10 Silliest things People Post on Social Networking Sites

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In the last 5 years, the concept of social networking websites has really picked up fast. Mainly created for the purpose of staying socially connected with other people, these websites have gained immense popularity due to which we can see an abundance of such sites over the internet today and almost a billion people today are using these for various reasons. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace are few to name. One can post status updates, share pictures, tag their friends and follow other people over these sites as you must already be aware of. Besides staying connected and sharing bits of their life, sometimes we also find many silly and rather funny things that people post. At times, they make us laugh but most of the times, they are completely useless. So let’s see some silly things that people post on the Internet.

10.Listening to…

is listening to updaes

We were already pretty much sick of reading minute-to-minute schedule of people who post things like,“Just had exquisite Chinese frog limbs rolled in mayonnaise for dinner.”  Or, “listening to rock music after ages.” But then there was a new feature introduced on Facebook. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg. Now, you can add what song you are listening to and people will get redirected to that musician’s Facebook page. Okay, hear me as I say this, listen to whatever you want, other people are least interested in it.

9. The “feelings”

is feeling updates

Have you come across status updates like “XYZ is feeling happy, sad, loved, blessed, blah! lately? People have found a new love in broadcasting what they are feeling to their entire virtual friend-list. Well, this is what I have to say. If you are feeling happy, great! Good for you, continue feeling that way. If you are feeling sad, call up a friend, have a heart to heart conversation and try to figure out why you are feeling that way. If you are feeling lonely, spend time with your favorite people but updating it over Facebook isn’t going to solve any purpose.

8.“Wow! It’s raining”

its raining updates

Oh really? Have you been appointed the weather forecaster for the entire mankind that is using social networking sites? Or are you the only one with eyes and we cannot see for ourselves that it is raining outside. Seriously, I wonder what is with people these days.  If you really are so excited about the weather then just get off your computer, leave your cell phone and enjoy the rain. It will give you much more pleasure than updating it over a website.

7.Earthquake updates

earthquake updates

Another silly one! I swear whenever I feel like I have felt an earthquake, instead of checking the news I just log onto my Facebook profile and my news feed tells me with surety if there was really an earthquake or not. Today, everyone feels like it is their responsibility to update everybody else about an earthquake or a storm. Silly people!

6.Pictures of random objects

pictures of random objects

These have become just so common all over the web. You get a DSLR camera, click a picture of any random object you can see around, be it a glass, a pen, or any damn thing on this planet, add some effects and share it on internet. Woah! You have become a photographer. Shear stupidity, I believe.

5. Pictures of food

pictures of food

I’m clueless about from where exactly this culture started but this is becoming popular, irrespective of the fact that it is completely bullshit. Clicking pictures of what you are going to eat or what you had for dinner and sharing them over your profile seems just too pointless to me. Doing so, won’t make the food any tastier or it won’t increase its quantity for that matter. So, why? Are you trying to make other people jealous of what exquisite food you are eating or you want an online record of your every meal in case your doctor ever asks about what you had for lunch when you fall sick?

4. The Gymming posts

the gymmming updates

Ha! “Working out hard at gym” as a caption along with a picture of an 18 inch biceps. Sounds familiar? I’m sure it does. Posting about their workout regime and getting “likes”, gives people a certain kind of an ego boost, because that is the only possible reason I can think of for doing this dumb thing. Now, tell me, why we would be interested in knowing what heavy duty equipment you are using at the gym or what color track pants you go out gymming in? You work out regularly, well good for you! Keep working hard to attain a fit body but just stop spamming other people’s news feed by posting such silly pictures every now and then.

3. The mushy, mushy love posts

all the mushy mushy love posts

Some people like to keep their love life private while others believe in the mantra of “Kiss and Tell”. Maybe that’s why you can find tons of young couples going all, “aww! So sweet of my boyfriend to bring me these flowers” over social networking websites. Couple pictures with tons of heart stickers and long lovey-dovey captions for the love of your life? Do you really need to tell the whole world how much you love your boyfriend or girlfriend or making that person feel it, is a more important thing to do?

2. “Like if you believe in god” messages


I’m really so sick of such posts and am sure you are too. “Like this post and God will help you,” Like if you believe in Jesus, ignore if you don’t,” Or see it getting even worse “Like this if you love your mom, ignore if you want her to die.” Sick, this is nothing but completely sick. And the shocking part is that people do actually fall for it and like and share such posts. Now hear me out, if you believe in God, continue to do so and feel good about it. Your faith will ensure that you have his blessings all along. If you love your mom, go to her and tell her that. Make her realize that love with your actions. But what do you really get by sharing a picture over a social networking site?

1. Duck Faces


Funny, silly, idiotic, fake. I don’t know what word to use for this urban fad people are getting crazy about. Young girls faking a pout by pushing their lips together as outward as they can possible go, seems to be the new ‘IT’ thing. Girls fondly give this ultra stupid facial expression while clicking pictures, mostly in front of the mirror. They think it makes their cheek bones appear larger and gives them a sexy look but all they end up doing is looking like, well a duck! And you can find tons of such “selfies” all over the social networking websites these days.

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  • Bharadwaj Sharma

    Hahaha hilarious. I think it is most suitable place to include “God thing”.
    “Baba ka photo ko like toko,nahi tho life barbat ho jayega”