10 Reasons why Getting High is Actually a Low Point in your Life

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Have you ever realized how your behaviour suddenly changes when you are too excited about something? Or how you flaunt your new car to your neighbours? Or jump up with exhilaration when you get a new job which pays you double your current salary? Or that moment when your heart skips a beat when your lover proposes you with a solitaire ring?
Well, none of the above statements are in the pink. Being too bossy or over confident around people gives a wrong notion about your character. You become used to the attention and once the paparazzi is gone you can’t help but feel low and disgusted with yourself.
10. When I drink, I think; and when I think, I drink

When I drink, I think; and when I think, I drink

As getting high these days literally means, drinking too much. In that kind of a situation, when you believe to be in an ecstatic world, all you see around yourself is what you want to see. Creepy ones who do not have any aim and ambitions in life start this habit from their teens itself. You pretend to be all cool and chilled out about it, but in reality you are a fake person who is trying to fit in to the group, so that you are not left out. You are putting a mask on your face as you do not want people to see the REAL you.
9. The less we have, the more we are required to brag

The less we have, the more we are required to brag

You succeed, well for you. But when you start boasting about your achievements to random people who don’t really care about what you are doing and where you are going; it gets AWKWARD. People who actually like you will develop a grudge against you may be due to jealousy or irritation. This would lead to you being forever alone. This is a low again; as believe it or not, good people around you give you positive vibes which in turn help you in conquering your accomplishments.
8. Self-Centered & that is all that matters

Self-Centered & that is all that matters

Try and try until you succeed. But once you get used to the success you develop a self obsession. And it is a complete turn off when you keep blabbering about your past achievements and keep telling people around you how talented you are. (Trust me, they know it better!)
By getting high you become so self centered that you do not realize that you are a loner, which is again a low point in your life. And God forbid, if by ill fate you fail in any of your endeavours, it shatters you. That is when you reach a low point and think about ending life in the most coward way possible.


7. You cannot put a price tag on love

You cannot put a price tag on love

When you think you are too much in love and the feeling makes you high, that is another low point. Until and unless you are sure about the person and the compatibility between the two of you, being serious should be the last thing on your mind. If you are yet again too busy, hyping how awesome your conference was and how everyone praised you, and if you do not let the other person talk, then it will not work out. Your counterpart might just think s/he is not worthy, and leave you, forever alone again.
6. Humpty Dumpty was pushed!

Humpty Dumpty was pushed

You might not know why you are so versatile and why you are there at the top whenever you want to achieve some goal in life. It is partially because of your parents, who forced you to join dance classes, so that you could be the best ballerina in town; and who sat up all night just to help you with your project work and; also the teachers and coaches, who bore with you and taught you with efficiency. Whenever you bring back a trophy home, you forget these factors and take all the credits to yourself. You do not realize that if your parents would not have forced you and pushed you to learn certain things; you would not have been where you are. You are high on success and you forget the key ingredients at that very moment, not identifying your hollow inside.
5. Confidence or Over Confidence

Confidence or Over Confidence

When you start getting high, you start feeling confident, rather over confident. Also before reaching your goal, you have to face so many hurdles, which you tend to overlook and finally fail to reach your goal. Over confidence actually ruins your life even without your knowledge. You stop taking anybody’s suggestions and experiences, as a results you block your mind instead of keeping it receptive. You think you know everything and you tend to close your eyes peacefully like a pigeon, without realising that your surrounding is full of danger. So instead of being a pigeon you have to be a hawk, so that you are alert about your surroundings.
4. EGOIST-I, Me & Myself

EGOIST-I, Me & Myself

The moment you go high you like to hear I, ME and MYSELF and are surrounded by such kind of people, which stops you from mingling with right kind. Your ego becomes a barrier here by stopping you to learn and know about so many things from different people of different fields. You tend to overlook, though sometimes you come to know that you are wrong but because of your ego it becomes hard to digest that you can be wrong. You are happy by fake frills and fancies which make you feel at the top of the world. It helps in boosting rather building and nurturing your ego more and more thus keeping you away from real life.
3. Illusion diverts you from your path

Illusion-Diverts You from Your Path

You have to be much focused in your life and to be determined right from the very beginning for whatever you aim to achieve. If you get carried away by your surroundings, viz. show biz, money, etc. then you will fail in your endeavor to reach your goal. In fact money plays a major role in diverting one from their goal. When you are high, your thinking capability also stops working and you fail to decide what is good or bad. Thus you end up choosing a wrong path due to illusion. Your path gets diverted without any result and you become ‘Jack of all Trades and Master of None’.
2. A day without sunshine is…a night!

A day without sunshine is...a night

You think you are the best and the most skilled one and thus you do not need practice. Not realizing how practicing (even for sometime) plays a vital role in the route to success. It makes a huge difference. Without the trophy in your hand, you cannot be so assured as to the trophy will be yours. Because the moment someone better comes in picture, the more deserving one takes home the trophy.
1. Miles to go before I sleep

Miles to go before I Sleep

When you are climbing up the ladder in your life you just want to reach the top at any cost. At that moment of time you don’t give any importance to your family, friends, your dear ones… Their emotions, love, feelings etc doesn’t have any value in your life. You are just aiming to reach the moon and finally your dreams are fulfilled but… are you really happy? When you sit and think about the years passed by and what you have actually achieved? NOTHING. You haven’t seen your children growing up, blooming flowers, new leaves springing in spring. You have missed out on your friends, family, dear ones rather everything but you have reached MILES and MILES and achieved your dream.
Finally one ends up as loner..rather a beggar, who can’t be chooser.

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  • Ajinkya Reddy

    A really great list.. though I couldn’t relate with 10 as I don’t drink, yet I do think. :P
    Reading this list has made me a better person.. thank you author :)

  • Danielle Ransom

    I think you may be on to something, however, I think you could benefit from a few english courses at your local college. I’m not trying to be “high”, I’m just trying to be helpful. If you enjoy writing now, you may enjoy it even more after you improve your skills and gain more followers. :)