10 TV shows with Gay Story Line

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The world has changed and how ! Television has always been the one thing that tells you the new change, how it comes how it , well, changes things.  It tells you where the wind blows. The bell-bottoms, the break-dances, the live-ins have all made life a bit different, socially per say. However whenever life changes we have a friend, philosopher and guide to help us accept this new change. The television shows and the more effectively the sit-coms. Let us see the way the sitcoms has invited, accepted and enjoyed the LGBTs. Lets take a look at few famed characters who make us believe that the queer is definitely here!

10. Days of our lives

Will Horton played by chandler massey.

days of our lives

The oldest of the sitcoms running since 1965 with 47 seasons in its kitty. The reboot version of Days of Our life 2.0 started since 2011. The character in question was introduced in 1995 as a child to Sami  and Lucas Horton. The character has a turbulent past with being passed off to his uncle. His Mothers life has an influence o him and was at one point written off the show. In the new reboot to show, we have the character coming back as a mature version to bring in a gay story-line. It has been well received so far.


Theodore Montgomry played by Trevor Donovan.


In this high paced beverly hills drama we have a ace who realizes he is gay in the heat of the things. The star tennis player and a womanizer this characters deals with the issue of finding himself, coming to terms with it, adjusting and beginning life afresh. This character received a poitive review after the start of gay story-line.

8. True Blood.

Tara played by Rutina wesley.

true blood

In the world of vampires and werewolves, the television and movie and novel world, the gay story line has arrived and with an bang.  This is a series with beautiful, gorgeous ladies and drop dead handsome guys. The story line needs no introduction so lets jump to the character of Tara. The feisty Rutina Wesley plays the character and describes it as Tara is someone who fell in love with the love she was with. It was new it was different and she was open to it which was kinda cool. the fans are waiting for season 4 to come around with its lovely Tara switching teams.

7. Shameless

Ian Gallagher played by Gerard Kearns 


The world demands relity, no frilly and added color for the gay character, Ian Gallagher is the street-smart, pot smoking, making mess and getting involved in any activity expected from a teenager. He is tough and angry and ready to face the world. The low family income group of alcoholic father and smart sister, this guy has changed the definition of gay guys. Even as a underage actor Cameron Monaghan has taken this in-your-face role and the public seems to like him.


6. Pretty Little Liars.

Emily Fields played by shay Mitchell

 pretty little liars

The blonde hair, broad shoulders and skinny, muscular legs. This is the jock of the group of four beautiful girls who are the protagonist of this engaging series. The character here competes in swimming contests. she is superstitious but for herself alone. This story traces the young sophomore at Rosewood High school, Pennsylvania.  The story sees Emily as a young girls who realizes her feelings for girls. Her parents send her for ‘degaying rehabilitation center’, she is then sent to Iowa and finally parents accept her and this turmoil ends. Our lady then finds that she is actually bi and the story then carries forward, The public was outraged at seeing a main lead as lesbian saying that the followers were 12-18 year old girls and this create heavy impression on the youngsters.

5. Games of Thrones

Renly Baratheon played by Gethin Anthony.
Loras Tyrell played by Finn Jones

Games of thrones

It is an American Fantasy series in its 4th season now. The series is themed on ‘The Song Of Fire and  Ice’. The series is set in the continent of Westeros and essos with multiple story lines intertwining together. The story is set in a decade long summer with a looming threat of winter. The first follows the members of many  noble houses in a civil war for for the The first follows the members of several noble houses in a civil war for the Iron Throne with the Seven Kingdoms. It has mystical creatures and many sub-plots. We Loras as a heir to Highgardensand Renly is Younger brother of House of Baratheon. The community sees it as sin but the fire and ice here is always on a high. This show has high international following.

4. Happy Endings (ABC).

Max Blum played by Adam Pally.

happy endings

This dude gives all the traditional stereotype a run for their money. In a close knit friend circle of six, this guy is described as “a straight dude who likes dudes” and “the worst gay husband ever,” The character is a complete and total mess. He is lazy, slob-by, overweight and also slightly alcoholic. However this character has is widely accepted because whatever adjectives you give him, he is gay and funny. Few episodes like the one where he came out with truth in front of his parents, has been handled exquisitely and in a bone tickling fashion, The straight actor  Adam Pally says a couple of kids came out of closet because of him and that is the coolest compliment any gay character can possibly get, right?

3. Modern Family

Cammron Tucker played by Eric stonestreet
Mitchel prichett played by Jessey Tylor Fergusson

Modern family

The bone tickling comedy has a beautiful twist with a jock type tough father with a gay and uptight son and his free spirited partner. This is one story that shows how the gay couple lives, deals with the situations and have adopted a baby girl. There are two families and two reactions to it. With Mitchel Prichett’s father accepting but not understanding his gay son, Cameron’s family in his words knew he was gay the minute he was born. The neurotic family shows how they exist together. The show adds humorous spin to it and is one of the best depiction ever.

2. Brothers and Sisters

Kevin Herbert Walker played by cassey Campbell
scotty wandell played by Luke Macfarlane 

brthers and sisters

Again one of the best couples on television, Brothers and Sisters are an elaborate family drama. It has the characters of layer Kevin Herbert Walker and chef Scotty Wandell in a relationship. Keeping with the ups and downs of any and relationships we had setbacks with this couple as well. However the knot was tied in season 2 and a little baby girl was adopted from foster care named Olivia. This is more tan adorable to say the least.



1. Glee

Blaine Devon Anderson played by Darren Criss
Kurt Hummel played by Cris Colfer


The musical drama follows the life of students right through high-school. The lead of the enemy  high school is openly gay. Named Blaine Anderson and  played by Darren Criss he has a magical voice. The shy Kurt from the protagonist gang is played by Cris Colfer. The life of Kurt is portrayed as a tough emotional roller-coaser with being bullied in the school so much that he transfer to the private school where the free spirited Blaine befriends him and thus one of the most beloved TV couple came into being.

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