10 Reasons why Youngsters should not Give Up On Life

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The newspapers eulogy section has seen more youngsters in the recent past than ever before.  Cases from ragging to rage to health to education, from heartburn to , the reasons are different and intense. The reasons that drive one to take the leap from the terrace or down the poison have to be intense. If not to the world it matters to the one who takes that leap. The trouble is that the reasons to live have become out of focus, the destination shouldn’t matter the journey should. Trouble comes when you focus on the trophy alone. The article is an attempt to bring the focus on track. If you feel yourself moving towards the abyss, take few minutes to maybe find a reason to smile again.

 10. Sights unseen

sights unseen

Ever wondered why the seven wonders of the world are named so? Let’s think more regional. Have you seen the city, state country you live in? Leave aside the national monuments just step on the bicycle and see the city. The sunrise of Ranthambore and Missouri are great but the one from your window is just as beautiful.  The rage and peace of the Arabian Sea and the night light of Marine drives. Life is throwing lemons at you, you love the people who don’t love you back, it tough. But who will love you if you do not love yourself.  Pamper yourself to the sights unseen.  The world is mysterious, smallest thing will make you re-love your life.

9. Forget the rules, breath.

forget the rules, breath

We choose the masters of our life; we voluntarily become slave to them. This can be the clock, your parents, teachers, friends or maybe yourself. The rules you set is sometimes meant to be forgotten. If the laws you have laid down is becoming a bit too much, it’s no shame to take a back step. Some of the best shots are played on the back-foot.  Sleep in the morning, sing through the night, it’s your life your breath so do not waste it. Have breakfast for lunch and lunch for diner, rules are meant to be broken. If you want to follow the rules follow this one!

8. Feed the beast

Feed the beast

Like to shop? Are you a foodie? A hiker, a dancer or a sleeper? The beast inside you wants something, something that makes you happy. So find the thing that makes the beast purr like a cat. Feed it. Shop to your heart’s content, try out new clothes see yourself smile, and eat that delicious lasagna. Ice-cream demands no occasions and chocolates will melt your heart.  One reason to live is to tame the beast and play with it. It’s a fun game.

7. Read


Life gets stressful. It is demanding and makes you feel like a loser. You do not want to fight it all just yet.  You do not want to face the displeasure again. You need a break. Not a new setting but a new world. Movies end in 2 hours, TV series gives rises to tensions of their own. The best option to escape in a different world is to weave it from your brain-cells. Grab a bestseller as per your choice, Harry Potter, Inheritance, Jeffery archer of Aesop Fables, anything will do. Go to Never-land with Peter-Pan and live it all over again. The mundane life will never feel dull again.

6. Friends


The ‘need’ in the idiom ‘Friend in need is a Friend in deed’ is this one. Tap into the bottomless account of the Friends Bank. Hang out chill and relax. These are the people with whom you can be real, be yourself. Rage, scream or go all crazy. The steam of the pressure cooker needs a release. So do the needful, get your pals to keep you upbeat. They will love it and maybe you will have to fork out a treat or two, but focus on the journey, remember?

5. Bikes, cars are loved for this reason

Bikes cars are loved for this reason.

So one reason to not give up on life is the love of speed.  The need for speed and the fast and furious session has put in the dream sequence of sleek cars. From the silent thunder to a roaring fire, the sound of a bike kicking-off to a start is bound to release the magic endorphins in your brain. Feel the rush and adrenaline, try to memorize it for this is one excellent reason to live.

4. Meditate


Best way to solve a problem is to look it in the eye and stare it down, scare it and make it retract. ‘It’s the eye of the tiger; it’s the thrill of the fight’. So this fight with your-self doesn’t entitle beating your-self with a bat. It’s about ‘inner peace’. ‘Kung-Fu Panda’ remember?  Turn the lights down during night, sit and relax and let the mind take over. This will be a revelation to yourself about yourself. You will get a reason to live again for only person to help you is you and you alone.

3. Hike, dance and exercise

Hike , dance, exercise

‘Health is wealth’. And this is one wealth you do not want to miss out. Money bringing happiness is controversial but the health will bring happiness.  So choose the exercise that resonates with your personality and get at it. The walk and oneness with nature, the pure fresh air will make you feel a part of some bigger plan of the world. The dance will set the fun juice flowing freely and you will be exhilarated.  Exercise is another way to go; the painstaking process of getting healthy is what will make you feel alive. This is one way for youngsters to not give up on life.


2. Cook and eat

Cook and eat

Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The statement is true with a twist; the way to happiness is through stomach. The Panini from the deli will be delicious but the plain bread butter made at home has same feel. Learn to create the feast; learn to cook a gourmet meal. For this will make you feel like a creator, it will give you power. Satisfy the glutton inside you. The saying is ‘eat to live and not live to eat’. So follow the 9th suggestion and break this rule. It will help.

1. Old photographs


Mom holding you as a baby, Dad playing catch with you. The tears when siblings fight you and the pride of winning the Spelling-Bee. This is emotional way, an emotional way to realize the people who love you, people who have loved you all your life. Love begets love, even if virtual.  So open the old albums and get the Ben-n-Jerry out. Take a trip down the memory lane and remember the feel. Live for the feel of life. The family strength is epic, just reach out for it. It will be worth your life.

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