10 Things we should never forget as a Human Being

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Human Beings are the most intelligent species on Earth. God has gifted us with many abilities that no other species posses. We have been endowed with these assets but with these privileges come responsibilities to save life and protect mother earth from further deterioration and destruction. We, as humans are blessed in many ways so here are 10 Things we should never ever forget as a Human Being.

10. The power of words

power of words

The gift of speech is God’s greatest gift to us. We can speak, sing and express our thoughts in numerous ways. But we need to understand that words, once uttered can never be taken back. We must, therefore be very careful while choosing words. Wrong or harsh words can spoil, ruin and even devastate any relation. Words can make or even break someone’s heart so we must speak only when it is necessary. In fact, the ultimate mantra to avoid any dispute is “Speech is Silver but Silence is Gold”.


9. Work hard, Stride ahead

work hard stride ahead

Birds and beasts hunt for themselves in order to sustain on earth but we, humans have higher purposes in life. Even the tiny insects have to work hard to gather their food or hunt their prey. We live not only to eat and sleep but also to work hard and achieve something in life. We must therefore learn to not only live for ourselves, but also for others. We must not be selfish to only think of our own greed but must work for the welfare of others as well.


8. Sympathize and Empathize

sympathise and empathise

Humans possess a very beautiful ability to sympathize with those in need and empathize with those in pain. We can not only feel pity for others but can also feel and share the burden of their troubles. Thus, we must always help those who are in dire need of support. The basic purpose of our survival lies not only in keeping ourselves happy but in extending a helping hand to mankind and respecting all forms of living creatures on this Earth.


7. Mind Games

mind games

 Besides an emotional heart, we also possess a strikingly intelligent brain. Our mind is a storehouse of knowledge that constantly analyses the ideas and churns them during our thought process to bring out even better innovations and discoveries. The mind has given us the gift of science and so scientific explorations and researches should be conducted to protect, preserve and live in harmony with the other living beings. The same scientific mind which has brought new technologies to conserve nature has brought out dangerous nuclear weapons to bring about permanent damage. So, it is our responsibility to educate all humans that our thoughts should be constructive, not destructive.


6. See and observe

see n observe

The way we see things and observe our surroundings is an art which not many other living beings possess. With eyes capable of distinguishing between millions of colors and truly admire the beauty of Nature. We must remember that we alone do not live on this planet, but share it with other forms of life. So, we must learn to view all life as masterpieces of God. We must remember that all are children of the same Lord. We must respect all life equally. We can observe our environment and learn all the lessons of punctuality, discipline, dexterity and perseverance. Thus, we must see and learn from Nature. Humanity is the greatest lesson and achievement for a human being.


5. Express concern, Smile with the World

express concern and smile with the world

Animals also sense and feel but they cannot express emotions like we can. Humans possess all sorts of feelings for others as well as themselves. We can feel pride, shame, love, hatred, happiness, dismay, laughter and pain for those connected and concerned with us. We can laugh and cry but our responsibilities don’t end here. We must develop the ability to feel the same love and care for everyone. We must not hate or be envious of others because such emotions only transmit negativity everywhere around us. We must be optimistic and must send out positive energies in our environment. Remember, “Smile and the World Smiles with You”.


4. We Are Family

we are family

There is hardly any other form of life on Earth where living beings live and die in a family. Mostly, species live a secluded life of tough survival. Young ones get separated from their mothers once they are capable of standing up on their feet to hunt food which takes far lesser time than humans, who stay with their parents and children and even, grandchildren. Where on one hand we remember our predecessors, respect our parents and elders, we also love and care for our siblings as well as children. We must therefore, respect the bond of family and keep these ties strong. As humans we can extend this bond into a whole community and across borders too! After all, we, the people of earth are one big family!


3. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

absolute power corrupts absolutely

Since we possess all sorts of capabilities to think, speak and act, therefore it is not hard to decipher that humans are superior to all other forms of life that co-exist on Earth. But we must remember that we can put our capacities to good use by caring for Mother Earth. We must not forget that we do not “rule” or possess Earth and her resources, but we are mere people who can make this a better place to live. We have not inherited this Earth from our forefathers but have borrowed it for our future generations so we must protect this planet from any damage and destruction by conserving its resources and keeping it lush, green and healthy.


2. Be Kind, spread Peace and Joy


Kindness is the ultimate medicine that heals all wounds. A golden heart is one that cries when others are in pain. We must learn to be kind. Helping those in need is next to godliness. Only humans possess the power to forgive others’ mistakes and be kind to them. Benevolence should be the first thing we must teach and propagate. Being kind not only supports others but also takes us a step closer to humanity.

1. Laugh to end your grief

laugh as if there is no tomorrow

Human beings work, get tired and sleep but the mundane,modern day lives have almost wiped away the smiles from our faces. The most important thing we must remember is to always keep smiling and laughing. Spreading joy and happiness is the best occupation in the world and whosoever does it, begins to understand the essence of life in totality. So be it a harsh situation or adverse condition, we must never forget to smile and laugh away our worries! We must laugh as if there is no tomorrow and enjoy, the world joining us in the noble cause of being and keeping everyone happy!

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