10 Reasons why School life is the Best Phase of one’s Life

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School! One word and it brings back thousands of precious memories. A place where we long to revisit and if we get a chance to, all those years just start reeling in front of us like a movie flashback. But what makes the school life so special that we get filled with nostalgia every single time we think about it. Is it the people we met, the friends we made or the fun we had? The memories of school life almost seem to be inseparable from us and with the very first chance we get, I’m sure all of us would love to relive those moments. So, let’s see what really was so extraordinary about those days that make it the best phase of our life.

10. Picnics


Woah! We are going for picnic, we are going for picnic! Relax, I haven’t gone completely insane but just a little over excited. But hey, didn’t we all just love school picnics? I mean, how much fun it used to be. Amusement parks, water parks and even the dull boring museums, picnics always used to fill us up with enthusiasm and pepped up our spirits. And I have never heard anybody ever talking about an office picnic, have you?

9. The school functions

school functions

School Foundation Day, Children’s Day, Sport’s Day and so much more. These functions did have a charm about them. Even if you participate or not, they used to be a great excuse to take a break from the usual academic curriculum. I remember how preparations for all these functions used to commence a month in advance and everyone would get too engrossed in practices and rehearsals. That was surely a fun thing to be a part of.

8. A teacher to guide

a teacher to guide

A person needs to be appreciated, criticized, supported and guided for whatever he does. No matter how much able we think ourselves to be, we cannot deny the fact that our school teachers have played an integral role in making who we are. They constantly guide us though our paths, congratulate us on our achievements, punish us for the mistakes we made, all of it resulting in making us a refined person. There is always a teacher or two whom we miss throughout our life after school and we feel lucky to have had his/her presence during our growing years. That’s why think while we are talking about how school life is best, missing onto our teachers cum mentors is certainly inevitable.

7. The growing up years

A day in the life of Eton College public school

School is one place where we grew up. Come on! I can’t find a single thought to negotiate on this. School life was less about studying, getting good grades, passing classes but it was more about growing up. From that sweet innocent kid you used to be when you first entered this place to the mature, sincere and smart guy/girl you left your school as. During those days, we used to spend just as much time at school as we spent at our homes. And maybe much more time with our schoolmates than we used to do with our family members. This does give school life some brownie points!

6. It was a carefree life

carefree days

Stressing over the maths exam next morning and trying too hard not to flunk, we might have not thought about it then that those were actually the carefree days. Looking at how life becomes once you are out of school I do get jealous of the older me who had to just take care of the studies and annual day dance performance. Whereas, talking about the after school life, job, earning money, tons of responsibilities- yours and your families, it is just too hectic and mind tiring. So keeping in mind the stress factor, my loyalties lie with school life.

5. We chose our own friends

we choose our friends

While in school we are made to sit in a class with a whole bunch of students. Some are notorious, some can be shy and its totally up to us who we choose to befriend. Whereas, once we are out of school, we don’t have that choice anymore. You got to deal with annoying colleagues and lousy bosses and you can’t really help the fact that you have to spend your entire working day being around such people who get onto your nerves every time they open their mouth. But in school life, we are free to bond with people who really make us happy.

4. Friends for life

friends for life

Talking more about school friends, don’t you think they really are the best and the truest friends you have got? They know exactly who we are, who we used to be and how we have transformed over the years. We never needed to fake a friendship with them and we ain’t friends with them for purpose. It’s just how life brought us together, be it in that gymming class of yours or because of the common interest you had in art but I have got no doubts saying that school friends just stay with us all through out our life and they are totally our BFF- Best Friends Forever who made our school life so much memorable.

3. Some of us found our soul-mates

some of us found our soulmates

Okay! I might sound naive and childish but I have seen this getting true for a lot of people. A midst all the random school affairs, infatuations and flings, some of us did manage to find our soul-mates and hang up to them for a lifetime. And the best part about this is that your partner came into your life when you were just not thinking about having a serious relationship and it all just happened on its own. He/she knows you the way you used to look in school, the way you behaved and two of you have pretty much grown up together during those school years. That does give school life a special place in your heart.

2. The Prom

the prom

Well, that is something every senior student awaits for during his/her entire high school stay. Prom is the “IT” event of school life. You go shopping for gowns and suits, girls get their hair done spending hours in a saloon, and guys want to get that perfect gentleman look. You have prom dance with your special someone and then everyone anticipates hearing the Prom queen and Prom King announcement while secretly hoping to hear their own name. It was all just so incredible.

1. The Firsts!

the firsts

The first crush, first night stay, first kiss, first dance, school life comprised of so many first experiences. Remember when you drove a car for the very first time and then got your driving license? Or maybe your first drink?! During school we did so many things that we were doing for the first time and those surely had something unique and memorable about them.

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