10 Unconventional Ways to Not Get Fired

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Keeping a job in everyday scenario is tough and when the goings get tough the not-so-toughs get fired. So is there some way to hang on to the job? Is there some way to secure your place?  When the rent and food are at stake, any option is a viable one. People do crazy things to keep their jobs. These crazy things are not illegal, they are just unconventional.  So wouldn’t you like to take a sneak peak at the magic ways to save your job? I am sure you would love to have few tricks up your sleeves. They may sound childish, but all un-conventional ideas are. So when the situation demands you to go the extra mile, you won’t have to take a time out and look for directions. So prepare yourself and take a look.  This may save your job.

10. Baby Card

Baby card

If you have a cute little prince or princess at home. A sibling, a daughter or son maybe? Bring them around with you for some time. One look at the happy baby and knowing that your salary is what dresses the little tyke, you may have a chance to get the sympathy point on your court. But do not overdo it. It may back fire if it’s done too often and for long period of time. A crying baby is not liked by anyone at any place leave alone a corporate office. So be in the limits and bring the ace around in his happy hour. The yummy mummy image will score you few more brownie points.

9. Become the Guy

Become the guy

Taking a leaf out of the popular series, How I Met your Mother, the next option is to be indispensable. How do you do it? By working hard? No. By becoming a guy. When Marshall was about to be fired, Barney Stinson rescued him by suggesting he takes up one of the titles like many in their office. A food guy, toy guy, YouTube video guy. In the end Marshall becomes the sports guy and thus becomes indispensable. Choose your mark and set started in building up the image. But be warned, do not become the creepy massage guy, there is a limit!

8. Be the rainmaker

Be the rainmaker

Be the person who has the delicious food recipes, be the one who solves every problem, be the ‘Jugad’ person without whom the team will have difficulties in operating.  Maybe an agony aunt as well. Be the one who solves all problems and be the one who knows all answers. Go out of your way to be the solution person. No one can fire their solution. So the saying ‘Be part of the solution and not the problem has more than few layers of meaning.


7. Become a hit with their kid

Become a hit with their kid.

Everyone has a soft spot for their kid and if the bosses’ kid likes you, they will have a hard time letting you go. So be a little sneaky and carry around the chocolates so that when you meet the kid you will have a chance to bond. And remember; be genuine for kids sense it when you are being fake.Be subtle but don’t forget to have few tricks up your sleeves. And that tab will prove more than useful in this situation. And kids would love you if you entertain them in the boring office, here is one opportunity which will make you feel great as well. And if your boss gets a whiff of what you are up to, you can kiss your job goodbye.


6. Perpetual angry guy

Perpetual angry guy.

Will someone dare to fire The Hulk? Never right. So you do not have the gamma radiation and won’t want to become the angry green guy. But take a lesson from hulk and portray a no non-sense image. Be the person who can scare people and scare them of confrontation with you. You may not want to be seen as the angry guy but develop the image. Do not scare your boss but keep him on his foot. It may save you.


5. Find the Similarity

Find the similarity.

Common ground is important. No one can fire their guy. When you share a common interest like cars or sports or anything, be it the freshly brewed coffee, find what the boss likes. Find what the teams like and do it. If they like cars, read it up, study and be prepared with few clever retorts involving car references.  Find what you have in common with the people around you and gel with them on that basis. Sometimes you need to put in handwork to develop relations and these relations will save your jobs.


4. Entertainer


Remember the guy/girl from your school and college days that were always the center of attraction always? You now have to be like them. Have a great story up your sleeve and use it whenever you can. Entertain at the lunch table and be happy. When you are happy you keep your colleagues happy and this will make you an asset. A glue that holds them all together. His way they won’t fire you and disrupt the team, they will fire someone else and you will clean up the mess. A perfect give and take.


3. Run to Mamma

Run to Mumma

Now this is not about your mother, it is about the mother of your boss. To check if they share a cold relation with their mothers would be the first step. If answer is yes then back off.  If the answer is no, which is more likely, then be nice to the mom. Moms all over the world have the innate capacity to make their kid befriend anyone they want. Use this one trick to your benefit and make good with the mom.


2. Join the same gym

Join the same gym

The health fad is kicking in and it is important to be in a good shape. Now use this to your advantage and become spotters. Be cool, casual and nice. Complement them on their physique and handwork. Do not be a kiss-up. Stand-up and extend your friendship like a man. Also talk him up at the parties and play his ego just a tinny bit. He/She will love a chance to show off. Chances are you will get through.

1. Take them out

Take them out

One way to bond is over a fun day out. Take your guys out for a drink and enjoy the match. If you enjoy trekking or hiking, suggest it after sometime and go on a guys day out. Same logic applies for girls day out. Knowing someone outside of work makes it real. So step in the cool fresh air and let the worries slip away. The easiest solution is always the most obvious  Spare some thought and plan an evening. It will help.

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