10 Reasons Why We Must Forgive Our Enemies

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John F. Kennedy once famously quoted, “Forgive your enemies but never forget their names.” Are not enemies the best part of our busy lives today? Just when we start thinking that our lifestyle is going dull and way too monotonous, a new enemy pops up in our brains and we start to think of all the possible ways to avenge him. True or not, we need our enemies as much as we need our friends. They tend to make our lives competitive and fun at the same time. When we are bored with the extra sweet showers, enemies spice up our routine. Friends and foes are the part and parcel of our lives. But grudges should be a big no. One must try to forget and forgive. Here are 10 reasons why you need to forgive your foes not because they did not wrong you but rather you are a large hearted person.

10. Detoxify


When you rid yourself of all the toxins, you detoxify your body. On similar lines, when you cleanse your mind of the grudges you hold, you detoxify your brain. Holding grudges is the worst kind of baggage. In order to get rid of them, forget and forgive. Detoxify your systems by erasing all the bad things that person did to you. Instead try to cover your eyes so that you are unable to see his wrongdoings. It will be soon that you will no longer feel the burden of avenging him and move on with his presence.

9. Peace


Be at peace with yourself and your surroundings. Do not fight for unnecessary reasons with your enemies. Do not seek for the reasons. Try and uproot them and see the difference. It will act as your personal teacher to calm you of your turbulence. As the Buddha says, it is the man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways. Establish peace in your atmosphere. The more bad you feel about your foes, the worse it will be for your mental health. In order to keep it fit and going, stay away from revenges.

8. Best revenge


Did I not just ask you to stay away from revenges? Well, then why am I asking you to avenge? Because forgiving your enemies is the best way to teach them a lesson. When you are hurt by somebody, forgiveness is the last resort. All you have hovering in your mind is sweet and slow revenge. An eye for an eye becomes your most used thought. But think of it in this way. For your enemies, there would not be anything more tormenting than to see you happy and getting on with your life. Forgiveness is equivalent to taking control of your situations.

7. Move on!


Acknowledge the fact that you are hurt and it is possible that you will suffer for some time or more depending on the intensity of how bad you have been hit by your enemies. But then, what next? Are you going to continue to let that dirt define your present? Or will you act wisely and move on with your life? Release all the anger you have accumulated inside you. Release it for once and all and when you are done, visualize yourself unshackled from the grudges.

6. Vicious cycle


He wrongs you, you avenge him, and he feels bad and wrongs you again. And the cycle goes on. Unlike the natural food chain, carbon chain and other similar organic chains which are desirable for the smooth functioning of our nature, the cycle of revenge is undesirable. You need not make it run in your system. Believe me; it does not do any good save providing some instant relief to your anger. It will not solve your problems rather aggravate them. If forgiveness was dependent on your enemies’ apologies, you would have set fire to his place already!

5. Take a lesson


A child learns to walk only after he falls. When you are cheated, you become wiser. On the contrary, when you protect yourself and stay immune, you are more prone to external evils. When a person hurts you, he does not have any idea that he is making you stronger. Do not give him a second chance. Learn a lesson and play better with him. He will be taken for a surprise.

4. Happiness


Forgive to live healthy and long. Through forgiveness, you can go through peace, contentment and happiness. When you have all these, you will be physically well. Do not ruin your health by crooning over your grudges. Empower yourself with by choosing to forgive. Of course you have the other choices of feeling anger and resentment for the rest of your life.

3. Not worthy


Do you really think your enemy is worthy of your time, money and energy? If your answer is an obvious no, then why bother yourself with the act of avenging them? Grab hold of yourself and forget about it. If you intend to plan on something to take revenge, you ought to devote some time to the carved out plan. It will require some money and you will lose your energy no matter what. You tend to lose on this stuff in spite of the insignificance involved in your plan. Give yourself the power to forgive and see the difference. It is a big thing to ask.

2. Humanity


The extent of your forgiving defines the extent of your human nature. Be a large hearted person and forgive him of his misdoings. It would come as a surprise for your foes. They will think twice before hurting you again. Nobody wants a dose of extra sweetness in today’s fast-paced world. You can really achieve the level of satisfaction in revenge by this way in surprising manner. If the wall of revenge is too hard for you to crack, start being happy about it. It is a weird thing to ask for but give it a try. You tried being revengeful and ended up either guilty or devil. Try being a nice person and you will feel happy. As the famous anonymous quote goes, being unforgiving is like punching yourself in the face and expecting someone else to feel the pain.

1. Room for new!


Now this one comes as the best part of the article. You fill your place with old stuff and memories, and then there would not be any place for new. Same is the case with your mind. Until and unless you empty your mind of the old baggage you will miss out on the opportunities of making new enemies. Since you need a different dish every day for your taste, your life needs a new entry for it to spice up.

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