10 Reasons to Celebrate Festivals with Family

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The word festival ultimately fills one with a flush of energy, emotions and happiness. They are a symbol of traditions, enjoyment, love, sharing, fun… and the list goes on. Indian festivals are known for its vastness, diversity and colours all over the world. While every country is known for its festivals having indigenous characteristics. The festivals of every region and culture has its own specialty. There are many festivals celebrated all around the world every year. Ranging from different sates to different cultures and religions, people celebrate various festivals. Every festival that we celebrate is unique and beautiful. The sadness lies in the fact that today we are compromising on the original ways and customs of celebrations. While traditionally festivals are a time for a family get-together and celebration, with the growth of various tools of technology and emergence of nuclear families the togetherness and family celebrations are missing. Below is a list of 10 Reasons to Try and Celebrate Festivals with Family. It is always a good idea to enjoy festivals in the traditional way and reunite with the family for the same.

10. Technology is overtaking everything else


Today we have sadly reached and era in which even on the most special occasions all that we do is send an SMS, text message, e-card or just put a wall post, to convey our greetings. The beautiful age of long-hand-made-letters, hand-made-cards and presents, personal meetings and now even long telephonic conversations has faded away. The whole world is now in our reach just in a few clicks and greetings take just a few seconds to be typed and sent. We are becoming self-absorbed and demeaning to relationships. Festivals in this scenario are still something that can connect us like before. We can physically spend time together with each other, meet those family members with whom we only ‘stay in touch’ through technology, and spend quality time together. Festivals means holidays, so on those days atleast we don’t have any reasons to ‘save time and consume technology’.

9. A Time of Happiness


Apart from traditions and celebrations another thing that festivals bring is happiness. The happiness comes for various reasons like, the fact that the people comes together, the celebrations, the festive mood, etc. Festivals are the time to be happy and celebrate, to be happy and enjoy, to be happy and share, to be happy and gift, to be happy and love. And with no denials all this can be done best with the family. A family is our closest tie. The happiness to be among family members is unique and special. The short seasons of happiness called festivals shall be therefore celebrated with the family.

8. Joy is Greater when Shared


Unlike most materialistic things, immaterialistic things like joy grows when shared. Festivals are a time of happiness, celebration, party, fun and joy. This joy can’t get better by being shared and thus, developed, with our family. Family definitely deserves a huge chunk of such shared joy with us. Festivals are merrier when spent with the family, in shared joy and united celebrations.

7. Parents need us


Parents are that part of the family who will never leave us. Every parent does their best to bring up their children, while not every child does the best for their parents when they are in need. This is the sad truth of life. Festivals are one occasion when we can do our least bit for our parents. As we grow up and move out for higher education and job, we leave behind our parents often becoming careless about their needs and expectations. In festive times being along our family, especially parents is a beautiful idea. There can’t be greater happiness for them than our presence in times of celebration and happiness.

6. We are lucky to have a family


There are millions of homeless people who don’t have a roof over their head nor a bunch of people to love them. We are a set of lucky people who have a family to care for us. Let us therefore realize that to have a family is a blessing. Family is one unit of people who are related to us by blood. We must value these ties of blood. There are millions of homeless people who roam around the streets without a roof over their heads and without a set of people to love them.  Having a family gives us a very meaningful life unlike them, so one must value this gift of god. Festivals are a good time for us to celebrate with our family. Even if we can manage for just a day, we shall stay, celebrate and share with our family at festivals. It is a very meaningful and worthy thing to do.

5. Family First


Until we can be loyal to our family we cannot be loyal to anyone else. It is essential both morally and practically that we choose our family over others. A family is the only set of people who will be with us through thick and thin always. And festivals are a wonderful time to express gratitude to them for all of it. Our presence is an immaterial yet invaluable gift that we can give to our families. We must take some time out on all special occasions and invest it with our family.

4. Reunion


Festive seasons are a wonderful time to reunite. All those close and distant relatives who are one large family can come together on festivals and make for an amazing time. Reunions are always special. A festival cannot get better than sitting together with the entire family, having food, dancing, singing, worshiping, and talking together. A family reunion is unique and special in its own way and festivals can greatly add to the charm of such reunions.

3. Special Moments


Memories are all that remain with us when the real moments are gone. Making wonderful memories never happen without efforts. Getting together all the family on a special occasion is one brilliant effort to make great memories. In festive times when the whole family dresses up, sits together, eat and celebrate, wonderful moments are born. These moments are priceless, irreplaceable and beautiful. They cannot be subtitled by anything else. Festivals give a chance to live such moments and therefore the family shall together spend festive days.

2. Festivals are Good Times


If it is the family that stands by in the bad times, then it is also the family that enjoys together the good times. Festivals are good times. Every festival is unique. There is something special to do in every festival. Together spending festival days therefore open rooms for many things to do. Getting along with the family and utilizing the good times is therefore a great idea.

1. Best way to Celebrate


Celebrating with friends is fun, celebrating with colleagues is good, but celebrating with family is unmatched. Spending festive days with the people we have spent most of our life with, grown up with, lived with, shared with, is certainly better than spending it with any other people. A family is everyone’s first set of friends. Spending special times with those who have told us about customs, taught us about festivals, relationships and values is certainly special. The warmth, happiness, ease and love that one feels during a family celebration is inexplicably beautiful. So trying to be with and celebrate festivals with the family is unquestionably the best way to celebrate them.

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