10 Reasons why Indian’s get Mocked

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The world is a diverse place and is home to many cultures across it. India, which in itself has many different communities, stands out of all of these because of their uncommon practices. This, however, is thought of as odd and not unique by others causing mockery made out of any Indian who goes out of his/her homeland.


Indians have typical clothes, most of which require a lot of draping and have many layers. Also, Indian clothes are very colourful, bright and shiny all of which has religious as well as cultural significance. Other artefacts that they adorn, too, are very different and unique. Also, Indians have a habit of sticking to their own styles and rituals no matter where they are instead of switching to match or camouflage when they go out which makes them stand out. Their funny, colourful attire will make Indians a subject of mockery by the west.


India is the second most populous nation in the world after China and has one of the highest population density in the world. It also has the fastest growing population. This country of more than a billion people faces many troubles like poverty, undernourishment, illiteracy etc. Also, in today’s time, lot many of Indians have migrated outside the country; so much so that some places have their own mini- India’s. All this has led to the notion that there are just too many Indians in the world and thus they could be made fun of because of being too many in number.


India is also known as the land of festivals where every other day is a celebration of some or the other festival. These festivals are accompanied by one of their kind practices, rituals and age old traditions. You can see people of Indian origin celebrating these festivals with vigour and enthusiasm where they throw colours at each other, dance on the streets, decorate cows, worship vehicles, stay hungry all day long etc. These type of rituals stand out because most cultures do not have such loud, open and crowded celebrations. Thus, we see Indians often getting mocked because of this.


Knowledge of the English language is quite common to Indians as it is their Lingua Franca among various regional languages, therefore, is taught as a second or first language. But because they have a different mother tongue, their accent for the same language is very distinguished from others. Not only do Indians stress on different syllables, they also have unique pronunciations which is extremely odd and hence funny for someone not familiar to it. In fact, all over the world, in English speaking countries, Indians are mocked due to their weird accents and funny, tongue twister like pronunciation. This is such a popular culture,  that it is often transferred onto the audio visual format of movies and TV shows that pick from the society for material, like Harold and Kumar or The Big Bang Theory and also showcased by famous artists like Rusell Peters.


Most of the western people have a notion that all Asian smell different, but even out of them, Indians are said to be really stinky. There are often questions asked as to why Indians smell bad and are unhygienic. Indians have a very different diet of which spices, curry, onion etc are important components. Besides, Indians use either mustard or coconut oils in the food heavily. They also use these to be applied on the body and hair as a traditional way to keep them healthy. All of this leads to the development of an odor which is common for Indians but it unusual to others who find it foul.


Asians, particularly Indians are known to be intelligent and are a large part of the research, technology, science, IT sectors. For years, trained individuals from India have been migrating to the rest of the world to work and many of them have made a mark in their fields. As Indians have achieved and reached high altitudes, there has been a stereotype created in the minds of the outside world, that all Indians are nerdy. Indians are perceived to be the kids with glasses, always getting ‘A’ grades who ends up being a banker or doctor.  This thinking has to continuous mocking of Indians as geeks or bookworms. However, in this case, it is not just limited to that. Kids are often humiliated and bullied in schools due to this.


A great percentage of Indians are vegetarians either by culture, religion, region, will or compulsion. They tend to consume food which is very different and stands out in comparison to any other type of food elsewhere. The vegetarians restrict completely from having anything that is not allowed including egg even though almost all of the food available in other countries is of non-vegetarian nature. Some of them even avoid certain vegetables or fruits like mushrooms, onion, garlic etc on the basis of religious or cultural notions. Moreover, even the non-vegetarians do not eat either beef or pork as cow is worshiped and pig is considered to be dirty. This leaves them with very little to eat and also brings them to the notice of people who may very well fail to understand their strict adherence to the limited food bracket due to cultural gap and make fun of the Indians because of their peculiar food habits.


For very long, the west has perceived India to be the land of snake charmers due to the mystic image of Maharajas and elephants that once walked the subcontinent, and even though the occupation of snake charming has been banned and snake charmers are long gone; the stereotype still stays. There have been years of development and reasonable doing away with superstition and the country has changed and modernised itself, but not for the world outside. So, there is a great possibility of an Indian been mocked and called a snake charmer himself!


Indians have always loved their food, so much so, that they just can’t lose touch with it or have anything coming in the middle of the item of love and satiation. For the kind of food that is eaten in the subcontinent, it has always been directly through hands. Spoons, forks, knives and chopsticks are all a very foreign concepts which were introduced during British occupation. Though these are of common usage now, most Indians still eat with their hands especially when it comes to their own indigenous delicacies. This habit of theirs is looked down upon by other cultures and countries as it is considered unhygienic and a person of Indian origin could be laughed at and humiliated for this.


Indian movie industry is famous all over the world for various reasons. The biggest one being, that it is called Bollywood; which is considered a rip-off of the name of the American film and TV industry, Hollywood and the other being, the movies that come out of this industry. Most outsiders find it very jerky and unreasonable for the characters to burst into songs in the middle of serious scenes and back dancers to join them and know all the steps. Many movies also show the protagonists to possess super-hero like powers who also defy gravity. In general, most storylines are beyond the logic of non-Indian audience and therefore they find them funny. Indian cinema is hardly taken seriously and Indians are often made fun of in context to their movies.

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