10 Things To Do If you are Lost

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If you have ever been out travelling, or hitchhiking with your friends, then you know how easy it is to get lost. And for someone who is just about to go off to an exotic location, you have been warned. Because let’s face it, no matter how hard we try, we do often find ourselves in situations where we are completely and utterly lost. If you’re with a group of friends, being lost can actually be fun, then again maybe not. If you guys were fans of the hit TV show Lost, you know how quickly things can escalate, especially if you are lost on an isolated island. But don’t worry, not all experiences need to go bad, especially not if you know exactly what to do when you get lost.

10) Stay calm:


 First and foremost what you need to do is stay calm. Panicking will only make matters worse. If you’re with your friends, ganging up on your friend who read the map wrong isn’t going to help, because you’re already lost. You need to stick together now more than ever. So calm down. Figure out your options, what needs to be done, and what the next course of action will be.

9) Get your bearings right:


Try to figure out where you are, unless you know that, getting on the right path again is going to be difficult. Ask some local person the place’s name, ask them the way out. If it’s a deserted area with not a single soul in sight, use your phone and GPS locator to help pinpoint your exact location. And if God forbid technology fails, go the ancient way, make use of whatever astronomy you know, and figure out which way to go using the stars and moon as reference.

8) Haunted houses are off limit:

haunted house

If you come across any old abandoned mansion, steer clear off that path. It might seem interesting, and the adventurer within you might push you towards it, but remember every horror movie you have ever seen. It begins in the same form, especially if you are a group of college co-eds out on a trip together. Staying someplace for the night is important, but not the creepy looking inhabited house. It will end up being the opposite of what you are looking for. Trust me; Slasher flicks look greater on reel, not in real.

7) Stay the night:

Tent Camping Image

Travelling during night is not safe or advisable, an even bigger no if you are lost. Find a nearby hotel where you can stay. Any local motel or inn is fine as well. You can also find a decent home where you can crash for the night, provided they don’t think of you as a serial killer. If you are out in the woods or some deserted area, take out the camping gear and set up tent. Get safe shelter for the night, the road will still be waiting for you in the morning.

6) Food reinforcements:


Being lost can be fun, but not if you are hungry. Eat food. Invade the local restaurants; eat to your heart’s content. Try the local delicacies whilst you’re at it. And then find a grocery store and stock up on food and water. Buy tinned food, packets of water. You don’t know where the path might lead you, and what all perilous ways you might have to track on until you find the right path again. You can’t be sure if you’ll even find civilization again. So buy as much food and drinks as you can, because being hungry and thirsty isn’t a good option.

5) Hitchhike:


If you are on the road and lost, with your car broken down, hitchhiking is a good solution. Public transport is a good idea too, but those can be hard to find and then again hitchhiking is free. So walk along the road, hail down the next person you see approaching. Ask them for help, ask them to help you figure out where you are, and how to get to wherever you need to go. If it’s an empty deserted road, just keep walking along the road, someone’s bound to turn up sooner or later.

4) Call someone for help:


If you get lost while travelling alone, call someone up, some family or friends. Let them know you are lost. Telling someone your location or the fact that you are lost makes it safer for you. They can help you from home, much better than you helping yourself. Use their help to figure out where you are. Once you get that sorted, let them make use of the internet access to help guide you back on track. Or they could point you to the nearest shelter or transport station.

3) Public transport:


This is always a much safer option than hitchhiking. Public transport can be cheap, but that’s not the best part. The best part is that they have routes and maps. It will help you figure out where exactly you are, and how far off from your original path you are. The people at the public transport office or the conductors of the buses and railways are well versed with the roads and the areas and they can help point out the right direction for you.

2) Follow the path:


If Dorothy could follow the yellow brick road all the way to Oz you can surely follow a simple road. Let the road lead you wherever it is going. Soon enough you might hit civilization or some road side indication, giving you an idea of your exact location, the path you need to follow, or at least the name of the country you have strayed into.  Moreover it will give you a sense of movement and accomplishment, much more than you’ll get standing in one place and trying to figure out how you got lost. So follow the path, who knows what adventure might lie ahead.

1) Make the most of it:


It isn’t often that you get lost. Even after doing everything you can to avoid it, you are in the situation. So make the most of it whilst you can. Explore the place; take in its exotic location. Live a little like the locals. Hit the local bars and restaurants, shop in the local market, and mingle with the local crowd. Let your hair down and enjoy. You may never get a chance to experience that place again, because let’s face it, you’re lost, you have no clue how you got there in the first place, let alone going there again. You’re already lost, nothing worst can happen, so enjoy this new place and make memories.

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