10 Reasons why you need a Pet

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Pets-the mere word reminds me of my little dog whom I have been missing a lot. Being a hosteler, I seldom get the time to go back home and meet my family. I am sure everybody out there would like some or other animal as their pet. Be it a dog, a cat, a snake or a bird, the weirdest and the commonest of all animals which have been tamed and kept as a pet. Dogs are our favorites but there are so many others out there. At times when you are alone, need  company or are afraid to stay put at home, pets come to the rescue. When you care for no one in the world and are in a state of complete isolation, your dog will come as an angel relieving you of your worries of the world. Your pets make sure that you are never left alone and always in a mood to smile and play with them. Let us have a look at the most obvious 10 reasons why we need a pet. No matter what, you ought to have a pet!

10. Entertainment


How many times do you really need a break from your monotonous lifestyle? A million times, I suppose. What is the best form of entertainment? Television, mobile phones, laptops, or hangouts with friends are favored by the techies. But being with your pet is the most relaxing moment of all. When you cuddle and see them roll up on the floors you feel as if you have been relieved of all the tensions. Your source of entertainment becomes the source of your favorite pass time. Be it your dog who loves to show you tricks or your cat who just lazes around or your small bird who will sing in your tunes. Which one would you like?

9. Stress relievers


They are the stress busters of your life. They act like  small children and at times become your idols for the life’s best lessons. They can be the best relievers of your office stress or home problems. Had a tiff with your boss or having problems with your bickering kids lately? Your dog will solve it all! Just give him a call and he will come running in and jumping around to see. It is a scientifically proven fact that pets are considered to be the best stress busters. What a research it would have been!

8. Home alone


Roll up your sleeves and get ready to spend an entire day all alone at home. If you are afraid, then you do not have to worry about it at all when you have a pet. You will have a whole lot more fun with your dog or cat rather going out and wasting your time and money. Talk to your bird and try to teach them new words. Teach your cat to become lazier! And you can always teach your dog new tricks and games. It is never boring when with pets.

7. Play pals


Throw the Frisbee and within no time it will be fetched. If you are spending too much time with your cat, soon you will go nuts over spherical objects! Ever gave it a thought why kids go bonkers over pets? Why do they pester you repeatedly to bring them a dog? They would do anything just to convince you even go to the extent of cleaning their poop. The sole reason being they want a playmate for themselves, the one play pal whom they can have 24*7. So before giving any second thoughts to buying a new pet do not think! Just go and get one.

6. Exercise


Wake up in the morning. If you are finding it too hard to open your eyes in the morning, ask your dog to be your alarm clock. I bet you will wake up howsoever sleepy you might feel. Your dog will lick your face like you would have never washed before. Run with him. It will be beneficial for both of you. You will have the exercise part of your entire day and for your dog, it will be just another run.

5. Social skills


Children can be carved and molded as per your choice. You mold them into inert beings and they will have a hard time making friends. You teach them to open up and they will run away from home every other day without even informing you! Jokes aside, have you ever thought of bringing in an animal to carry this tough task? If no, then it is time that you think of one. When children come in contact with pets, they start to understand life in a better way. They start valuing and signifying living beings and know the emotions behind them. After all they will develop an everlasting bond with them.

4. Ailment-free


It has been researched that when you live with an animal, you tend to lose more calories. You laugh more, run more, sleep less and get tired soon. When you will be living a healthy lifestyle, it is obvious that you would seldom catch a disease. The chances of you getting a germ are one in a hundred. The statistics and reports say so.

3. Reduces blood pressure


Many studies and reports have been conducted regarding this. It was considered a myth before it actually was proven to be true. Scientists have proved that dogs can help reduce blood pressure. That does not mean you leave the medication and have a whole dog family at your place. It simply points to the fact that you will require less medicines and visits to doctor if you start spending your little extra time with your pet. So give this new kind of treatment positive thumbs up and try to see whether it works or not.

2. Longevity


It is possible that in spite of having an apple every day, you may still fall ill and have to rush to the nearby doctor. How about a dose of your pet every day? Whether it comes to beating the blues or getting a move on or doing doga (yoga for dogs) pets have it all in them. A pet fills your heart with love. If your heart feels loved then obviously you will have more years to live on. Having a pet at home can actually lower the risk of a child catching allergies. This may come as a shocker to you but researchers have proved this one as well!

1. Security


Let us come down to the one pet that we all yearn for. Dogs have been bred since bygone ages to protect herds of goats and other cattle. Then they were bred to be friendly with humans as well. One of the main jobs of guard dogs is to protect their owners from strangers. Would it not be nice to have such a faithful, trustworthy and secure pet at our place? Go and get a hold of one.

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