10 Secrets Women Keep from Men

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Women are adorable creation of God endowed with magical wooing virtuosity. They are the crucial yet precious creation of God, designed to customize in the rarest of rare situation. Ladies are manipulative and diplomatic, by default. But this does not mean at all that she is mean and wicked. All she wants is to keep you happy. Some secrets are better kept to avoid needless stress on your relation and women strictly adhere to this principle. What goes on inside a girl’s mind usually fails to agree with her heart, leading her to hide a few things, not because she’s afraid, but because she loves her personal space. A typical woman would never ever hurt her man with her foul mouth rather she would manipulate the things she disliked.

Men always like to hop around them but most of them fail to understand what she wants. A woman’s character is no less than a mystery to man. No matter how strongly a man claims that he understands his better half, somewhere she must be wearing that wicked smile on her face. Yes! She is complex! I can’t claim that after reading you get to know everything about her but for those extremely keen folks; you may get few hints to interpret this maze.

Here are top 10 samples of hidden knowledge, if you are a man then you should certainly sit down and read it and if you are a woman be prepared to get perplexed with the secrets of your own.

10. She is testing you every day

 10. She is testing you every day!

You might feel amazed with this fact but actually all guys have to take a test every day. If you pass the test you garner some positive point and if you fail you lose a point. Now you must be thinking what kind of test I’m talking about here is your answer, women have habit of judging their partner. With your every small gesture and dialects you are being judged! At times they keep on comparing their partner with ex(s). They set small goals for you like if she calls you every day, she would skip one day to see whether you will notice it or not, if you do, you managed a positive point else be ready, because for sure you are going to get taunt on this in future.

9. Make-up


She loves to keep you wondering how she manages to be so pretty every day. Women never like to disclose their beauty secrets. She would never tell you about the anti ageing cream which keeps her skin tighter, the fairness treatment she has been taking, the difficulties she faced in getting appointment with the best salon of the city or the pimple solutions she just bought. Only some of you may be smart enough to know it’s her make-up, rest are left wondering and admiring. She loves it to see you wondering from where the prettiness comes from and how is it everlasting?

8. How many times she cried

 8. How many times she cried!

This is the typical character of all the women. She never likes to portray her emotionally shattered image in front of you. If she is mad at you and she broke up into tears then she would never let you know. She doesn’t like her anger going in vain in tears.

7. She likes him getting a little jealous

7. She likes him being little Jealous!

It has been scientifically proven from research that women purposely mention some of the positive facts from their ex-relation to make you jealous. At times she would pinch you by telling latest gossip about her in which she was linked up with some colleague; she keeps on increasing the count of the men who tried at her in workplace. She playfully manipulates these gossips to make you little jealous without hurting your emotions. She enjoys this very much!

6. What she thinks about ‘his’ family

 6. What she thinks about ‘his’ family!

Even if she thinks that your younger brother is little monster, your mom is Queen of the Kingdom Wicked, she would never let you know this. This is statutory warning every women follows. She thinks that if she told you, this will surely damage your relation and take away all the peace of mind between you two. She feels relieved great by criticizing them within herself, she feels contended by doing this.

5. She would never reiterate that she didn’t like the Gift

 5. She would never reiterate that she didn’t like the Gift!

Men are not much expressive; they try to show their love by giving presents. But the women are very choosy. It is very difficult to please them. Women are blessed with the power of finding flaws with anything and everything they comes across. But even after finding so many flaws they would react as if this was all they wanted.

4. The G-Talks

 4. Typical girls talk and Her fantasies

She tells her girlfriend lot more than she admits to you. What else do you expect her to talk on hours of gossip? You can never discover the sizzling, spicy gossips with juicy details from girls’ room unless you plan to stealthily drop your ear. She talks about anything and everything that can never come into even your imagination. Right from minute shopping details to little bedroom secrets, everything is discussed. But this does not mean that she is dumb. She is smarter than you; the secrets shared are always less than you fear.

At times women also have fantasies, dirty things with you(she is too shy to let you know) and sometimes she even fantasizes her ex(s) or crushes but she would never let you know.

3. Off the record flirtations

 3. Off the record flirtations

Of course she loves you! But she has a life of her own too. She is free to play around with guys she comes across. In fact being flirty is healthier as long as it does not go further. And to ladies, it always feels ‘Great’ getting ‘Male Attention’. But to make you feel secure she is not going to tell you this, ever.

2. Savings and Expenditure

 2. Savings and Expenditure

Everything she buys let it be a beauty salon voucher, haircut, clothes shoes, or accessories, costs 30-40% more than she tells you. Rather than explaining her brand freak mindset, her craze for shopping it’s better to keep it a secret. And yes, her savings! It’s something really personal; she could hide it to the extent of keeping it in her grocery drum.

1.   Ex-relationships


A woman’s heart has deepest and fiercest storm which is even difficult for her to handle. She would never let you know what is going on in her mind. She always avoids hurting you by telling her feelings for her ex. She hates to answer question from her past. Most of the women hide their past to avoid problems in current relation.

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