10 Ways To Avoid Use Of Paper

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Sticky Note, College Notebook, Wall Paper(Not your desktop wallpaper) and the boss of all, money. You guessed it right. WE ARE LIVING IN A WORLD OF PAPER. Covered in heaps of these compressed fabrics of pulp,that used to be papyrus in the past, we march on towards our problems. You want to note down something-paper. You want to make an instant plane-paper. You want to pay for your hangout-paper. But as the world likes to have it, every good thing comes with its own set of disadvantages. Not only does it account for about 35% reduction of harvested trees, but also acts as a major polluting agent, taking down all three elements with it. Waste paper is a constant factor of irritation for humans, and nature alike. But as a eco-conscious person, its my duty, to propose to you the top 10 alternatives to the dull, boring paper, which undoubtedly, would radically change the way you did things until now.

10. Use Of Digital Monetary Transaction


Concept of bit-coins, although being quite a topic for controversy, did spark an interesting concept of monetary transaction. It suggested a brilliant idea of not using physical material to denote money, and instead to use digital currency. Although the process of mining bit-coins was quite a bit absurd, and complicated for ordinary people, its concept was great. Maybe this could be the future of all transactions. Although the concept being too far-etched into future, we can still utilize this concept. A simple bank account can digitize money transactions on minuscule scale. So keep your ears and eyes open for digital currency, and don’t be all nostalgic and stick to those notes in your purse. If something like this happens, embrace it, to embrace nature.

9. Don’t Buy Sticky Notes!!


Everybody loves those little ,square shaped, red-yellow-blue pieces of paper, that all of a sudden make you feel all responsible and disciplined(in reality, they don’t). Jolt down all the things you want to do, in a piece of paper, and it would magically remind you about it. No offense people, but it only burdens you further. If you are seriously in a hurry to do something, you would do it anyway. Even if you do need it, don’t go for physical one. Almost all smartphones, have the feature for making notes. Do it one your desktop, or laptop. Even saving a draft in the message box of your phone would do the job. Hell, scribble on your hand, if you must. Just don’t be a nature destroyer, please.

8. Time For eBooks


eBooks or Electronic Books kicked in about 1940’s, with no exact inventor noted. Anyway, God bless the good man/woman for introducing a mind-boggling concept to the world. How about storing all your favorite books in digitized form? How about not going all the way to carry your huge book library, every time you tour? How about saving some paper? You might argue saying that books are classic, with their nostalgic book-ish smell that an eBook can’t match. Well, petrol smells good too-why not spray it in your home, and waste it. Think about the number of trees you are saving, by opting for eBooks. Think.

7. Old Is Gold


Buying a book a few revisions old, does not screw up the knowledge inside it. Revisions and reprints, almost always take place at regular intervals. This doesn’t necessarily mean they contain huge change, or something that is must for you. Going for old books, can save a lot of paper. The more you buy new books, the more the publishers are inspired to print more and more. Availability can be a problem, but always check before you go for a new one. Not only are you saving a poor soul of a tree, but also money. Its a win-win, right? Also do visit your local library. They  do give books for reading, if you didn’t know, up until now!

6. Don’t Waste Paper


I have seen quite a lot of people, leaving spaces when they write. Leaving obsolete amount of spaces between lines, between paragraphs, as if they can magically compensate for it by growing trees instantly in their background. Its nothing but wastage. You don’t have to be all pretty, and neat in writing. You can still be that, without leaving so much space. Although, it might seem a trivial, little matter, and you might think that it won’t matter much. But don’t forget, ‘Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean, And the beauteous land.’

5. Reuse Paper


Items made from paper like paper bags, wall-paper, covering sheets and many more, can be re-used. Its not being a cheapo, and believe me, you would be way more cool if you re-use things. Instead of getting a new paper bag every time you go shopping, just used the one you got last time. Book covers and wallpaper can be exchanged, as they both can play each other’s roles. Newspapers can be used as toilet paper(believe me, they can!). You can be all high and mighty, and claim you have a lot of money, but in the end all you are doing is screwing up with your great-great-great….-great-grand-son’s future.

4. Send Electronic Greeting Cards


This one needs a special mention, as it almost a one-man-army when it comes to flooding your mail box, and finally your dustbin. Everybody loves Christmas, Hanukkah, Holi, this and that etc. But that doesn’t mean you have to send a holiday greeting to each and every friend of yours. It costs money, and paper. Just go for an easy going e-mail. Electronic greeting cards are great for showing your love, and saving paper-talk about two birds with one stone.

3. Read News Online


You can find pieces of newspapers flying everywhere. Under a park bench, lying on the road, stuck to a pole-these physical pieces of information made up of paper are now a part of our life. But is it really justifiable enough to buy newspaper, when you can get the same information(probably more) on net?. Of course, everybody is not in possession of online services, all the time, but still if you have, isn’t it better to go for the online version? Also don’t go buying newspapers in different languages for yourself, if you are good in one. Reading the same news in different languages, does not make you any more informative. In fact, what it makes you, is a, moron.

 2. PDF-ize Your Documents


Long gone are the days when people used to submit long reports, and studies in hand-written format. Now you can just upload your data, and convert it into PDF format, and shove it into your boss’s face. Not only office, as a student you can submit your project work in form of PowerPoint presentations. Not only are they informative, but are hell lot of interesting than plain, dull project file. it might take a bit, getting used to it and all. But believe me, it would be totally worth it.

1. Imagination


At the end of the day, its your imagination only, that would help you in avoiding use of paper. Some of you might use newspapers for gift-packing. Some other might already be using a study group to read aloud from an e-Book reader. I can suggest you the basic ones, but you are the ultimate manager. You can deduce ways in which you can avoid use of paper. Borrow ideas from others, share your ideas, and save mother nature. And who knows, you might have the idea that would change the way people use paper, and remove it altogether.


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