10 Things about our Home we miss on a Foreign Land

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Your dream to make it out of your house is now been granted. You are away from home and making sure that there is complete peace of mind, so you take the farthest place possible from home. A new apartment, but the rent is too high, so a new roomie, with that you build up a house. You party all day have guests and chill out, you feel so grown and matured, you are totally at the best place you could ever ask for. But what happens after that? May be, when you are not that sober, sloshed to be precise, why do you feel that empty stomach, a heavy heart and grunt a bit, just to let this emotion out? Well, my friend this is being home-sick and it is crazy normal. We have a cocoon built up around us that always reminds you of the comfort of home at all times. So here are the ten things, which make you miss the beloved home.

10. Nostalgia


The past seems always a shiny place, the warmth of the house. Returning home tired and basically not paying attention to what to do, because you had your own world built up, a room that was totally yours and the family, the backup plan. But when living alone, what is left is the heavy feeling of missing out on the past, having that connection with someone. Family is something that is big and no matter how strong you are, you can never pretend that your family never played any role in making the person you are today. So the nostalgic feeling, on a rainy day, the gloom in the atmosphere or may be in your birthday, when you are all alone, eating something crappy and sitting on the couch doing nothing, is just a part of your life.


9. The cozy love of the bed

The cozy love of the bed

I don’t know how many will agree to this with me, but I know in your head, you know I am right. The bed in your own room is the best thing made on earth. It has been with you for so long, that you don’t even count the importance of this thing. From hiding your personal belonging under the mattress, to crying on your heartbreak and then also jumping with joy when happy, the bed has been a part of you from the time it came home. It has different warmth, a different emotion attached to it. It has the essence of you.


8. Our Wi-Fi

Our Wi-Fi

Good old days, when internet was free and it was your father’s duty to make sure that it worked all the time (including paying the WiFi bill). You could just be grumpy and then the next day, you have the Wi-Fi connection back on. You had the authority to the whole internet situation. But now that you have to actually be the person running the house, it is not a very weird thing to imagine that the Wi-Fi bills are the last to be paid. You got to worry about the extra money that you would need for this. Internet is a part of everybody’s life now. Living without it is like living on the edge, from where when you fall off; it’s the pit of gloom and darkness. So when this connection gets cut off, you are doomed my friend.


7. Laundry without much trouble

Laundry without much trouble

Leaving the dirty clothes on the floor, not even bothering to look back and the next day, you simply knew that your clothes will be all clean and shiny, smelling of great laundry detergent and in your closet. So, all you have to worry about is making sure that mom knew exactly where she would find the clothes. But now, it’s a weekly thing, you have got to get at least some of your clothes cleaned up and worry what softener to buy and what makes it this and that. It is a bummer when the day of laundry comes, because it aint a pretty sight.


6. Some space

Some space

With people around you, bugging you to do the daily cooking or the dishes it is the worst nightmare. You may be cool in the beginning, but it gets worse with time. You don’t always like to do stuff, how about sitting back and chill for a day and not worry how to get the clean dishes on the rack just lined up like that? You need that space and it truly is important. This is the time, that you think about your bedroom or that corner of the house, where no one could find you and you would hide just to let go off the thoughts or just a laid back feeling or simply sit through the most of your pensive mood.


5. A long walk on the park

A long walk on the park

The parks of the foreign places are the creepiest thing, I don’t know what it is, the greenery or the people seeming happy, but it makes me nostalgic. It is so weird to feel this way all the time. The sounds shut completely and what can be heard is the rustling of the warm breeze and the thought whizzing past your mind about how the park is you home place was so much cooler. It seemed to have something that was so much fulfilling. It had your friends.


4. Money! Come-on!!

Money! Come-on!!

When staying away from home, money is an issue. And when money troubles, there is no place like home. Those days when you are running short on cash and you have to absolutely buy the toilet papers or the nachos or even the cereals for the morning, all you can think of is the full refrigerator, the stacked up food and the toilet paper, always being replaced right on time.


3. Food that smells so warm

Food that smells so warm

As mentioned earlier, the empty basket, or the refrigerator is the most gruesome thing to experience. Why will it not be a reminder of the good old days, when you never had to worry what you would be eating the very next day? It was the time when all you had to worry about was to come back home before the curfew, straight and simple. Food had the warmth, it felt so good when you came back home and there was a hot platter almost fed to you by the cook or may be your mother. When days would come, you would be given the food of your liking, just like that. But those days seem so distant and all you get now is the rusty food, which costs you a fortune every day and makes it worse with the eating alone.


2. The happy family dining

The happy family dining

Eating alone is the worst of all. When there are the happy family sitting right there and they are eating away, that makes you miss home the most. All you want to do then is basically get on the next flight and rush home. But you can’t so all you do is go back home, clean up the mess and simply make a call back home to hear those voices that once took you to the restaurants and just like the family you saw today, you too had the same amount of fun all the time.


1. Mom! Dad! People

Mom! Dad! People

All the above things discussed can make you think of your home, once in a while. But the worst of all, the only thing that makes you feel nostalgic at all times, are those people who would do anything for your happiness. May be your mom or may be your dad, or may be both, these people have their special place in your heart and they are irreplaceable. The very idea of not being able to stand with them through the thick and thin or even on those regular days when it gets all gloomy is something that makes one sad the most. But, hey the only thing to console ourselves is the thought that hey, one day this had had to happen and it did, so let’s just face it and move on.

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