10 Signs that show a Person is tensed

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Tension is a word familiar to all in the cut throat competitive world of today. We have a peculiar habit of getting tensed in almost every situation of our lives, be it a break up, a friend’s jealousy, family problems, financial problems and many more. The reason behind getting tensed is still being researched by the scientists and it will continue to be in the picture since there is not a particular thing on which we can base our assumptions. It has started to take a toll on everyone. The rate of suicides and other crimes have increased manifold. This is solely due to the fact that people are getting worried on petty things and trying hard to get their frustration out of their minds. It is wrong on their parts to commit to such crimes but they are not to be blamed completely. These days you cannot find a single person willing to happily spend his weekends’ time with his friends or family. Be it a youth, a middle aged man or an aged person, every person ranging from a wide age group has some or the other kind of tension bubbling inside his head. What are the 10 signs that show a person is tensed? They may be innumerable signs. Below are the top 10.

10. Silence


Silence speaks a lot. What words cannot express, silence can express it in no time. When a person is tensed, he will definitely go silent and resist speaking to others. It is not a bad option if the person retreats to such an excuse, at least he will not end up hurting others because he is angry or worried of something. He will speak less or be completely lost in his silence.

9. Absent-mindedness


He will forget his tie or may be skipped his meals. There are many signs which show how forgetful a person has become. Since his mind is somewhere else, he will not focus on his surroundings. He will be least concerned of whatever is going around in his world. As a result, he will turn to a silent, absent minded and isolated being unaware of his ambiance and completely absorbed in his self.

8. Face reading


Let us get a little more imaginative and try to read a tensed person’s face. What do we see? Those freckles and worry lines on his forehead. His cheeks get squeezed and his lips are dry. It is definitely not a medical diagnose for a terminal disease but a simple physical observance. Try to be vigilant and observant about your friends and relatives. Look at them what they are doing and efficiently or unconsciously they are performing it. This way more people will be saved from committing suicides and getting hyper about their tensions. We will have a better society free from unnecessary and trivial worries.

7. Short temper


How many times do you raise your voice against the normal, say in a day? Ask the same question to a tensed person. He will have an answer completely shocking to you. Either he will not speak at all throughout the day or he will spend his entire day shouting at every other guy in his close diameter. He will be least concerned of how you felt. His only concern would be to vent out his anger. My personal advice to people out there is to keep a distance from such people who are about to burst anytime. If they are not your friends, you do not have to go about giving them tender love and care, sympathizing with their tensions and worries. He is a time bomb and can go off any moment. No need to diffuse him!

6. Loss of appetite


Skipping breakfast and other meals is a common phenomenon with the tensed people. They start hating the sight of food and bad food gives them the shivers and jerks. Just like an insomniac who loses sleep, a tensed person loses his appetite. He does not feel the urge to stuff his stomach and all he does when he feels hungry is munch on a few tit-bits.

5. Insomnia


Long hours before you actually fall asleep-if this is in your list of daily happenings, then you are in serious need for a doctor and his medical prescription. How many times does a tensed person retreats to taking sleeping pills? I would say, it comes into his daily habit or routine. He would become habitual to taking pills before each night. This would be an easy sign to know that your friend is in serious trouble and needs immediate help. Because when a person resorts to sleeping pills without the prescription, it is high time that he needs a good spanking from your doctor.

4. Socially inert


Crouched in one corner of the sofa or lying on the bed for no good reason-if you have forgotten to share the gist of your life with your friends and family then you are doomed. Spending most of your time pondering and mulling over all the bad things that have happened to you in the past and thinking hard to change them in a better way is futile. Those soliloquies are put to no use when you start blaming every other person around you including yourself.

3. Melancholy melodies


Old RnB songs, with you lost somewhere else, with a coffee mug in one hand and your cell phone in the other are some signs which show that you have engrossed yourself way too much in the on-going song. You start day dreaming about the worries and your only friends are the tracks in your music library which you listen with such rapt and ease you would have never listened before. With your eyes gaping at the rooftop and earphones plucked into your ears, melancholy melodies can to some extent alleviate your pain but sometimes it gets on the nerves of your near and dear ones.

2. Eating chocolates/ice-cream


Gorging on ice-cream and chocolate is one of the best ways to get over almost anything, be it a breakup or a patch up, a family or a friend problem, worry or happiness. Chocolate has it all. It is supposed to act on your brain nerve cells which would activate the hormonal activity in your body and you will feel all charged up. After all we do not want to feel like a stupid melancholic every time, we need a break from our worries too!

1. Alcohol/smoking


Some of the worst moments of our lives are spent in the ecstasy of alcohol and cigarettes. We hardly think twice before dragging it or giving it a onetime shot. Whether it becomes a habit or not is a matter of later concern but once a person gets in touch with such addictive things in order to get rid of his worries and tensions, he will definitely find it hard to leave them and move on with his life whatever be his problem. He will start finding solace in those things and neglect the already neglected things of his world.

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