10 Reasons why we Wish to Go back to our Childhood Days

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Ever wondered why children have no frown lines on their faces or go around with a grumpy look every now and then? Wondered why grownups seem to always be on the edge? Caught in the vicious lifestyle of today’s world and with the ever increasing responsibilities that never seem to take off, grownups hardly or do not find enough time to cherish the pleasures which once used to incite them as kids. The only things one can delve them into are by recalling those glorious and lush memories and go all nostalgic.  Childhood is, undoubtedly the best and most wonderful period of a person’s life but once gone, it never comes back. This is the only period in a man’s life where a person seems to be literally living with wings and we happen to realize it only as adults. No riches or wealth can take us back to our innocent days ever again. As grownups, we forget the importance of small things within which lies happiness and are always on the quest of power and lead a life filled with competition, corruption and profanity. But as a child, did you even know the significance of power? Life, for us back in those days was a fairyland where we could roam around freely without any curtailing and worry, smiles never leaving our faces. The only times which demanded our worry was to perform a mischief and receive scolding from our mother and the big tapping ruler of our teacher when we failed to do our homework. Our only enemy was milk. Gone are those days!! Now since this has made me a tad nostalgic, here I am, wishing to relive my childhood days and I bet so are you. So, want to know a few reasons why we all wish to jump back into our childhood lives? Take a look.

10. Cartoon marathon-

cartoon marathon

Our eyes droopy, our mouth yawning but still holding on tight to not shut off our eyelids lest we miss one of the important scenes of our favorite cartoon. Yes, that is how intent we were as kids about our means of entertainment and watching television with keen interest and observation. We would never dose off until the animated series meets its end. We would never get tired or bored watching cartoons even if it was not one of our favorite shows and chatter animatedly with friends as what had happened on that episode with actions and sound effects from our mouth. Now as adults, we hardly keep up till the intermission and go back to sleep since an important task is awaiting us. No time for relaxation or the capacity to watch the whole show.

9. Easy travelling-

easy travelling

To reach our desired destination, all we needed was a skateboard or a bicycle and there we reach! Or even while travelling with our parents, all we did was to sit back in the car playing video games or taking a nap the whole journey and when we wake up, we are at our destination. All we needed to worry about was whether we took our doll or that precious PSP into the car. Well, as grownups, we need to make sure if the car insurance is timely paid, whether there is a rebound tire in case there is a tyre puncture on the way, have to check in on traffic jams and find a suitable place to park our car!

8. No payment-

no payment

Grab an ice cream, have all the chocolates, eat all the delicacies of your choice, shop around your favorite things and put them all inside your bag all for free! Isn’t that amazing? We need not have to worry as kids to buy things we like since payment was not in our hands. Everything seemed free of cost. For adults? Well someone has to do the payment of the things bought. We have to keep a check of the things we ate or bought and accordingly pay the bill considering the cost of the product. And we cannot buy the desired things every time we visit a shop except the necessary items.

7. Toys- our priced possession-

toys priced possession

Our toys were something we would die and kill for. We would find ways and means to save them from our friends, siblings and neighbors. Let it be a Transformer set or a Barbie doll, they were always like a part of us and we made sure that we never lose them at any cost. These seem to be the reasons for our concern back then. As an adult now, what we are concerned about is whether our car is locked safely or is our gold jewelry set safe inside. As we grow up, the concern of our list is endless and in the process, we get traumatized mentally.

6. Adventures-


Didn’t we all do something crazy and adventurous as kids? We used to go inside our neighbors garden and pluck flowers secretly, pump out all the air off a tire, ate things that we were not supposed to eat just for the sake of tasting it, etc, etc. We never feared about the societal norms attached to us and as a matter of fact, nobody really holds any grudge against a child for such acts. But an adult needs to be watchful regarding such cases. Before doing anything, we need to bring into our focus the pros and cons of it and act accordingly.

5. Making friends was easy-

easy making friends

It took no effort for us to go up to a person and say “Will you be my friend?” If we receive a positive response, we got a partner for us to ride in the slide or push us high up in the swing or play pranks for that matter. Even if we got a negative reply, we were back to normal without having anything to hold back on that person or critically analyzing him or trying to bring in our ego and act cool. No tacky lines, no grudges existed as we as adults do now.

4. Whatever we wore was trendy-

whatever they wear is trendy

Whether we walk into a party with something as fancy as the costume of a Spiderman or the pink gown of Barbie with a beautiful tiara, we still looked awesome and rocked the party. There was no one to tell us not to wear in such a dress or no one in the crowd to make a snide comment and laugh at us. There was no tension as such of going through the painful task of what to wear and what not to as adults have to deal with.

3. Easy to invite friends-

easy inviting friends

A plate full of cookies, some yummy jelly sandwiches, lots of chocolates and some milk is what we all needed to serve our friends without having to worry about anything. We along with our friends would have a magnificent small party with these few things and burp in the end filled with gratification. What were required to complete the party were loads of laughter and smiles. As grownups, we need to brainstorm on the budget of the dishes and the variety of items needs to be served like- vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, desserts, drinks, etc. So definitely inviting people now is a tough call for adults.

2. Getting sick was fun-

getting sick is fun

A mild cold or cough and the rest of the day was spent in bed. We could skip school and homework and play the whole day with toys or sit back and watch our favorite cartoon show. The best part about this is the time when we were lovingly fed warm tasty soup by our mothers and eventually her constant care day in and day out made our day and we happen to feel better instantly. Other family members would attend us and smother us with  kisses which definitely made us feel good. And we would be watched all day by them in case we need something making us feel like a king and queen. But as adults, this doesn’t seem as easy. Despite of our illness, we keep brooding about our assignments, office works, and phone calls and even take care of our children.

1. World tent-

world tent

Remember the time when we used to make small tent-like houses using bed sheets on our bed? With the aid of all besmirched cars and toys and whatever we find around us- sticks, plastic chairs, etc to keep it from falling down, we used to take shelter inside it with all of our friends and there was always a room from one extra person to fit in, no matter what. It was so much fun to be sticking together inside a safe haven chatting and playing animatedly. For grownups, making a building or a house is a pain in the neck. Lots of things need to be done in the process and the worst thing that seems to be taking place with adults is the complaint they make for the lack of space and the desire to live alone.

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