10 Things To Do When Unable To Sleep At Night!

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Its night and you’re awake. You lie underneath your sheets with open eyes. You try to sleep. Yet, you’re not ready to just call it a day! Bed isn’t just the thing you need right now. With a few helpless change of sides, you finally sit up thinking. With every other soul dozing off in your vicinity, staying up for the night can be pretty boring if you don’t have something to do. So what do you do? If you can’t think of anything, here’s a list of ten good things you can do. That too without waking up your neighbors! And it’s a whole lot of fun!

10. Take a shower.


There’s nothing more nerve calming than a good shower. Be it a sweaty summer night or a chilly winter one, it’s wonderful! If it’s cold outside and you’re in a mood to relax and loosen up before you return to your comfy bed, a bubble bath might be a good option. After all, what’s better than stretching your legs in a tub?! And, if you happen to be the unlucky sheep of the lot, don’t feel sorry. I bet standing underneath the hot shower is equally satisfying! A cold shower can do two things to you. While some argue it helps you stay awake for longer periods of time, on a personal note, I find it helpful for a sound sleep later on! You are welcome to decide whatever it does to you. My point? Strip off, and hop in!

9. Write a diary. Imagine.


Most of my nights I try doing something creative. On some nights, I draw, on some I usually write my diary. I pour in all my thoughts, my fears, my truths and my happiness. Even though I suck big time on my artistic skills, I am able to keep myself busy before I go back yawning to bed. Eventually, writing articles became a hobby! Sometimes, imagine what it would be like to have a billion dollars to yourself. Let your imagination run wild. Be the Batman. You see, we mostly spend our day busy working, and it’s the night when we dream. At the end of the day when you are feeling exhausted, think of all the countless possibilities. Be creative.

8. Night sky. And a walk.


The most intriguing of all the mysteries appear in the night sky. Do you love staring blankly at the countless stars? Do you often wonder about the mysteries of the universe? Do you enjoy watching soft clouds float by the bright moon? Do you love watching the night sky? If yes, this might be one of the best things to do when you are unable to sleep! With no one to disturb you, you have all the time to do what you love. Stare. Wonder. Enjoy. Most people find the night appealing. Quiet and calm. Pure bliss. Take a stroll. A walk on the roof or a balcony can be sheer pleasure. Enjoy the serenity. The perfect moment. Peace. Of those who are more of the rebellious types, sneak out! From all the experiences I have had, nothing beats that!

7. Talk to a friend.


Now we all have someone with whom we can talk all night long! Be it a crush, a boyfriend/girlfriend or just a friend, we do love talking. And what better time to start a conversation than at night? Ping a friend who’s awake and start talking! If you’re low on balance, try switching to apps that provide free messaging (Whatsapp!).

6. Play a game.


Nothing tops the chart of a night owl other than gaming! With a wide range and genres of games to pick from, you can stay up all night long before you finally redden your eyes to sleep. Also, it comes for all kinds of consoles!! Plus, if you have an internet connection, its bonus! There are hundreds of online game hubs and communities. Join one and you are SET. That’s when you have a pc or an Xbox. For the deprived ones, fiddle with the ones on your phones! Keep playing and you wouldn’t get the wind of time before you hear cock crowing its lungs out in the morning. Adios sleep!

5. Grab a bite.


If you’re awake and you’re hungry, get to work! Attack the refrigerator and start munching. Find a pack of chips with a dip or a slice of cake. If you find none, it’s time to bring out the chef in you. If you are a first-timer, take my word, its super exciting! Starting from not-ready-in-two-minutes noodles to slices of bread, everything just adds up fine. Also, add up a glass of juice or a smoothie (if you know how to make one!). So rake in whatever you can find and snuggle up on your bed for a midnight snack. Caution: Just make sure not to wake up the house with your cooking, or worse, burn it down! Dig in!

4. Read a book.


Reading can be a lifesaver. A book has a virtual world of its own. A life of its own. In the pages hides an utterly different reality. When you have nothing else to do, pick a book. A bedtime storybook or a novel from your shelf, whatever that suits you. The nightly ambience is perfect for a good book. Turn on your night lamp and start reading. In no time, you’ll drift into your imagination!

3. Listen to music.


There’s actually no time to play music. Be it day or night, you can shove them earplugs anytime in your ears and forget about the world! With genres like classical, rock, pop, jazz, trance, house and countless others catering to all kinds of moods, music completes the soul. People often recommend music helps sleep better. Works quite the opposite for some. Whatever be the effect, music is a must-to-do in our list of things.

2. Watch a movie or a show.


Who doesn’t love movies?! Be it enchanting Potter world, racy rich cars or Cruise pulling the impossible, movies simply are a delight. When shows like Suits or White Collar are suave, others like Game of Thrones and Sherlock entice viewers with their tacky storytelling. With rib-tickling sitcoms Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men to the mind boggling geniuses of Prison Break and Breaking Bad, entertainment world serves all. The list goes on to reality shows, political shows and travel and living! Choose one that suits you and start watching! P.S. For the ones inclined to the Bollywood industry and the Indian shows, there’s a plethora of choices! Regardless of what I say, you are free to judge your taste.

1. Browse the net.


Still need not satisfied? Internet! With probably tons of options on the internet, you can hardly get bored. Check what your friends up to? Facebook! Need to catch up with latest tinsel town gossip? Twitter! Got a pic to share? Instagram! Missed the recent episode of your favorite soap? Hey, internet! In mood for a song? YouTube! Still need more? Hit the sites like Miniclip, Zapak! From social networking sites to the entertainment, internet has you covered. P.S. If you still don’t find anything to quell your search, try all the interesting stuff on Listden! It’s amazing! And when you feel you’re ready for bed after all the activity, bid yourself a goodnight. Sleep tight!

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