10 Super Crazy Costumes for Halloween

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The holiday dates back to 1745 and has evolved since then Celebrated as a reminder of the saints and the martyrs and all the faithful departed believers. The feast is grande and is a tradition of the day the tradition includes lighting a bonfire, trick-or-treating and most importantly the costume parties. The carving of the pumpkins and decorating the house has been accepted ways to celebrate the scariest of all festivals. Kids enjoy the day and the adults treat their inner child by dressing up in their choice of costume. The costumes range from hardcore scary to fun and cute ones. The fun of Halloween begins from planning the outfit till attending the creepy scary theme party.  Here is a list of some weird costumes, just in time for the Halloween preparation.

10. Painting


When at the Halloween party, refrain from touching anything for it may bite you. A painting! Grab a friend and smear up the colors and brushes and get dirty with it, Move around as a painting and eyeball anyone to scare them. How creepy will it be if you are stared down by a painting.! So be the one who calls the shots and get creative. It is a hit with the crowd. You can become the talking tree or a face and just when someone is about to take a closer look, just open your eyes, you will win!

9. Good vs Evil.

good and evil lady

Remember the cartoon network days when the monster overcame the lady and took over half her body? How about making that your costume? It is fun, scary and gives you a chance to let the creative juices flowing. This will make for a beautiful Halloween day picture and in case you attend the party with an award, well your chances are really good. So let the devil and angel out at the same time. Its Halloween. Warn your baby brother/sister or kids about the look for they may react!

8. Simpsons.


If you are the one with cousins and relatives or kids of your own, Halloween costume may be a challenge. Do not be upset for groups have more option than singles. Here is one of the most popular and loved family everyone can dress up as. Get the mom and dad and kids together and go crazy for when you are the Simpsons it is the job description. The memory of it will be with you all the time and you get to do the fun hairstyles.

7. Zombies.


This is one obvious choice. Get out the goth in you and get creative with colors and rags for this will get you all prepped up. Zombies appeal to a special section of society who get to live out their fantasy. The cult following means you will find a friend in the party, hint: they ll look like a zombie! So the followers of warm-blood and the genre here is your day. Ladies enjoy this look as well for it gives them a chance to go all tardy and still look great.

6. Scarecrows.


The villagers stories of scarecrows coming alive in the middle of nights an killing people, the stories of the scarecrow eyes following you everywhere. These stories gives a perfect base to develop a Halloween story and a great costume to go with it. Use the nature to bring out the real feel of the scarecrow. The hay and grass makes for wonderful body and this gives the look. So sit on the porch dressed as the scarecrow and wait for the prey. When someone comes near you scream and give people a Halloween to remember.

5. Witches.


The pointy hat and black caped women who goes places on a broom? Remember ? here is few more hints, she has a cauldron and cooks people apparently, She has a creepy booming laughter and it serves as the danger siren. Witch it is! One of the widely chosen and beautifully innovative costume, the ladies love the dressing up like the sorceress.  Add a nice pair of black boots and a broom to the costume and you may find a proper wizard for yourself or maybe a vampire! You never know, black-magic is in the air, right!

4. Iron-man.


Tony stark is among the spoilt Rich arrogant and handsome man who is also a genius and also Iron-man. People love him and his alter-ego. So with the new Iron-Man movie the trend sees many iron men costumes and the arrival of few hundred is predicted on the night of 31st October. Halloween gives you a chance to live the fantasy. The children and the adults all love the guy and on this day they get to dress up as their favorite hero and pretend to order Jarvis around. So its time to get into the hardware mode now, right ?


3. Minions.


The Despicable me minions are nothing but adorable and everyone knows it. A minion makes you want to pick him up and cuddle him while he keeps mumbling something or the other. Get your friends together and go as a gang of minions. The picture will make you smile later on and you can go berserk and when someone asks you, just mumble for hey, you are the minion!  it is the cutest attire on the list.

2. Miley cyrus.

Miley cyrus and Allan thick

Based on the viral video of the Disney channel star with Allan thick. The costume is among the most popular and strange costumes of 2013. The outfit sees the lady dressed in nude bikini. The famous tongue is tweaking as has become the mark of Miley in recent times. The costume also include the foam finger. The guy is dressed as Allan Thick was in the video. The guy is dressed in a black and white stripped suite. So the couple can do the famous step and get the party started!

1. See through wound

see through wounds

This is definitely the best and weirdest of all costumes. On top of it is easy to make with a little knowledge of physics and electronics. Add color on the side to look like blood. Add a tad on sides of the lips to make it more dramatic. You will be the most photographed guy at the party. Do this quietly and give your friends and family a scare. The trick or treating will be fun till you let someone try and put their hand through you! That may spoil the illusion. So out the nerd inside you and enjoy a fun Halloween.

These were few of the fun costumes to try this Halloween. So get into the spirit of Halloween, carve out scary pumpkins and decorate the houses. Wishing you all a Happy and Scary Halloween.

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