10 Reasons Why Marriages Don’t Work

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A relationship is never perfect, be it courtship or marriage. There are many ups and downs in a relation but that’s what become memories. Marriage seems easier when you say it but it can be a really complicated relation. A couple looks very happy on the outside but even the best of marriages fail. For a relationship to be successful and healthy, a lot of compromise, understanding, hard work and commitment is needed. Cheating has now become a trend for everybody. Very few people live up to the expectations of their partner and live happily. Many couples fail to make their relationship work. Here are few points why marriages don’t work.


10. Communication gap

If a couple does not converse well with each other, they will definitely face problems in their relationship. A conversation is necessary to express any feeling you have. Most marriages fail because of the communication gap as couples don’t have time or don’t find it important to engage in talking to their partner which in the long run, create misunderstandings and differences. Communicating can be complaining, expressing love or any emotion but it is important to talk rather than remain silent and destroy the relation. Talking helps you to understand your partner and their point of view and create mutual understanding which will help you to save your marriage if it is at the verge of breaking.


9. Financial issues

Money can be a big destroyer. Money can become a reason for fights, differences and misunderstandings. A couple should be frank about everything because they have to live together for life and even if they hide, they eventually come out someday. For a married couple, a lot of issues come up related to money which can create huge fights. It can be either about who earns more, or a dominant husband to control the woman. It is very important to talk about your financial state to your partner so as to create no confusions related to money matters. A couple should be mature enough to deal with financial crisis together so as to maintain a healthy relation.


8. Dishonesty

Basic trust and belief in both the spouses in a relation are the basic needs. Being honest with your partner is now the hardest job for an individual because they are not satisfied with one. Being happily committed with one and being honest in a very rare situation nowadays. Many couples hide things from each other like secret habits, affairs which destroy feelings and respect for each other. In order to make marriage work, you should be fair with your partner and share all the things no matter how bad they are and be honest about everything as marriage is about two people in partnership, fairly equal.


7. Sexual dissatisfaction

Intercourse is one of the main part of marriage and sometimes become the root cause for the divorces. Many marriages are a failure because of partners not having time to sexually engage and satisfy each other. Making love to each other and nurturing and cuddling are necessary for the couples to create a stronger bond with each other. Failures also happen due to quality or infidelity. A couple should be able to satisfy each other completely sexually and also mentally and emotionally to live happily together.


6. Lack of quality time

Time is what that makes your bond and understanding strong with your partner. In today’s busy life, married couples do not spend time with each other which creates an emotional gap between the two. Couples should find time from their modern lifestyle, and spend a little time with each other to maintain the understanding and amend their relationship in a gentle way, to live in a happy marriage. Every couple should spare some time for each other to discuss what is going on in their lives and to stay on the same page.


5. Lack of emotional understanding

The lack of sharing and understanding ones feelings, goals, emotions, happiness, sadness creates sadness and misunderstandings in a relation. It is very important for a couple to communicate and understand each other’s feelings to make a relationship work. A couple should have a sense of friendship and companionship first to stay connected with each other. Marriage is a combination of love and understanding and if partners don’t have a mutual understanding with each other, they feel betrayed and cheated and their marriage may end up as a failure.


4. Lack of respect

Respect is an important aspect of every relationship. A couple should know how to treat their partners in public and in private. They should not misbehave with each other no matter how bad a situation is. The spouses should also understand each other’s needs, emotions and should respect their partners’ decisions. Imposing your ideas or decisions on your partner can create a lot of tension and misunderstanding which might lead to fights and failure of a relation.


3. Addiction

Any kind of harmful addiction overpower the mind of an individual and also take the first stand in one’s life which makes the partner feel alienated. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography or any kind of addiction makes a normal married life impossible. Addictions cause money problem, sudden change in mood, unnecessary fights creates huge problems in marriage. These addictions become daily habit that if not provided, the person becomes vulnerable and angry and it affects a person mentally. A couple should be very open and frank about all their habits so as to avoid problems in their future.


2. Anger Issues

Anger can destroy many things if not managed properly. Anger is good only if taken out via communication otherwise it can be destructive. If you cannot control your anger and may end up hurting your spouse with bitter words or physically, then you should remove yourself from the equation for the time being so as to not make a small fight, a reason for separation or divorce. It is okay to be angry at your partner, but it is not advisable to take out your anger by demoralizing or slapping/ hitting your partner. Many marriages fail because of fights which turn into physical violence which destroys a relationship.


1. Family problems

Parents, in-laws, children become a part of a married couple at a point of time which can bring a problematic situation between the couple. The partners can have a difference in opinion while raising a child and can cause stress in a relation or can have arguments with in-laws. which are minor speed bumps in a relationship but can also become a major source of separation. He/She should know when to take a stand and should be mature enough to handle these situations properly.

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