10 Reasons why Hardbound texts cannot be replaced by E-Books

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So talking about books, no doubt they have made a great contribution in our lives in terms of knowledge but the world we live in today is very progressive in terms of technology which has changed our ways of life. In fact it has become a part and parcel of our daily needs. Coming to the sphere of knowledge, we, have been nurtured with paper books rather than e-books. Technology cannot replace everything. Some things are fine just the way they are. But today it seems time has changed a lot. You find even young kids browsing through internet to learn the basics. But frankly speaking there is something about the ‘print’ that we can’t give up. The very feeling of flipping a page and holding it in your hands is something that cannot be matched with pixels on screen. Ours was a completely different way of learning and we were so much used to it that it feels a little difficult to get habituated with this whole new concept of ‘e-books’. But there are certain reasons why e-books can never replace the hardbound texts.

10. It can be treasured forever

treasured books

Books are more durable than the digital ones. And moreover who doesn’t love to see a huge library full of books? A phone or laptop or an i-pad has a life. But a book can be treasured for generations. It has a particular essence about itself which the digital media doesn’t possess in anyway. Why do we treasure manuscripts and scriptures that were written ages ago? What are we going to show to our future generations? I guess nothing beyond the gadgets, but I doubt whether they will last so long!

9. You tend to connect more

Having an e-book is something so confusing. It is like you have a book, but you still don’t have it. Books not only have a longer shelf life but at the same time their physical beauty is such that it cannot be replaced by anything else. A reader develops more connectivity with the hardbound texts than the digital ones and that is what defines its beauty.

8. They make reading more interesting

brings more interest in reading

The texture and the smell of the pages drive you towards itself and develop a keen interest which does not happen with e-books. Some might argue with this fact saying that books are simply objects that occupy space. But for an avid reader, the object itself is of utmost importance and is sacred like any other object. Though the content is the major thing but subtle elements such as the font size, typing style, paperback quality etc add flavor in developing a passion of reading.

7. Can be carried anywhere

Of course these days technology has developed gadgets which can be carried anywhere but there are certain other factors involved such as the price issue. You can never carry an expensive electronic device with a carefree attitude. You have to always be there for its safety. Next comes the issue of electricity so that you keep your device charged up. But a book needs nothing. It is a true companion in all situations.

6. You can mark the important portions

The habit of drawing your pen horizontally through an important line so that you remember it is very common when it comes to reading books. If someone truly loves books, print is the only satisfaction. Every time you see those highlighted portions, it reminds you of the important stuff. Also the way you use a book defines you as a reader as well as a person. Unfortunately e-books help you accomplish none of these.

5. You can gift it to someone


It makes wonderful memories in your life. It develops relationships and widens the arena of knowledge as well. What can be a better gift than a book which you can treasure forever? Apart from all materialistic commodities, a book is something of genuine importance and lasts long. But does gifting an e-book mean the same thing as gifting hardbound texts? Of course not. It is so much confined in itself that in the near future, this practice of gifting valuable books will be a bygone tradition and people won’t value its essence.

4. Aesthetically more attractive

No doubt, technology is trying its level best to design their e-books in the best possible way. But they surely can’t compete with the hardbound texts, forget about replacing them. The charm and beauty of an original book is such that every time you look at it, you tend to fall in love with its crisp pages, the fine hard cover and its attractive appearance. I would always prefer having a hard copy of my favorite novel rather than a soft copy simply because reading both of them won’t mean the same to me.

3. Eye friendly

This is a proven fact which need not be argued upon. When you read an e-book you are more likely to stress your eyes and end up getting a high power lens because of the radiations your screen generates. But the same is not the case with the paper books. It is eye-friendly and certainly more productive in terms of knowledge as well, since you are comfortable in reading it. Your eyes won’t water or burn regularly simply because books were always meant to be used this way.

2. Books are collectible

Libraries and bookstores loaded with shelves of books is the best place where we see knowledge in an assembled form. Nowadays everything is available just over a click of button. But searching through the shelves to find a book and then reading it, altogether has a different kind of pleasure. How long can you preserve e-books? Be it the Harry Potter series you read in your childhood or Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ that you bought recently, both lie parallel on your shelf. But what you read today in a digital form might not necessarily be with you ten years down the line.

1. They are nostalgic

E-books do not mean replacing an inferior thing with a superior one. Instead it is a completely different experience. Paper books are special in their own way. When you read a book you associate yourself with it but the same does not happen with an e-book. Moreover you cannot translate a piece of memory and experience into an electronic format. The digital version no doubt has come up with certain benefits but it cannot substitute the print form. Not only books but magazines, journals and newspapers are also available in digital form. But most of us would still prefer reading a newspaper with our morning tea rather than going online and scrolling down the pages. True, isn’t it?

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