10 Reasons why we love One Tree Hill

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The young generation has always been very fond of American sitcoms. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. entertained us for a decade with its engaging plot; How I Met Your Mother, made us laugh with its adult humor and, The Big Bang Theory woke up the nerds in us. What did One Tree Hill do? It’s definitely not just any other drama or sports show, not  romance and not even a musical, but a blend of all this. The show has got some really amazing elements that have been working for it to gain popularity and carve a niche for itself. Let’s have a look at what are these 10 things that have made us love this show so much.

10. Good music

good music

Anything that has good music attached to it is sure to gain popularity and One Tree Hill is no different. Showing the lives of few high school friends out of whom one is an incredibly good singer (in real life too, Haley James played by Bethany Joy Lenz) and another one starts a highly successful music label of her own, the show constantly features many old and new songs. The opening theme song of the show “I Don’t Want to Be” by Gavin DeGraw isn’t just loved by the One Tree Hill fans but after featuring on the show, it also turned out to be his biggest hit to date.

9. Basketball


Basketball attracts guys, guys attracts girls. And how can we forget cheerleaders?! They attract everybody. Basketball has been an integral part of the show since the very beginning. Nathan and Lucas, both are phenomenal basketball players, where Lucas turns to basketball coaching for some time, Nathan makes it to the NBA. And all of us just love to see the games and root for Nathan to smash his opponents.

8. Jamie


Isn’t he just the cutest thing that has ever walked on Earth? And oh boy! The kid is too smart for his age. The childish pranks that he keeps playing on everybody around, witty answers that amaze other people and the advice he gives unknowingly to people many times his age, everything is simply adorable. Though the youngest but the character of Jamie played by Jackson Brundage is the funniest and of course the cutest on the show which makes me love One Tree Hill so much more.

7. We adore Naley (Nathan+Haley)

we adore naley (nathan+haley)

The relationship of Nathan and Haley is simply the best. A basketball jock falling in love with a high school scholar and how she turns him into a better person forms an amazing story for a show. Their relationship is something you would get jealous of and would want to have for your own. They have seen pretty awesome times, faced miserable challenges, even got trapped in lies and doubts but they always manage to come through all of it and cherish the bond that they share. Getting pregnant and then marrying in high school seemed to be hell of an idea at some point but Naley made it look good. And seeing them on screen makes you want to believe in true and eternal love.

6. The style

the style

With Brooke Davis as one of the leading ladies, the show couldn’t lack style and that’s why it has got oodles of it. The Clothing line “Clothes over Bros” provides ample of fashion to the show and everyone is always dressed to kill, especially Mia Catalona played by Kate Voegele, she is my personal favorite. Though Brook has to give up on her line in the pre-final season of the show  but glamour never really leaves One Tree Hill.

5. Nathan


Man! He is hot. You got to agree with that. Just like Robin Scherbatsky from “How I Met Your Mother” is for guys, Nathan is “the man” for all the girls. More than that, the kind of person which is portrayed by James Lafferty makes Nathan very attractive. He is an ace basketball player, a great dad, gem of a friend, a helping brother and the best husband. He sure had his own share of troubles which caused many hiccups in his professional as well as personal life but the way he overcomes them imparts strength to all those watching.

4. More reality, less drama

more reality less drama

One Tree Hill doesn’t contain anything that you cannot believe in. From characters to story-line, from instances to accidents, everything seems real and not overly dramatized. The makers have not tried too hard to inflict feelings upon viewers or to influence their mind sets, but somewhere or the other it happens on its own. The bonds portrayed are real, the twists and plots also are very convincing. Maybe that’s what makes so many people fall in love with this show.

3. It connects

it connects

I have never really felt so much connected to a television show the way one can feel for One Tree Hill. It’s certainly more than a television show. Once you get engrossed in it, you can find yourself cheering for Nathan at his basketball matches, crying with Peyton over heartbreak, cursing Lucas for picking up Lindsey, feeling empowered like Brooke for the very successful “Clothes Over Bros” and responsible just as Haley is almost all the time. And yeah, I know you curse Victoria too for being such a bitch! The situations get so strong at times that one starts feeling like they are  a part of it. A show that can connect to its viewers so heartily is sure to be loved by many.

2. It inspires

it inspires

One Tree Hill doesn’t just provide one with a dose of entertainment but it is also an inspiration for many. Chasing dreams and turning them into reality is what has been constant in all the seasons. Brooke Davis starts her fashion label in high school. Lucas gains popularity with his very first novel. Peyton starts her own music label from scratch. Nathan works extremely hard to get into NBA while Haley resumes to her singing alongside perfectly managing a healthy family. The show has a truly uplifting story-line which encourages one to never lose faith in their dreams and that no trouble can be big enough to break you unless you let it.

1. It’s simply OTH

it's smply oth

I may sound like a total lunatic fan over here but there are two types of people in this world. One who do not watch One Tree Hill and the second are those who are addicted to it. One just cannot watch the show and not fall in love with its characters, story line and everything. The show makes, you laugh out loud, cry hard, entertain and motivate. It makes you want to believe in goodness, in the strength of your dreams and in magic. As they say “Believe that dreams come true every day because they do.”

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