subsequent levels. It is also referred as an endemic that has engulfed whole Nigeria from north to south or east to west. It needs to be thrown out from its very root for the over all development of that country. Corruption is circumscribing Nigeria and acts as an obstruction in the complete upliftment of the country.


8. Russia:-

Russia is termed as the second most corrupt country in Europe. For the reason of deep rooted corruption, foreign investors are apprehensive into investing in this country, and this is the demise for Russian economy. Many agencies such as Global Corruption Barometer have concluded that, in the last retrospective years in spite of alleviating corruption has only stepped up. Most notorious and dishonest populace under the veil of corruption in Russia is its police and the public servants. Many anti- corruption laws and agencies have been formed to combat this menace as it is slowing down the Russian economy and keeping investors at a yard’s distance.


7. Paraguay:-

Recently in June 2013 we had observed a rally of 3,000 civilians marching down the lanes of Paraguay. Woman addressing the reporter stated, public is sick of these politicians who try to cheat us at every stage. Paraguay is designated as one of the most corrupt nation in Latin America and its civilians have claimed that to avail any facility in Paraguay we have to bribe officials. While the majority of Paraguay is Mezitos, the minority includes Spanish descendants and Japanese descendants. Main source of income for them is through agriculture and farming. It is a hub for smuggling, wealth laundering and other sadistic offenses.


6. Mexico:-

Imagine a situation that you are involved in a murder of a civilian. You are scared to death now and don’t want to get under the bars. What would you try to do in order to bribe that official surveying your case? May be bribe or other benefits.Isn’t it? We infer that crime and corruption go together. This is the case with Mexico too. The country is known for its accelerating crime ratios. Another debacle in its economy is its drug trafficking trade. This is notorious for drug trafficking, and it encounters so many murders, abductions and other related crimes. Drug Mafias functioning here are hindering its success and at the same time hastening the corruption rate in this country.


5. Kenya:-

Corruption calculates 8% in Kenya’s overall growth and development. A term called Grand Corruption is functional in Kenya. Soaring oil prices has increased the living cost of Kenyans,and the overall GDP has decremented. Bodies governing the overall management of oil in Kenya are malfunctioning, and that is why Kenya is in the hit list of most corrupt countries.


4. Zimbabwe: -

Be it any sector, corruption in this African country is at its very peak. To define it more precisely it has been ranked 2 out of scale of ten. Zimbabwe is also blamed for accounts fraud and shadowing important revenues under corruption. Zimbabwe is also involved in trading of diamonds and therefore it also makes fraudulent earnings under this banner.Again, police is designated as most corrupt thing in Zimbabwe and according to statistics Zimbabwe loses a magnanimous US$5 million on the sake of corruption.


3. Venezuela:-

Main cause of corruption in Venezuela is its ruling party and Mr. Chavez(President). Consider a situation  if head of the family is responsible for  disrupting the whole system and for ultimate failure of the wholesome? Same is the case with Venezuela; most of the fraudulency of money is done in the abroad trips of the president for his recreation and personal purposes. Military of any country is responsible for safeguarding its sovereignty and its countrymen. Here,the case is truly reverse; military is another component in Venezuela which is very corrupt and dishonest. In any regime, finance sector is very crucial and needs to be transparent. However, conditions are different in Venezuela. Mismanagement and irregularities are a key part of finance handling sector in Venezuela. All these factors cumulatively make Venezuela third most corrupt country in the world.


2. Mongolia :-

Enclosed by China and Russia, corruption in Mongolia has only worsened in the last few years .In fact around 80% population of this country believe that corruption in the public sector is a major and threatening problem of Mongolia. It is the second most corrupt country according to the records of 2013.Problem lies with the government policies and management issues.Nepotism, favoritism and discrimination deteriorate the situation. Efforts have been made by Mongolian government to curb corruption and many anti- corruption initiatives have been inculcated in the governing policies.Anti-Corruption agencies have been established to monitor all the activities and implement the formulated policies against corruption.


1. Liberia: -

And here comes the King of Corrupt countries i.e. Liberia. A country with a population of 4,128,572 lying in West Africa with the government of unitary presidential constitutional republic. According to the latest statistics released by various transparency agencies, Liberia is referred as the most corrupt country of 2013.Now comes the question why is corruption so much deep rooted in this African remote country? The very own public sector of this country is corrupt from top head to foot. When investigated and statistics were collected a depleted phase of public sector of Liberia came into illumination. Policemen who are in charge for protecting its countrymen are themselves involved in this countrywide ailment. They decoy money from the victims at every investigating stage and harass them if they are unable to pay the same. Although many anti corruption laws have been made, still Liberia needs to fight a long way against this national menace.

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    This is ridiculous, the most corrupt countries in the world are the U.S.A the U.K and Israel