10 Things that Can Hurt your Friend

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Friendship is one of the most needed relationship in one’s life. It may not be a relationship of blood but it is the strongest tie of two hearts that counts on trust and understanding. We need friends at every step of our life; be it in our happy moments or tough times. But sometimes we take this relation for granted and end up hurting our friend thereby straining the relation. We may not be aware of it but sometimes we unknowingly do certain things that can hurt another person. Yes, friends are the most understanding people in one’s life but we too should take care of their sentiments and avoid saying or doing things that can hurt them.

10. Discouraging your friend

There are many occasions when your friend tells you about his plans and you do not react positively. This may hurt him as he might be totally enthusiastic about it and your doubt can dishearten him. You might be giving your opinion for his good, but sometimes it leaves a negative impact on the person. Also, at times people make fun of their friends when they take initiatives to do something, this also acts as a means of discouragement that can hurt the person.

9. Criticizing for their flaws


Criticism where on one hand is important for a person to become better, it can also hurt a person’s dignity. Pointing out your friends’ mistakes and his flaws are alright until the time it is taken in a light mood, but the moment it takes a serious form, it would have been stopped. But sometimes people exceed their limits, unaware of others’ feelings and sentiments and end up in hurting their friend. And, therefore, the relation between two people can become tensed as a result of this act.
8. Superiority complex

This comes among one of the most usual causes of strained relationships. You try to show yourself superior in front of your friend and forget that it could hurt his self-respect as in presenting yourself at a higher position you make the other person feel inferior. Thus, your friend may start avoiding your company. The extreme of this case can also end up in a situation when you think yourself so superior to your friend that you start to bully him. Hence, it can result in nothing yet hurt feelings and a sore relationship.

7. Holding grudges

Who doesn’t commit mistakes? But sometimes people forget their humanity as they are so engrossed in their ego that they forget the act of forgiving. Ups and downs come in every relation, so in friendship. But sometimes, people prefer sticking to their personal grudges even if it eats up their friendship. They keep those past grudges in their hearts for a long time, reminding their friends at times and in this way they hurt their feelings. This also results in breaking of the friendship after a certain limit as a person cannot endure this torture for long.
6. Stealing their opportunities

This is seen many times that to progress further, people forget their values and become selfish. They do whatever it takes them to climb to a higher status in society, sometimes even at the stake of a very strong friendship. This perhaps is observed mainly with office colleagues that people take advantage of their friendship and take credit of the things they might not have done to get a promotion. It is also seen in personal matters where a friend secretly takes away his friend’s crush and it then becomes a reason for hurting the other person’s feelings.

5. Insulting in public


Sometimes mocking or making fun of your friend can become a threat to your friendship. Indeed, it is very common among friends to pull each other’s leg and call them names but up to a certain limit. That is to say, cracking jokes on another person is always fun, but when a person acts in the same way in public as well, it can become a cause of hurting your friend’s ego. Your friend may find it insulting and hence it can strain your friendship. Thus, you should always check your words and keep up a dignity in this relationship as well.
4. Being busy with other friends

It is quite obvious that at every step of life you meet new people, make new acquaintances and new relations. But these new relations go through the cost of the older ones. This is among the biggest causes of broken friendship that a person is too much involved in his life with new people and forgets the older relationships. The mostly known reason for sore friendships is the influx of a girlfriend/boyfriend in your life. It is not that you should not find a partner, but people become so much busy with them that they start avoiding their friends and this can hurt them. We must make sure not to ignore our friends just because we now a whole bunch of new buddies.
3. Lying to your friend

Friendship undoubtedly is a relation completely based on trust and if your trust is demolished, it is hard to regain. Telling a lie to your friend can sometimes hurt your friend to a very large extent. Issue might not be very significant, but a single lie can hurt him deeply. It says that when your trust is affected, although it does not make noise, but it can leave deep scars of broken ties on your heart.
2. Talking behind their back

back bitching
This is an extremely important point that can hurt your friend. Commonly known as back bitching, it is very prominently seen in our society. You may emerge very near and dear to your friend on his face, but might be talking a lot of rubbish behind him. This dual personality of people can hurt a friend the very moment he gets to know about it. And this is the reason that a friendship in a long run is very rarely seen. There are times when this habit of yours can become a reason that can break your friendship.
1. Leaving them alone in difficult times


Every now and then, bad phases come in a person’s life and at that time all he needs is moral support. Though we have our family with us all the time, but sometimes like-minded opinions and support is mostly expected from a friend. But if the same friend leaves you dwindling in that tough situation you feel seriously hurt. It is rightly said, ‘a friend in need is a friend in deed’. Sharing one’s sorrows is far more important than being with him in happiness. Thus, your absence in his difficult time can hurt him very badly.

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