10 Reasons Why Theoretical Education Is Still Very Important

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In times when the common sense seems to be more of a super power and people lack their intelligence, education is a must. The more educated the people are the more they will have their intelligence being gifted back to them. Now, how do we define education? A process in which we acquire knowledge may be. But then knowledge is something that can be acquired both with the practical methods and in the method where one has to sit down and write on their personal views or even some may have to read, and revise those theories just to sit for an examination. It’s a whole lot of complicated process; theory seems to be boring and messes with the mind, while the practical knowledge seems much more desirable. But sitting down to thinks of the ups and downs in the concept of theory, it seems like there are more ups than downs. Here are the lists of ten reasons why theory can never be replaced by the practical knowledge completely.

10. Some needs to write them down

Some needs to write them down

People not belonging from the modern days, when everybody is more interested in studying through the screens of their computer and almost made to face hardships just to know what life is all about, knows what it is like to go through the theories of the various things. Imagine those times, when before and exam we would try and memories the theories by heart and try to pour all the knowledge in just one day. They were the good times. Writing down your study materials was by far the best thing.


9. Explanation is better than the hard truth

Explanation is better than the hard truth

Well, let’s just start saying that since we knew that the fire is hot, even at the very small age, we would never by choice would run down the stove and want to burn ourselves intentionally. So that is something why theory is important. Everything cannot be experienced. Practical studies have their perks but it is impossible for one to experience almost everything 101. We acquire knowledge through the theories and apply them in real life, so that life is not really unbearable.


8. Life without theory is jar without jam

Life without theory is jar without jam

Okay, what about story books? Aren’t they simply awesome? They are not only informative but are surely something that transports one to a very different world. What would life be without the books? Okay, even if we consider that every study material for people must be made interesting and should also be taught in the most practical way possible, but how would you want the story books to explain themselves? Theory has its own way of appealing people. It is as much important as any practical concepts, because this forms the base of every study.


7. Practical form of studying is an escapist form

Practical form of studying is an escapist form

See, practical way of studying is not hard work. Coming from the generation, when we had to work so hard and read and write, making sure that we kind of remember every word, it hurts to see the little people all studying in the practical form of way. Yes, the chemistry, physics labs are a must to attend and they are fun too. But, hey we all have that little sadist inside us that makes us pretty jealous to see the kids work little to nothing. Well envy apart, it must be mentioned, that theory is the building stone of every education, with its elaborate description. It is something that gets stuck on our minds. So guys, come one, stop running after ‘everything practical’ try a little harder and learn these things theoretically, it won’t hurt. You won’t like it either, but it is better this way.


6. It is just a blueprint

It is just a blueprint

A theoretical form of studying is just like a blueprint of any structure. The practical life is something that is explained in the theoretical concept. As a matter of fact, we try and do stuff or not do stuff, after we get an idea from the theoretical way of learning. It is the backbone, which forms some sort of an idea. Let’s just say, other than those who have gone out of space who has ever seen the earth being a round object? Yes there are televisions that have proof but let’s just say people are lying and the earth is actually round and the pictures are edited. Would you believe in any of the gibberish I just spoke? No because there is theoretical explanation to this, we have read it. Even though we have never been out of space but we know it is true.


5. Reading is remembering

Reading is remembering

Practically experiencing something is simply amazing, but is it true, that we get to experience everything? Why do we read the newspaper? Why are there new articles being published at every place even when technology is so advanced and people are supporting the ‘practical’ way of teaching? What exactly are you doing at this very moment? Reading, to read and to be aware of fact, these are the answers to the above mentioned questions. Because reading is to know, to make sure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes as someone or even try to do something silly.


4. Some things should be known before hand

Some things should be known before hand

People have different experiences, different ideologies but they never do something that are silly that we have been warned of from beforehand. For example, before leaping into buying insurance, we read the terms and conditions, the benefits and so on. But why? How do we uniformly decide on that? It is simply because we have common sense or just an idea, that these things are risky stuff. But where from do we acquire this idea? From our previous concept of theory that have been engraved in our minds, our system just to make sure that we never mess up at any situation, at least on things which we have previous knowledge about.


3. Umm… Explain math’s in the practical form

Umm… Explain math’s in the practical form

Yes, the most important of all. How can you explain mathematics in its practical form? Umm… if you say that we calculate and multiply and divide every day in our everyday life, then let me ask you another question, how do you know how to multiply, divide, add and all that? How did you ever become this pro in all of that?


2. Hey how was your research?

Hey how was your research

Wouldn’t it be really silly, if your professor asks you to provide your research work in a very practical way? Like would you really stand up and start remembering and doing everything that you have been doing for the past years all at once? No, because you have documents that have your research work summed up in the form of words and on the basis of that do you get judged. There are few things that although need a practical approach but at the same time it also needs the support of the theory to provide the complete structure.


1. You got to know the ‘why’, to know the ‘how’

You got to know the ‘why’, to know the ‘how’

The theory always explains the ‘why’ to every answer. See it for yourself. It can explain why this should be done or why that should never be done but it will never be able to explain the how. The ‘how’ is all about the man’s curiosity. But to raise this curiosity and make one desperate to know of the how, it is important that there be some concept, on which we base our questions, raise the eyebrows and want to think of it. at all times, you need to have the backup of the theory to base your practical experience and even after your practical idea, you simply need to jot down all of it in a piece of paper and present it in front of a mass of people to accept your views, to learn from your idea and to make further advancements based on your idea.

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