10 Simplest Ways to be more Kind

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Kindness is one of the greatest virtues of a man. The beauty of kindness lies in the fact that it comes without any clause of getting returns. Kindness is an act performed out of sheer positivity and goodness and without expectations of anything for it. As Lao Tuz said, “Perfect kindness acts without thinking kindness”. Being kind in the daily world may seem to be something very big, though it isn’t. Kindness is a very simple phenomenon actually. It is not about doing great acts but making very little contributions to the world around us, that consequently makes us happy and satisfied too apart from kind.

Below is a list of 10 ways to be kind to help you deliver kindness in some of the easiest ways.

10. Get a loved one flowers or little goodies

Get a loved one flowers or little goodies

Our family and close friends are the most significant and essential people in our life. We can hardly imagine ourselves without them. Yet, we often take them for granted, as we have a deep sense of dependability that let us know they will be there always no matter what. But, it can be wonderful if we make little attempts to keep these people delighted. We can get them flowers or some little gifts of their choice sometimes randomly. This is an act that is very kind, loving and grateful. One major advantage of doing such acts apart from that it makes us a kinder person is that, it keeps our people ensured that we love, cherish and admire them and their presence is important in our lives.

9. Keep Smiling

keep smiling

As William Arthur Ward said, “A warm smile is the universal language of kindness”. To be kind, one firstly must look kind. It is a well known fact that a frown requires forty two muscles to work while a smile takes merely seventeen muscles to smile i.e. less than half of what it takes to frown. So, why make it hard to smile? Look graceful, pleasing and happy and without even actually doing anything you show kindness to the world. It works in the way that as we smile all the while, everyone around gets positive and happy vibes, making them too feel good ultimately making us the reason for their joy. Thus, we are kind when we smile.

8. Be polite

be polite

Kindness not only comes from actions but also from conduct. To be kind, the least one can do is to be polite. Try to spend a day when you don’t frown a single second, treat everyone gently and do not agitate yourself for any reason. This way, you remain positive, non critical and pleasant all day, that ultimately gives pleasant vibes to other people around you. This is an intangible act of kindness, though it is nonetheless effective and significant.

7. Appreciate People Around You

Appreciate People Around You

This is another simple way of kindness. To be appreciative of people around us for almost no reason at all is one very kind thing we can do. We everyday come across many people, who do things for us without which our survival is almost impossible. For example, our dear mother who cooks for us, cares for our well being, cleanliness, clothes and each and everything. In return if we only give her a rose, a thank you note, or a mere hug one day randomly it is an act of kindness like no other. Also, we can appraise the juniors at workplace, the maid who serves us, and other people around whose service is integral to our daily life. This does not require anything but simple gratitude towards them for the significant role they play in our lives.

6. Be Helpful

be helpful

Being kind also comes from being helpful. To be kind one very simple thing we can do is to help others. This help is not necessarily something big and substantial but just little things like giving a seat to an adult on the bus, helping an old person cross the road, guide a tourist to find his way etc. Helping people in this manner is ultimate kindness as when we help strangers we are getting in an act of absolute selflessness and care. We are being kind to people we don’t even know and therefore in a very simple way we spread considerable kindness.

5. Love your younger ones

love your younger ones
Spreading love is another genuine act of kindness. Everyone in this world seeks love. Not only loving is enough, but we must also try to teach love. The best people we can teach is our younger ones, and the best way to teach them to love is to give them love. Making young people happy is quite easy. They only demand a little care, attention, listening and guidance. For instance if you have kids in your family, you can tell them good stories or take them out for some refreshment. If you have younger sibling, you can help them with their homework or other tasks that they are involved in. These are some simple ways how we can be kind to the younger people around and give them happiness. Also, it has a twofold benefit. Firstly, we do kind gestures that enhance our own virtues and secondly, when we are helpful and considerate to them they ultimately learn those qualities too.

4. Give Time To Your Parents

give time to your parents

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to be kind is to be kind to them who have brought you in the world, giving you life and everything else. Yes, be kind to your parents. Making a mother happy is the easiest. A mother seeks happiness in the smallest thing her children do for her, like helping her in household chores. Making a father happy too is simple. He will be very happy only if we spend some time with him, like watch a sports with him or go out for a movie together. This shows our gratitude and concern for all that they do for us. Like every holiday you plan some or the other engagements, try planning one holiday only with your parents. They will be more than happy to get this from you. We all get so occupied with our daily lives that we hardly give time to the one who has given us this life. As it is famously said, “charity begins at home” when you seek to be kind, start being that at your home first.

3. Charity/Donation

charity or donation

Charity/ Donation are the most common acts associated with kindness. To be kind, the simplest thing we can do is give. There are many ways in which we can be charitable. One does not really need to give a huge sum of money to do a charity but even five bucks or ten is sufficient when given to a needy person or a cloth to cover themselves too is enough. When we give in a charitable act, it is an act of kindness because here we give to someone who is needy, socially and economically lower to us and we don’t expect anything from them in return, but only their well being. This is one if the greatest acts of kindness therefore.

2. Donate blood

donate blood

Another simple way to be kind is to donate blood. When you donate blood you support a life. There are millions of people who require blood donations in order to survive a healthy life. These days blood donation camps are a regular practice. You can find such campus in not much intervals of time around your locality always. It does not lead to any loss in terms of physical health. Infact it leaves one with a sense of joy and meaningfulness after donating blood. If you want to do something kind, you can go for donating blood, as it is a simple, efficient and respectful gesture of kindness.

1.  Feed people/animals

feed people or animals

One more wonderful way to be kind is to feed a hungry stomach. Food is the basic necessity of each and every living being. But unfortunately there are millions of people who go without this basic need for many days. So, when you intend to do something kind, why not feed someone? Can anything really be kinder? Feeding is a divine act. Go feeding atleast one person, poor and hungry, or even a street animal and you ultimately end up doing a splendid act of kindness. This is the most unmatchable way in which one can be kind.

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