10 Reasons Why Female Feticide Is Bad

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“Behind every successful man there is a woman,” goes the famous saying. But, do we really mean what we say? Women have always been ill-treated from times in the past. Though this is not the case everywhere, but still one cannot deny the fact that women are never given equal respect as that given to men. Society seems to develop negative attitudes towards women. Women, known for bringing new lives to this earth, are always at the mercy of others. Right from birth, she is seems to be suppressed and continues to be until her death. But, the worst part is that birth of a female child arouses a lot of skepticism in the minds of people. The moment that a baby girl would be delivered reaches the ears of people, many even start plotting methods to completely get rid of the baby. While many perform this unruly act even when the baby is inside the mother’s womb, there a lot out there who would not bother to kill their female child immediately after birth. Few others even think of abandoning their child either in garbage bins or at the doorstep of an orphanage. Why all these barbarian acts are done by civilized people? The simple reason because the child is a girl.

Let’s take a quick flip as to why one shouldn’t indulge themselves in such unlawful acts.



Decline in the Population

As we all know that female feticide is the selective elimination of a girl child from the mother’s womb. What would happen is that the number of girls would decline sharply when compared to the number of boys. The resulting trend would be such that there will be fewer births as not enough mothers are there to bear the child. This would have a drastic impact on the population of the country. With boys outnumbering girls, this would serve no purpose as a country’s population would continue to remain static. Hence, female feticide should be eradicated from the roots in order to save one’s country.



Increase in the Number of Sexual Assaults

With female feticide rising in huge numbers, the condition of the surviving women gets pathetic. Females become similar to endangered species and would be easily pounced by the opposite sex. No matter what, a woman tends to get easily targeted in this male-chauvinistic society. With the decreasing female numbers, men think of attacking them whenever he gets an opportunity. The earth would be turned into an unsafe place for women. Even the present scenario is not good but with female feticide numbers increasing in an alarming rate, there are high chances for the current situation to get even worse.



Could Drive One to Immoral Means of Living

As discussed earlier, the sharp decline in the number of girl children could result in a skewed population scenario. The net outcome would be the exceptional increase in the number of males who are eligible to marry. With no appropriate female counterparts, most of them would have to spend their lives as bachelors. But, this is just one side of the coin. On the contrary, the low numbers of females, who are unable to find a suitor, would lead them into the drudging paths of illegal trafficking. As a result, most women completely ruin their lives by adopting such malpractices like prostitution. In most cases, it is the sheer force of their poverty and unsuccessfulness that urge them to take such drastic steps.



Freedom of Expression is Lost

In a democratic country, it is a known fact that one has the fundamental right to express them. But, what if the basic right of survival is snatched away? Where do that individual, who has not entered this beautiful world yet, go for justice? Most of us don’t have answers for all such uncanny questions. The reality is that we have to face such things, if not now, when we go to the God Almighty. Many of those involved in such unscrupulous acts do not fear god and end up committing the biggest sin. The fetus, which has just started to breathe and live inside her mother’s womb, is killed for no reason but for the fact that she is a girl. Let alone freedom of expression, the basic birth right is denied from a girl child that is really atrocious.



Deprived from Education

An illiterate human is considered equal to an animal in the society. This basic idea conveys the essential role that education plays in today’s world. But, what if people are deprived from getting education? With female feticide in increasing numbers resulting in the decline of womenfolk, their numbers have become really low even on the professional front. As a result, the value of women goes unrecognized resulting in a decrease in their worthiness. Hence, many develop an opinion that why should females be educated? When there are no fruitful end results, the surviving female population gets deprived of education that leads to digress of females.



Alarming Health Conditions

Female feticide is not just a bad practice but a harmful practice as well. The woman who has to undergo this illegal practice has to definitely stake her life. In most cases, she gets subdued and is forced to succumb to the yielding pressures of her family. Though unwilling, she has to forego the pain and other side effects caused by this surgery. And to add on top of it, if this procedure is carried out in some small local health centres, then hygienic conditions would be a big question mark. As a result, the female has to suffer the feticide effect in the form of dangerous diseases all through her life.



Physiological Changes Affecting a Mother

It is pretty easy to say someone to abolish a child. But what about the plight of that female who has to let go off her child? Bearing a child in the womb is the most priceless treasure one could ever think off as a married woman. When that mother has to disown that unborn child by feticide, there is nothing more hurtful for her as she feels her world has completely shattered into pieces. When the same womb is allowed to bear a male progeny, why then the girl baby has to undergo this brutal treatment of getting killed before her birth. In most cases, women get into a state of depression and tend to stay aloof from the world. The net result is that feticide kills not only the baby inside the womb but also the mother gets mentally killed as well.



Loss of Medical Ethics

Ethics is something very important in almost all professional sectors. The same goes with the profession of a doctor but things don’t look that easy as they seem to be. Not all doctors maintain their professional decorum, as a result of which they indulge in such malpractices of female feticide. They tend to lose themselves at the hands of money, which lures them on and off to carry out these illegal acts. With such doctors prevailing, medical field has lost its essence and value.



An Illegal Practice

Above all, female feticide, as discussed earlier, is one of the most dreadful activities prevailing in the society. Not just the harmful after-effects, but this is an illegal malpractice in our law system. People involved in such acts would have to face the severe consequences of imprisonment and fining as well under the court of law. Then, why to indulge in such filthy acts and spoil the reputation of an entire family?



The Gap Widens

Of all the reasons mentioned, this is one of the most alarming points why female feticide is bad. Though a gap already persists between the dominant males and womenfolk, such a practice can result in widening the gap further. The so-called persisting equality goes in vain with the males continuing to suppress their counterparts. A kind of thought erupts among the people that males are always on the better front when compared to females. Such wrong biases decrease the morale of women that may even result in women losing out a place in the society.

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