10 Things Girls Do That Guys Just Don’t Get

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Us males, are generally clueless when it comes to interpreting the female actions. Even with our best efforts to comprehend, we really have a tough time. Guys are often caught in situations when it is beyond their level of comprehension to deduce a possible conclusion to what the girls mean. While some of us might refute to the points below relating to their female counterparts, I suppose most of us would agree. So, here are the ten ‘not sure if’ things about girls that usually guys encounter:

10. Wearing make-up.


Make-up freaks out guys. Girls, we know you all want to look pretty and sexy. And we really appreciate your efforts. We want to ask you out. Not for the layers you put on but for the freshness you bring into our lives. Please, understand this simple fact. We would love you if you are just your “au naturale” self! Besides we know when you are wearing any even if you go on denying forever. We don’t need lipstick smudges when you kiss us neither do we love tasting your foundation. Nor do we like watching you with big bloats of eye-shades all over yourself. Least of all other tons of products you use! Make-up might help you for a day or two, but trust me, it’s pointless in the long run. So why? And if you still want to, a simple mascara will do. Guys go crazy over those. Be beautiful inside. That’s what we want from you. Good luck!

9. Compliments.


Ever tried complimenting a girl? It’s a waste! “You look beautiful.” “No, I don’t!” Any positivity is utterly met with equal negativity. When we compliment a girl, we mean it. Why is it so hard for her to digest? It’s not as if we are proclaiming her as the next Queen of England! So, chill. Don’t be modest, don’t be shy. When we compliment, don’t ask why. Accept it.

8. Shopping.


Guys and girls have absolutely different favoritism regarding the S word. And for girls, it’s shopping! They might own tens of dresses – ranging from tops to shirts to skirts to jeans to one pieces, and an equal number of footwear and handbags, but it’s never enough! Guys don’t go shopping. When we need something, we buy it. Quite contrary to a girl- you buy it. Doesn’t matter if you need it. The main agenda isn’t to substantiate the need, it’s to make sure she has what the girl-next-door has it. And she wants her’s unique. Plus one to the logic behind it.

7. The words ‘Fine’ and ‘Okay’.


Arguably the most debated topic among the guy-kind would the definition to the words ‘fine’ and ‘okay’ in a female dictionary. These words probably carry more multi-meanings than the number of words for ice in Eskimo community (over 50!). There’s this tendency of girls to confuse the hell out of a guy. They say something and then, mean entirely something different! When a girl says she’s okay, believe me, she is definitely not okay! And unless you want to spend rest of your life debating with her, make ‘everything okay’ (her dictionary again!). The word ‘fine’ is a greater threat. It’s a storm brewing calmly over your debacles which might hit you (and I mean very) unexpected. So before you go on merry making with her, make sure you are ready for anything and everything. Cheerio!

6. Getting dressed.


What’s one thing that a girl doesn’t have even if she has countless of them? Let me give you a hint. It’s something to do with her wardrobe. Yes! A goddamn dress! Guys, indeed, are fascinated with the girlish notion of a proper dress. With possibly every color and make a guy could imagine, girls still happen to be short of a ‘proper’ outfit. Seriously?! Wait till you get to the dressing part. Even if they find one after trying out several, it takes ages to get ready. A reasonable ‘five minutes’ turns out to be a solid hour! And there’s always the last minute touch-up. No wonder you’re often late.

5. Crying and Mood.


‘Crying is blackmailing.’ And we are not interested about your ex! It’s not that we don’t want to make you happy, it’s just that sometimes, we don’t know how. So stop blackmailing us. What’s the big deal if we took notice of another girl? No, we didn’t mean you’re not beautiful anymore! Amidst the follow-up blackmailing, all reason is lost. Besides that, if you are with a guy, what’s the great idea behind discussing your ex? We’re not sure what you are trying to convey here. Do you feel sorry for him? Are you unhappy? Wait! Why the hell are you crying? We guys just don’t get how often a girl’s mood changes. Also please do tell how we can stop you from crying.

4. Complaining.


I take her out to eat. I pay. I buy her an ice cream afterwards. I drop her home. I go mine and I knock out. Next morning she says “Couldn’t even call me last night?” We went to dinner together. What’s left to talk? Even if there is, couldn’t it wait till morning? This is just an instance among several others. We try our best. And we can’t make out why to girls’ complains.

3. What’s with the photos?


Bought a dress, snap! Ate at a pricey restaurant, snap! Met someone, snap! Snap! Snap! From the washroom to the bedroom, girls love taking photos! While we do understand the need for preserving memories, girls, you don’t have to overdo it! You don’t have to flaunt everything and yes, certainly don’t need to tell the whole world about it! Your mouths already do that for you. A photo or two is okay, but a couple dozens is not! What adds to the ridiculous is “the Duckface”. Pouting your lips to the fullest isn’t cute. It’s absurd. It’s highly irritating. Stop it.

2. Good guy/Bad guy.


Clearly, it’s a big mystery to-date for guys. Every girl says she wants a good guy but eventually goes for the bad one. Why? Truth be told, there’s no line that demarcates the good guys from the bad. Still, if there is any, why do you play a double-role? You say you want to have a rich guy with handsome salary, manners and a good name, yet you fiddle around with a sturdy guy with a flirty and mischievous character. Why can’t you decide once for all? No we aren’t saying you can’t choose. Just don’t mess around (with our feelings). And then there is this concept of friend-zoning.  If you really want us to be ‘just friends’, why trouble us with all your mixed signals? Ma’am, we have enough troubles with the declining sex ratio, family and work. Please be kind enough to save us yours.

1. Reasoning.


Although we have the knowledge about the birth of the universe and the evolution of mankind, we are yet to decipher how a female brain works. It have long evaded us of a concrete theory though several have tried in vain. As often said, its best to leave a girl to her own matters. Seriously what does chocolates have to do with getting fat? Or, make-up before sleep? Most guys own three pairs of shoes. What makes you think we’d be any good at choosing which pair – out of 30 – would look good with your dress? And if you really were going to choose the one you already had in mind, why did you make select dresses out underneath a pile for hours? No reason, huh?! God bless you and help me.

If you are a girl going through this, I sincerely request you help us out on this. Next time, please state clearly what you want and don’t make us go chasing cars. We would highly appreciate it. Peace.

Disclaimer: You are entitled to your own opinion. Views shared are more on a general conscience.


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