10 Things to Check before you Leave your House

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It is extremely difficult to keep a tab over every other minute detail before shooting off from ones’ house. Moments of callousness and you are bound to pay a penalty for it. Now the degree or the extent of that penalty may vary. Things you need to check or take before leaving may not be a fixed set of items. Depending on your needs, you need to evaluate and plan things out at a prior period. A last moment rush in all probability leads to chaos and confusion. Imagine walking a mile or two away from your house and suddenly realizing that you have forgotten about something of significance. If you do not want to see your house in flames or find an empty pocket while paying your bus fare, go through the points listed below. So here are 10 things to check before you leave your house. Read on.

 10. Gadgets are your best friends

 Man running while listening to music

Your journey may span over a few hours or perhaps a few days. Things that may come to your rescue and cut your boredom are your numerous gadgets. Take your tablet or your mp3 player along, depending on your taste. If you detest carrying along additional items, your cell-phone is good enough to amuse you while you toil. In that case, do not forget to take your ear/head phone. In all likelihood, your co-passengers would not share your like for certain genre of music. So, do not subject them to loud music and invite criticism. Be cooperative and accommodating towards others.

 9. Shut the doors and windows

 shut the doors and windows

Be a little responsible and shut the doors and the windows before venturing out. If you have a ground floor apartment, I am sure you would not like passers-by and curious neighbours to peep into your house. Hence, keep those windows shut. Lock individual rooms as well in a bid to be extra cautious regarding burglary attempts. If you are leaving an empty house for a long period of time, use 2-3 locking apparatuses to keep things safe.

 8. Keep snacks and a water bottle in your bag

 water bottle and snacks

For some people, eating acts as a mode of recreation. So do not forget to carry a couple of packets of chips, biscuits and sweets, if you are to make a long and tiresome journey. Even if you are supposed to reach your destination pretty early, a couple of items to munch on won’t do you much of a harm. Carrying a bottle of water is almost mandatory. Why waste money on buying packaged drinking water on the way when you can just carry a bottle. Save that money for some other purpose.

 7. Umbrella and other miscellaneous items


It is exciting to get wet in the rain but if you have a weak immunity system, get ready to pay its consequences. That is when umbrellas come to your rescue. If you are comfortable in raincoats, you can carry them alongside as well. In this rainy season, it is always safe to carry an umbrella. Sunglasses too can save your day on a hot and sultry afternoon. If getting a skin tan gives you sleepless nights, try and carry a moisturizer with you.

 6. Make provisions for your pet(s) if any

 provisions for pets

Your pets are quite helpless without you. You are expected to make provisions for their bathing and feeding if you are to go out. It is often recommended to keep your pet under somebody’s care if you are to go on a sort of a vacation. Although, it is important to add that people who have pets at home do take adequate care and think about them extensively. Your pets are almost like your best friends.

 5. Turn off the television and computer

 turn off the television and computer

Save electricity and turn off the TVs and PCs if you do not stay at home. We often forget to turn them off if we are in caught in a last minute hurry. If it is not something of cardinal importance then it does not make sense to remain glued to a TV set till the eleventh hour. If you will remain out for a long time, ensure to detach the plug from the socket, in order to save your pc/t.v. in case of lightening.

 4. Important documents need extra attention

 stack of colorful binders in a office

Try and be a little more organized in your dealings. If you are traveling, then check if you have taken the required documents and don’t forget to carry the oh-so-essential tickets. Try and compile all such things in a file and make things simpler for yourself. Carry a bag of considerable size so that you do not end up finding your papers all folded and in tatters. A water-proof file will be like a cherry on the cake.

 3. Money and cell phone

 money and cellphones

These are the two essential things you need while you step out of your house. It is no rocket science to figure out that you will not be able to go a long way without a single penny in your pocket. It is often seen that in a moment of rush, people forget to grab their wallets/purses. As a result of that, they have to either make a reverse journey and waste crucial time or somehow make a journey with the help of charitable strangers. The latter though will be a slim possibility. Now do I need to say much about leaving your cell-phone back at home? The consequence of such callousness would not only cut you off from people who make your world but it will also aggravate the anxiety of your loved ones.

 2. Turn off the gas oven/cylinder

 turn off gas oven or cylinder

Doing this should be one of your topmost priorities before leaving your house. If there is nobody else to take care of the house, the responsibility is on you to make sure that your house is not reduced to ashes once you return. Gas leakage has been noted as one of the most frequent reasons for untoward incidents. Be careful and alert. Precaution is always better than cure.

 1. Keys: The route to unlock


Every household is supposed to have more than one pair of key to be on the safe side in case of emergency. If you are scheduled to go on a long voyage, then do not obliterate the importance of keeping a spare set of key with a trusted neighbour. In an ideal condition, every family member should keep a key for himself/herself. In our hectic lifestyle, we never know who is going to enter home first and who will do the courtesies at the very end. It will not be a pleasant experience to wait outside your house for hours, expecting a family member to turn up for your rescue.







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