10 Situations when Complete Honesty can go Wrong

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Ever since we set out foot on this Earth, we have been taught to speak only the truth and nothing but the truth! Honesty has been propagated as being the best policy but the question arises, is it, really? Gone are the days when being completely true about everything was considered virtuous. Practicality and rationality have taken over modern minds. Biter Truth is no longer comforting and consoling… neither is it appreciated, rather, manipulated words that heal and soothe are welcome. Honest utterances may not just spoil the game but may also cause injury to the heart and mind beyond repair. So, here are the Top 10 Situations When Complete Honesty Can Go Wrong!

10. My product is Sub-standard

my product is sub standard

Who would suffer a loss by admitting that their product doesn’t serve all the purposes that it promises! As long as the product does not cause any harm, it would never be wise for a salesman to sell something while at the same time, narrate why one should not buy it. Believe it or not, there are only few things in the market that provide a utility higher than their cost. Thus, it would be wise not to erode the consumer confidence by claiming that your product is sub-standard.

9. You Are a Loser !

you are a loser

Sometimes, hard luck or harsh situations can drive down a person’s confidence in himself. It is a sensitive time wherein the person feels victimized and lost, so he desperately searches for a kind support and a shoulder to cry on. You have to bear the responsibility of encouraging such a person if he looks up to as his hope. You might be tempted to tell him the truth that he is a loser! But being honest may not be the best thing to do, honestly! It is always better to console such a person and be a pillar of reliance for him. Even if you see his spirits failing it would be better not to make it obvious to the person otherwise the person might break down completely!

8. Boss, You Know Nothing….!

my boss is stupid

Well, as simple as that, work space is a place where you can NOT even think of calling a spade, a spade! Whether your boss is a jack of all trades, or a master of none or even absolutely dumb, you cannot say that to him straight in the face (unless you don’t care about your job or being insulted back by your supervisors). It is better to compromise with him, listen to him, comply with him and keep him happy even if this whole process sounds really dismal! You may try and get your thoughts across the table to him in a round about way, without letting him guess that you are complaining against him.

7. Dear Wife, Please Shut Up!

dear wife shut up

Well, if you want your house well kept, clothes ready to wear and a happy atmosphere at home, you better not risk this one, ever! Remember, women simply love to talk, gossip, discuss, discuss and discuss… she would never give up in a verbal duel and would always end up winning, so pointing this out to her would be really dangerous! Either simply keep listening and nodding as she goes on with her saga or try to keep her happy so that she has lesser complaints from you, but never disrespect her oratory by asking her to shut up!

6. Mom, While You Were Away…

mom while you were away

Ahem! This goes for all kids out there who have had to face the wrath of their mothers when they discovered that you were busy with anything but studies while she was away… Even if the video game tempts you and the television calls out to you while the books bore you to depression… study as much as you can so that you can engage in your favorite pass time activity guilt-free! When your mom comes back…she will be happy to know that you did indeed study (forget about the latter part of watching tv or gaming!) Remember, you don’t have to speak a lie, just don’t utter the truth!

5. This Scheme is Fake

this scheme is fake

If the finance scheme or an insurance scheme or even if your business idea is not the most innovative one in the world, you would never want to be swamped in losses by accepting that your scheme is not all that money-minting as it claims to be. Remember, it is business, its a mind game and if your go public with your fears, the next thing you know, you would be sans business and sans money!

4. You Need Some Mint

you need some mint

Unless the person you are talking to is a very good friend who would never mind anything you say, this is something you should keep out of your dictionary of phrases. Whether the person smells of garlic or onions or even is his bad breath indicates that he has forgotten the essential morning ritual of brushing hos teeth, being too honest to point this out to him may sound rude. It may hurt someone’s self-respect more than benefiting him. You can try just offering some mint, if you please … chances are the person usually accepts it.

3. I Hate to Wake Up Early

i hate to wake up early

 Who would want to provoke a fuming boss into driving you out of the office premises permanently. If you fear this then never be honest about being late to work due to over sleeping. It is better to say that you were unwell rather than admitting your laziness. Moreover, since you risked getting late, your brilliant human mind may come up with a hundred excuses for you while you are on your way. All you have to do is speak up with confidence!

2. I Don’t Understand What They Teach in School

i dont understand what they teach in chool

You can be honest about this one at home but it is not worth the risk in front of a teacher. The teacher is also a human, and may not literally appreciate your honesty by learning from you that she is bad at what she teaches. It is better to avoid being singled out in the class by the angry teacher who may award you with multiple punishments. It would be wiser to work hard on your own even if you don’t understand anything in the class. Believe me, almost everyone has the cherished memory of such a teacher, of meddling with her and suffering later, so save yourself and follow by heart that “speech is silver but silence is golden!”

1. Babe, You Are Fat !

babe you are fat

Almost every guy must have faced the ultimate dilemma when their girl asks them how fat she is. Let the hell not break lose… remember you respect her for what she is and it does not matter to you whether she is fat or fatter! If you really care about her, and don’t want to see her giving up her health for the perfect size zero figure, then prove your care by not being completely honest about this one. You may suggest some healthy snack or try out better recipes with her whenever you hang out…  BEWARE… don’t nod your head when she asks you “Am I fat?”

The intention is not to keep you from telling the truth but from making a clear distinction between what works in and what spoils the situations… Honesty is not the best policy, for, it is not a policy at all! As the saying goes, a lie that comforts is better than a hundred truths. The trick is to be wise and win, rather than be honest and lose!

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