10 Reasons why Discrimination at Workplace still Exists

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Simply put, Discrimination is dislike. This steams from prejudice, preconceived notions and ignorance of the subject matter. Discrimination is an unprofessional trait which technically has no place in a corporate world. However we see cases of it occurring all the time. We see seniors treating their sub-ordinates in a cruel fashion. In this article we are trying to bring out few reasons why someone may discriminate. It is often the root level problem that causes the tree to bear sour fruits and this is where all the problems lie. So with this article we will explore the corporate scenario and the reasons which may lead to discrimination there.

10. Insecurity


One reason to not like someone or hold a grudge against someone is because of one’s own insecurity. When the person doesn’t believe in him, he tends to compensate for the fact and this compensation in the negative tune becomes discrimination. One way to beat this is to be positive for in the workplace when you are positive in yourself you do not lean on anyone else for the ego boost and certainly don’t misbehave with someone else. Many a times the cause of the problem is in the bully and the bully is the one who needs help.

9. Embedded Culture

      Embedded culture

We have all been brought up in such a way that without trying we discriminate. The image that comes to your mind when you think about discrimination will tell you that you differentiate without meaning to. The root of it all is the culture we grow up in, the adults we interact with as kids and the media we are exposed to as kids. This shapes us into making strong prejudices against people without knowing them and this ingrained behavior makes us discriminate against people who may be innocent victims.

8. Superiority complex

Superiority complex

How many of us had been told that we are the best person on the world? Answer is most probably many times and very often as a kid by our own mothers. This assumption may have been good ego boost for the kids but as adults this is the root cause of discriminating against people. When you feel superior to people you tend to act accordingly and this blind idea leads to strengthening the unfounded notions of being better than others. When the superiority complex takes over, respect goes out of window. Without respect there is no equality and you start judging people. One reason why discrimination exists in workplace is because people refuse to climb down their high-horses.

7. Better Degree

Better Degree

One reason to feel cocky at a workplace and boss around others is when you have a fancy degree to lean on to. Life becomes easy for these people for they believe that life will be easy for them. The value of the degree is stretched out of bounds when it becomes a reason of division. Another case is when a superior person with a better degree from a better institute is preferred by the bosses over a lesser but efficient worker. This creates an unneeded divide in the workplace and an awkward situation for everyone involved.

6. Suck-ups

Suck ups

When a member of the team decides to suck up to the bosses and gain extra favors, the others feel cheated. This happens when one person becomes a teachers-pet version of a corporate society. The team starts harboring resentments against the person for getting more attention than others and the boss further enhances the divide by giving the pet extra attention. When the work done is not measured on equal level, discrimination creeps in.

5. Contacts


Corporate life has hoops you need to jump through. When you show the VIP pass, the team mates will be less than thrilled. In the scenario like India, extended family tend to creep up in unexpected places however taking favors from your contacts creates a discrimination, when the boss favors his own family over other equally hardworking people, the boss discriminates. The effect of which are seen on the level of efficiency and degree of effectiveness portrayed by the workers.

4. Difference of Opinions

Differences of Opinion

When you team members question you in front of your boss, when they refute your hypotheses and propose their own and when your opinions are not heard, the resentment creates a divide between two parties. It may seem like a small problem on the outside but major discrimination occur when authority is questioned. No one likes to defend their thoughts all the time and when someone makes you do just that. You develop a dislike towards them. This dislike is what feeds the beast of discrimination.

3. Threat To position

Threat to Position

One reason which leads to discrimination is when you are threatened by someone else’s presence. The person who bids his time and works hard for the position of importance in an industry will not appreciate the presence of another man who may blow his chances at the job. Here one of the two things occurs, Scenario a: you fight a fair battle, Scenario b: you hate the person and fight like a cornered animal. In the dog eat dog world, scenario b is widely witnessed. When a position of importance is questioned, people turn a blind eye to facts and this leads to ignorance. Ignorance is a prime reason of Discrimination.

2. Gender Bias

Gender Bias

The national, parental and historical teachings are to be blamed for this one. In the patriarch operated society of India, we grow up seeing women in a lesser roles. They take the roles of lesser importance and their opinions seem to hold a lesser power. When this happens we become wired to the thought of discrimination. In corporate world this latent thinking s comes to life and gives rise to worst form of discrimination in the world, the gender bias. Though the scene in the world is rapidly evolving, it is still seen that men have trouble taking orders from a lady.

1. Simply do not like them

Simply do not like them

One obvious reason to hate someone is to not like them. Sounds simple? It is just as simple. Some cases of discrimination and prejudice have no reason other than the common thought of ‘I just don’t like him/her ‘The reason maybe you dint like her purse or the dress is to loud or his phone is too shiny. This is human tendency to pick a vibe and stick to it. When this goes to an extreme level, the discrimination creates troubles. One can’t be expected to love everyone but the corporate world demands you to be civil with each other.

Discrimination is like a polio to the team and the team may never reach its full potential when some parts of the team refuse to let go of the hang-ups. Many offices take this issue very seriously and rope in experts to help with the trouble. A wise decision.

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