10 Sindhi Food We Can’t Resist

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Kirng upma, Dal moth, Seyun Patata, Chola Dhabal …and the list just goes on and on. Wondering what all these could be?? These are nothing but exotic Sindhi cuisines. From lip-smacking main course dishes to some of those delicious desserts, Sindhi cuisine is a perfect blend of tanginess, spiciness, and sweetness. Known to have originated from Sindhi, this cuisine has gained a lot of popularity among other cultures and states as well. People long to add a mix of Sindhi blend in their routine dishes. The common food seen in Sindhi households include phulka, which is a wheat-based food, and rice in combination with a gravy and a dry sabzi. Some of the other Sindhi dishes like Pohp batalu jo pulao and rich chickpea flour dumplings ooze saliva from our mouths. Traditional yet innovative, this could be simply the tagline one could associate with the Sindhi cuisine. One mouth-watering Sindhi dessert that is simply irresistible called Kheer Kharkum contains dates and milk as its prime ingredients. With a huge list of Sindhi delicacies, it often becomes difficult to choose best from the best.

Let’s take a sneak peek on some of the irresistible Sindhi food.



Dharan Ji Kadhi

Known for its richness, this dish is gravy containing chickpea flour dumplings in spicy tomato sauce. The tomato sauce makes this Sindhi dish a tangy one with spice added to it. This dish involves frying of chickpea-flour dumplings in oil and then transferring the same to gravy made of tomatoes and onion as the main base. Ideal for having with rice, many prefer to have this even with phulkas. A Sindhi specialty in itself, Dharan Ji Kadhi is an all-time favourite dish liked by one and all. Also, the ease in preparing this gravy further makes it popular among all.



Sindhi Dal

A popular breakfast snack, Sindhi Dal contains chana dal as its main ingredient. Known for its exotic flavor, this dish is commonly served with pakwan. A simple preparation method and minimal ingredients are the prerequisites for relishing Sindhi Dal. The highlight of this popular cuisine is the onion garnish that further enhances its taste. A very simple dish, though, but an ideal one to break one’s fast!!




Yet, again a mouth-watering sweet dish that is popular among all. Made of Ricotta pancakes, Malpura tastes yummy with its sweetened cardamom syrup. A sprinkle of pistachios makes this dessert a rich and creamy one. Just a small bite and one would reach heavenly abode. The cardamom syrup, prepared by adding cardamom, sugar and saffron in water, is what that gives a new twist to this dessert. The taste of ricotta cheese pancakes just lingers in the mouth. The icing on the cake would be when the cardamom syrup in poured over these cheese pancakes. The mouth cannot resist this superb Sindhi dessert and there is always a craving for this.



Sev Burfi

Another popular yummy desert of Sindhi food, Sev Burfi also has a traditional name of Singhar ji Mithai. Not just famous among the Sindhi folk, but also a favourite dessert among other cultures as well. The main constituent sev when mixed with khoya turns out to be a fantastic dessert with the addition of milk as well. And a topping of cashews, pistachios and almonds would be simply irresistible to eat. Sev Burfi also has a crunchy taste due to the addition of some dry fruits while making the burfi. Changing the sev colour with the aid of colouring agents would make this dessert even more appealing!



Sindhi Sai Bhaji

The next exotic Sindhi dish, Sai Bhaji, is a unique blend of vegetables and chana dal. This is known to be a very proteinaceous one because of the presence of umpteen vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and spinach. And when these are cooked alongside chana dal, its healthy content is known to increase tenfold. Sindhi Sai Bhaji’s taste is further enhanced with tomatoes and onions and is truly referred to as ‘a platter of fresh vegetables cooked in Sindhi style’. This dish can be consumed either with roti or even rice.



Pohp Batalu Jo Pulao

A popular festive rice dish among Sindhis, this gives a unique blend of rice garnished with dates, onions and potatoes. Using basmati rice enhances the richness of the dish and addition of peas, tomatoes and white onions makes one’s mouth to water. This rice is mainly prepared during Sindhi festivals. The highlight of this dish is its topping composed of thinly sliced dates, fried onions and potatoes. By adding cloves, cinnamon and cardamom, this pulao gets a kind of masala flavour. Some of the other ingredients that adds value to this tasty main course include Serrano chillies, garlic cloves, pepper corns, ginger, tomatoes and cilantro leaves.

4. TUK



A very simple and small name, but the taste of this dish is awesome. This is also popularly called as Sindhi Twice-fried potatoes and is one among the best Sindhi appetizers. The presence of amchur or dried mango powder gives these crispy potatoes a tangy flavour. Known to be an ideal starter, Tuk consists of fried golden-coloured potatoes. Apart from amchur, the taste of this appetizer is enhanced with the addition of fenugreek, coriander, white poppy seeds, turmeric and red chilli powder. This appetizer tops the list of starters in most Sindhi hotels and is an all-time favourite of both young and old.



Sindhi Koki with Tomato Chutney

Yet another breakfast dish, Sindhi Koki is ideal to be consumed with tomato chutney. Known to be a favourite breakfast snack in Sindhi households, this can be prepared in a jiffy. Koki is basically made from whole wheat flour along with taste enhancers like onions, coriander leaves, cumin and coriander seeds, semolina, ghee, dried fenugreek leaves and gram flour. After the preparation of dough, semi thick chapathis can be rolled out and cooked on low flame using ghee. Tomato chutney is prepared by blending tomatoes and green chillies in addition to pav bhaji masala, spring onion and coriander seeds. Having a bite of Koki with tomato chutney would definitely be a heavenly experience!



Seyal Murgh

Not to forget, Sindhis are hardcore non-veg eaters as well. After a wholesome list of mouth-watering desserts, vegetarian dishes and appetizers, this is one of the most popular Sindhi non-vegetarian dishes. The core ingredient of Seyal Murgh is skinless chicken drumsticks that are prepared into a creamy stewed dish. This dish also works out with cubed boneless thighs of chicken as well. Chicken is seasoned in this dish using salt and pepper. A tinge of garam masala and coriander powder added enhances the flavour of Seyal Murgh. By boiling chicken in milk and cream, the dish acquires an exquisite rich and creamy flavour.



Sindhi Kadhi

One of the most popular Sindhi food, Sindhi Kadhi is a yoghurt based dish that is served commonly with rice. The tanginess of this curry enhances its flavour thereby making it yummy and delicious. A bunch of assorted seasonal vegetables can be used for making Sindhi Kadhi in combination with Bengal gram as its main constituent. Tamarind pulp is normally added after the vegetables are boiled after which coriander or cilantro leaves are used for garnishing. Occasionally, even amchur or dried mango powder can be used instead of tamarind to add tanginess to the Kadhi. This dish is best suited with aromatic Basmati rice.


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