10 Reasons why Hostel Life Rocks

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Hostel is a place, which when mentioned about, brings along several thoughts and perceptions in one’s mind. The general scenario observed is that the majority of parents consider it a place where their children live surviving many hardships and extremities. But, what stands as a fact is only known to the ones who have resided or are residing in a hostel. It’s a home away from home, and the statement can be justified effortlessly. Hostel life constitutes a very beautiful set of memories for students and they remember the moments spent over there throughout their lives. Countless of things are there that make hostel life a great fun, a few of which are being discussed here.

10. A chance to be independent


Right from our childhood we are pampered and taken care of by our parents and we develop the habit of the same over the years. Any problem that we come across, be it physical or mental, is very smoothly tackled by our parents and we barely get to know the severity of it. Our parents shield us from all the exertion and inconveniences through these early years of our life, but when at hostel, things change. We can’t turn around every time to find our parents present to handle the circumstances, but have to face them independently. This may appear a bit troublesome in the beginning, but once you learn being independent, you start liking being so and experience a whole new store of confidence in yourself. Learning to be independent is the biggest lesson one learns while staying at a hostel.

9. Meeting new people


This is one of the most exciting part of being a hostel resident. You don’t stay with people of your own town or culture, but share the roof with students from all over the country possessing varied cultures. Here you gain the opportunity of knowing different people with different thoughts and experiences to share. This not only is great fun, but increases our knowledge regarding the other places and culture. Getting to know new people and being friends with them is a whole process in itself that diversifies your personality as well.

8. Late nights


Yes! You read that right! Late nights! Once a hosteler, you don’t really have to be back exactly in time every time you go out (given the fact that you are staying out safe). You don’t have to keep a constant watch on the time as to when you have to get back, although there are certain time constraints in hostel too, but the fun doesn’t ends. Hanging out with buddies, exploring places, eating out and all sorts of stuff that lead to unending fun and amusement can be experienced.

7. Celebrations (even if you aren’t aware what the occasion is!)


When people are at hostel, they simply don’t require a reason to party! They just party and celebrate; the reason or the occasion for the same can always be decided or rather created later some time. Since they are all away from home, these little hostel celebrations and gatherings lighten up their mood and fill the students with new zeal and enthusiasm. Every small occasion and event is celebrated with utmost excitement and pleasure, the sole purpose being giving a sense of togetherness.

6.  Inculcating integrity


When all the students live together, they become family to each other. From the biggest of the happiness to the deepest of the sorrows and troubles, it’s with our friends at hostel with whom we share our all the sentiments. Further, if someone at hostel with whom we aren’t god friends but just acquaintances is going through some problem, then we do step forward and offer a hand to help. Therefore the fact becomes obvious that while living in a hostel, one develops a sense of integrity and belongingness. Helping, sharing and caring are the sentiments that are nurtured best in hostel. A person maybe a single child while back at home, but the feeling of living together and doing something for others is learnt best at hostel.

5. Group studies


As they say, nothing seems boring with your best friends around, and so is the case with studies at hostel. This supposedly the most tedious thing to do no longer remains so when done in a combined manner. Although a few of us are not comfortable in group studies, but for the majority it is a boon. The reason being that if you aren’t good at a particular topic and are having constant doubts, you can always seek your friend’s help. Also, if one of the student is having a problem understanding some concept, the other can always study the same and explain it in a more easy manner to his/her friends. Studies become way easier and fun at hostel and none of the hostelers would deny this fact.

4. You don’t have to go to bed on time or rise early


1 p.m. is also not too bad to wish good morning, if you are in a hostel. This is something which others may find quite unusual and at times disgusting, but a hosteler will understand this perfectly. When at hostel, there isn’t any specification of time so as to when you should get or when get back to bed. You are the one who decides what time it is best to sleep or rise. Staying up the entire night to play, party, study or just gossip is a regular practice at hostels and this is the most cherished part of being at hostel. This may sound a bit weird again to the non hostelers, but is actually immense fun and rocking. Whatever maybe the pending task, hostelers easily assure themselves by saying, and we have the entire night.

3. Here, we get friends for life


Friends gained at hostel are the ones that remain for our lifetime. No one understands us the way they do. Our crazy habits, our stupid moods, our weirdest aspirations and all the mad and funny stuff we do or think of, they get along with all this perfectly. At hostel, we be with our friends 24×7 and face all the situations together. This makes us and our friends comprehend each other’s feelings flawlessly as we see how they react to each circumstance and they do the same. Consequently, we find friends equivalent to family and so, hostel can be given the credit of the same.

2. Numerous Birthday blasts!!


Almost every night, if you get out of your room and take a stroll, you’ll certainly be hearing masses singing Happy Birthday to you….. loud and clear! When your hostel becomes your home and your friends become your family, your birthday becomes the most important event that needs to be celebrated with lots of pomp and fun. Birthday celebrations at hostel are the most memorable moments and are cherished for the entire lifetime. That cutting of cake at the stroke of 12 is really very special and the way your friends organise the most amazing party for you fills you with immense pleasure.

1. You don’t have to tidy up your room, till it’s your own wish


And comes the best part and my personal boon at hostel, there isn’t any need to tidy up your room every single day. The room can be as messed up as possible and you don’t have to have the fear of anybody scolding you for the same. It’s your room and you have the liberty to decide when to go on a cleaning drive. You can manage your room the way you want and have the most unusual arrangements of your own wish, without any restrictions. Hostel life rocks indeed and the best part of it, as per my opinion is having the most disorganized room ever!


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