10 Reasons Why Parrots Make for Lovely Pets

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A famous philosopher, Albert Schweitzer once said, “There are only two means of refuge from the miseries of life: Music and Pets.” Even though people have a wide variety of tastes in music, one looks for a permanent companion in a pet. One might get bored of listening to a single track on their Ipod repeatedly, but playing and staring at one’s permanent companion (the pet actually) would never get monotonous. What actually comes in your mind when u hear the word “pets”? Dogs, cats, rats, parrots, fishes and rabbits are the most common pets worldwide. Though ridiculous, imagine a scenario when u come to your home all sad and depressed and you are looking forward for something that would lighten up your mood, and your dog, in a playful mood clenches your pants in his teeth and forces you to play with him? And you are like, WTF! On the other hand imagine a similar scenario when you own a trained parrot, and when you enter your home that “GREENY”,”FLUFFY” like-named thing asks you “How was your day?” , and sensing your  bad mood mimics to entertain you! In which one of the above scenarios would u like to get into?

Here are the 10 reasons why parrots make for a lovely pet!

10) Colorful pet


Won’t that regular grey, white, brown and black colour on your dog’s body bore you to death? And doesn’t that green red bright coloured thing attracts you? A globally accepted psychological fact says that bright colours like green, red, blue affects you to an extent that they tend to create an invisible positive vibe of enthusiasm, joy and self-confidence! And this is exactly what parrots have to offer you! When you are surrounded by such bright colours, your day tends to become better and mood happier.

9) Easy to train


Researchers say that parrots are one of the most easy-to-train pets. They see, they observe and then they try to mimic you. They entertain you and your guests with their voice simulation providing you with a free of cost entertainment factor for your guests. Parrots prove to be a sharp “phrase-catcher” and they tend to repeatedly pronounce phrases. Observing people communicate, they quickly learn to communicate with human beings, proving themselves as a great companion to us. Remembering a recent incident, a trained parrot helped Uttar Pradesh police to identify the thief using his voice!

8) Less Accommodation


You love pets, right? And you are on a track to bring one home I guess! But many people won’t, just because bringing a new pet means accommodating another member into the same family, within the same space available. Luckily, in the case of parrots, this is not a problem. Parrots are not huge by any stretch of the imagination. They can be easily accommodated within a small cage, that can be kept anywhere around the house. You can keep it on a shelf, by the window, on a table or anywhere else. Moreover you won’t have to chase a caged pet around the house, which in many other cases can turn into a serious problem. It will always be exactly where you want it to be!

7) Comparatively cheaper


You need a pet desperately, and you are confused which one to opt for, without straining your pockets much. Then here comes parrots to your rescue! Assuming that you would not want the highest quality breed of South American imported Scarlet Macaw specie (which most of us won’t), a normal Rose Ringed parakeet would be comparatively cheaper than many other pets like dogs, cats and rabbits, Parrots can very well prove to be an  “affordable-for-most “ and “value-for-money” pet. Even the parrot cage is very much affordable.

6) Less noisy


Unlike other pets that irritate you sometimes with their loud voices, parrots are a much better choice. They just chirp around in their confined cage without much hue and cry, unless you want them to repeat your lessons with them. While on one hand where cats and dogs tend to disturb you at times when you are asleep or you seriously need some rest, parrots are a much better option.

5) Less Messy


Living amongst an always-increasing health and cleanliness conscious population, one would always prefer neat and clean pets too. Animals like rabbits, cat and dogs that roam around the house are losing their popularity worldwide as pets because they spread their natural wastes at each and every visible and invisible corner of the home, on the other hand parrots are comparatively much cleaner and less messy as their wastes are confined to a much smaller area. This means you have a much smaller area to be taken care of rather than your complete house! A cleaner house means a cleaner environment, and a cleaner environment means a healthier life!

4) Diet


Pellets are the main food for birds like parrots. They provide a balanced diet to such birds. Except this parrots love to eat green chilies. Hence there are not many types and range of food products available for parrots. While there is a wide range of food products available for other pets like dogs, which means saving your expenses on their food products. You would surely spend an hour or two plus a couple of thousand bucks extra choosing from the wide range of food products for your pet in shopping malls until and unless you own a parrot!

3) Less Violent


One of the most amazing specialities that I personally like about parrots and other birds is that they lack that streak of violence in them which most of other pets do! Your guests might be afraid of your dog biting them, and the after effects of the dog bite including injections would surely prevent me from choosing a dog as my pet. What about you? It’s just because I have encountered many such cases hearing about some distant relatives of mine bitten by their pet dog. A dog would experience mood swings and in that case one might never predict what might happen next!

2) Good Luck Factor


Today a large part of the world’s population is showing a keen interest in Feng Shui. For those unaware, “they are a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to flow of energy”. According to Feng Shui, parrots symbolizes positive energy and freedom.  These birds are considered as bearers of good news, also the feathers of a parrot consists of different colors each depicting 5 elements of Feng Shui namely- water, wood, fire ,earth and metal. It is also said that including a parrot in your living room brings good luck to your life. Even “Pueblo” tribes consider parrots a symbol of fertility.

1) Long Time Companion


The average age of a parrot is 50 years. A friend for a long time indeed. A friend that stays with you through all ups and downs of your life. Someone who always listens to your grievances when you are sad and alone, and shares your joy when you are happy. Talking from the owner’s perspective one always looks for a pet that would provide him/her a long lasting relationship of love. Then why not a long lasting pet? Why would you choose a pet that would leave you as the course of life progresses? It’s true that we all have to perish one day, then why not a pet that would remain with you throughout your life? WHY NOT PARROTS?

Here were the 10 reasons that show how lovely pet a parrot is!  If you are looking for a friend in your pet! Then a parrot has a lot to offer!

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